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SLOW AUCTION,NEED 1 replcemnt ownrs MIXED(5X5) $50.RULES INC

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SLOW AUCTION,NEED 1 replcemnt ownrs MIXED(5X5) $50.RULES INC

Postby kcbrett5 » Sun Dec 21, 2008 1:44 pm

14 team mixed league. possible expansion to 16.
Looking for 2 owners to replace 2 teams. The league has up to 8 keepers per team. Most teams keep Bargains, so, there are most of the studs available each year for draft.
Jan 14th Noon - KEEPERS
Jan 21st FEES are due. $50 CHECK or MONEY ORDER please.
Feb 1st DRAFT . Draft is a Slow draft on Proboards. Last about 3 weeks to a month
Has worked out great the past 3 years.
We have 2 Minor league drafts in June and Oct.
We have few contracts.
K.Susuki $1
Swisher $8
A.Ramirez $13
Ibanez $3
Nady $1
L.Scott $4
Arroyo $1
Jenks $10
Jarrjens $1
Lackey $10

For more details email me w/questions

Here are the rules

My name is Mike and this is accually my first year running this league, our
former commish Gary, still an owner in this league, did it for 3 years. It has
been a great league so far and that is why I want to continue it.
Here are the basic rules.
*Mixed league 5X5.
*23 man active roster,17 reserves. minor league between 5 and 15.
*Cap $260 for Auction, 23 players. Then we do a straight draft ( not snake) for
17 $1 reserves.
*We do 2 minor league drafts. one in June after the amature draft. and one in
Oct after the season. We send in Lists and i go through them in order of
*our auction starts Feb 1st and last about 3 weeks. Our reserve draft last about
a week, although we try to get together. We do the auction on proboards.
*In season You may never be over $325 for all 40 players. You may trade and do a
FAAB for FA. There is no set amount for FAAB. You have $325 total for 40
players period. If you release Pujols for $45 because he is out for the year and
had $10 previously, you now would have $55 to bid on the player to replace
*We use CBS sportsline for our site. It is $50 league fees. The site cost $150,
the rest is prizes. We pay 1st,2nd,and 3rd place. 70,20,10 %.
*Contracts, When keeping 8 players you can option a player, which means, you can
keep him for 1 more yr at that price.
or you can sign him for however many yrs (up to 4), his salary goes up $5 that
initial yr and $5 each one after. for the 4 yrs.
Here is the constitution from our site.

Ultra Rotisserie Alliance



The draft will be held on the league message board sometime during spring
training, each owner will start an opening bid on a player every other day,
until rosters are full. Minimum bids are $1


Active rosters will consist of 23 players; 14 hitters and 9 pitchers. Hitters
include 2 catchers, a first baseman, a second baseman, a third baseman, a
shortstop, a corner infielder, a middle infielder, five outfielders, and a
utility man. Pitchers are any nine pitchers that you choose. Owners must
maintain 23 active players on their rosters every week.

Rosters will also contain 17 reserve players. The reserves may be any type of
player - pitchers or hitters. Reserved players drafted in the reserve draft
will have a one year contract at a salary of .$1 . The reserve draft is
especially significant because it is where many of our bargain keepers will come
from. All players on the DL must be either waived or placed on reserve. When
you waive a player from your reserve list, you may subsequently buy another
player with your FAAB .

Rosters will also contain up to 15 minor leaguers on the farm roster and no less
than 5. It is each owner’s responsibility to maintain their farms.


At the conclusion of the auction draft, we will conduct a 17 round snake draft
to complete the reserve rosters.


Our league will score rotisserie-style with 5 offensive categories and 5
pitching categories. Offensive categories include homeruns, rbis, runs,
steals, and batting average.. Pitching categories include wins, saves , era,
walks and hits per inning ratio, and strikeouts.


It will be each owner’s responsibility to maintain and improve their farm.
Just like the real thing, your future success in URA may very well depend on how
well you manage your farm system. Owners are free to trade prospects at any
time. Owners may not exceed 15 players in their farm system. Farm system
players are not on contracts nor do they have a salary.

At the time they are called up to the majors (if it is before Sept. 1st), they
are no longer considered by URA to be prospects. Owners will have one month to
decide whether to keep them on their 40 man major league roster or waive them
outright. If kept, they will take a salary of $3 on a one year contract (just
through the end of that season they are brought up). Owners may activate called
up prospects before the end of the one month grace period provided they maintain
no more than 40 men on their major league roster. At the end of the season,
owners will decide to release, option, or sign their called up prospect. If
optioned, they will retain the $3 salary for another year.

In June and November of each year, we will conduct an amateur draft. We will
select players that were taken in the annual MLB amateur draft held in early
June. Draft order for 2009 will be based on inverse order of the standings as
of June 1st. Draft order for subsequent years will be inverse order of the
final standings from the previous year. Owners must decide which minor
leaguers they wish to drop from their farm system in order to add the new
players. Therefore, we are automatically replacing our farms and keeping only
the best prospects.


Each owner is allowed to spend up to but never over $325.00 on their entire
40-man major league roster once the season has begun. That leaves each team
with an extra $48 to spend during the season in excess of their draft day
purchases and reserves. Every year, the draft day budget for each owner will
remain $260 less the total of player contracts. (Minus the keeper’s total


URA will operate on a weekly transaction schedule. That is, our stat week will
begin on Mondays. Enter weekly transactions on your team web page by 11pm EST
Sunday night. Players may be transferred from active to reserve at any time.
Owners must always maintain 23 active players and 17 reserves.


Any player not on an URA roster is considered a free agent. Free agents are
claimed by using allotted “free agent acquisition budget” (faab). Each team
will receive $48.00 faab money to spend on free agents of their choosing. To
claim a free agent, simply use the FAAB bidding process. (Minimum bids are $1)


Players will assume their auction prices as their one year contract. Owners
have 3 options with each of their players at year’s end: signing them long-term,
activating their option year, or not resigning them. After each season, players
may be signed to long-term contracts for a total of 2, 3, or 4 years. Players
awarded such a contract will begin the contract the following season. Owners
may only sign players during the signing period of Oct 1st – Dec 31st each year.
A player’s salary will increase by $5 each year of his long-term contract. So
if Mike drafts Austin Kearns for $2 and signs him to a 4 year deal this fall,
his salaries will be $7 in 2007, $12 in 2008, $17 in 2009 and $22 in 2010. Sign
wisely. To sign a player to a contract simply post a message on our league
message board indicating the terms of the contract. (Long-term or option and

Owners may also elect to activate their option year on any player. The option
allows the owner to retain a player for an additional year at the same salary
from the previous year. However, once the option year is over, the player is
returned to the free agent draft pool. Players on an option year will be
denoted as ‘O’ in their contract column.

Players on long-term contracts or option years may be traded. The new owner
will assume the salary and duration of the player’s contract. Players on
long-term contracts may not be waived. Players on option years may be waived.
Players signed to any option or contract will be noted on our team pages.
Salaries will be noted as well. For instance a player on a 3 year contract
extension starting in 2006 will be noted as “X08” in their contract column (this
denotes a long term contract, expiring after the 2007 season). Contracts for all
our players taken in any season’s auction and reserve draft will be noted as “1”
indicating that the contract is for one year and expires at season’s end.

Farm system players will not have a salary or a contract. As aforementioned,
they will cease to be considered prospects in the instance that they are called
up before Sep. 1st. If kept, they will assume a one year contract for the
remainder of the season at a salary of $3. When a prospect is called up prior
to Sept. 1st, owners will have one month to decide whether or not to keep that
player at $3


Each year before Jan 1st at the end of contract signing period, owners will
submit a list of “keepers” that have been signed or optioned by their teams.
That list must include at least 4 players but no more than 8. Keepers may be
from any position. Keeper lists are to be submitted on the league message
board before midnight Dec 31st. Farm systems are automatically kept from year
to year.


Owners are free to trade any player at any time except the month of September.
Trades must be reported on the league message board. This is a free trade
league. That means that there are no trade vetoes. This is just like the real
thing. “Dumping” trades are not only legal, but encouraged. Free trading
allows for non-contenders to build for their future once they are no longer
playing for the current season. Moderately priced stars will be gold in this
league and contenders will be expected to compete for them by offering up
prospects and/or low priced potential stars. “Players to be named later” are
not allowed. When a trade is announced it must clearly state which teams
receive which players. Any amount of players may be traded. Any number of
teams may be involved in any trade. We ask that trades be announced on the
league message board.


Players are eligible to play a position if they played that position 20 times in
the previous season or 10 times in the current season.


Money will be paid out to the top three teams. 1st place will get 70% 2nd
will get 20% and 3rd 10% after cbs fees..


We will be using CBS SPORTSLINE.COM


This league was started to provide a bunch of baseball fans with friendship and
good-times. Let’s have a blast every year. Stay active and up-to-date with
your teams. I know we’ll love this league.

Let’s PLAY BALL gentlemen!


Mike Guilford email at
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Re: SLOW AUCTION,NEED 2 replcemnt ownrs 4th yr. MIXED (5X5) $50.

Postby kcbrett5 » Fri Dec 26, 2008 10:08 pm

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Re: SLOW AUCTION,NEED 1 replcemnt ownrs MIXED(5X5) $50.RULES INC

Postby kcbrett5 » Sun Dec 28, 2008 5:46 pm

1 spot left. Team is listed. Rules have been added in.
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Re: SLOW AUCTION,NEED 1 replcemnt ownrs MIXED(5X5) $50.RULES INC

Postby kcbrett5 » Sun Jan 04, 2009 11:46 am

Still looking, Last time I'll post.
Remember alot of talent avail in the auction.
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