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New Complex 30 Team Dynasty

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New Complex 30 Team Dynasty

Postby nathanielwegman88 » Thu Nov 13, 2008 2:07 am

Well, it's simple..It's a "real life team league" meaning, once we start, you take over a team's real life players,contracts,minor leagues, etc..But only once we start, from there on out, you control your own team (except the amatuer draft)

If you are interested, feel free to contact me here via PM or...
AIM - nathanielrwegman
YIM - nathanielwegman88 (rarely use)
msn/email -

Rules are listed below,

The league will consist of 28 franchises. There will be 14 teams in each conference.
We will hold a dispersal draft for the 2 franchises that were left out of our league. Those 2 teams will be announced after the sign-up registration is complete, and there are two teams available. We will have 14 AL & NL Teams each, meaning an NL team could be moved over to the AL

Dispersal Draft
This draft will consist of one round of drafting each year.
Since this will be our first year draft, we will hold a 2 or 3 round draft to draft there Major League Players & Prospects into our league. After year one, we will hold a draft for the teams amatuer draft players. The draft order will be determined by the previos season's standings...Worst record picks first and so on

Rosters were originally set as of Off-Season 2008/09. Owners control the major league franchise as well as the minor league rosters of their teams, all future signed draft picks, and any foreign players signed and brought over, with the exceptions of Cuban and Japanese players, to be discussed below. After Opening Day 2009, the rosters were no longer tied in any way to actual MLB or MiLB transactions, with the exception of the acquisition of first-time players, whether that be by amateur draft or foreign signing.

MLB is still debating the idea of a worldwide draft and, in the event that this comes to pass, then all players entering Organized Baseball will be controlled by the team that drafts them.

Salary Cap will be set at $100,000,000 ($100 Million)

The in-season fantasy setup will be through Yahoo sports (for now). All transactions must be cleared through the message board before they are posted in Yahoo. The league setup is as follows:
6X6 Head-to-Head scoring:

Offensive Categories
Batting Average
On-Base Percentage
Home Runs
Runs Batted In
Stolen Bases

Pitching Categories
Earned Run Average
Walks + Hits per Innings Pitched (WHIP)

Player Positions

C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, Util, SP, SP, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, RP, P, P, P, B, B, B, B, B.

You do not need to DL any player on your Yahoo roster, as they are protected through the league. You may do so if you choose, and Yahoo will be set up to allow for a maximum of 5. The message board does not have this restriction, and you may DL any player that is on a disabled list in either MLB or MiLB. When a player comes off of the actual DL, they must be taken off of your DL and then will take up an active roster spot.

Roster Rules and Regulations

Active rosters consist of a maximum of 25 players (in season). You may always have fewer than 25 players on your active roster, but never more. Your active roster must be down to no more than 25 players on Opening Day of each season, and owners are asked to post their 25-man roster by Opening Day to establish their roster size, confirm their salary cap numbers, etc.

All transactions during the season must be cleared through the league message board. This includes all trades, free agent signings, minor league demotions or promotions. In the off-season, different rules apply, and they will be covered below. Each type of roster transaction has its own place on the message board where the proposed transactions are to be posted for approval.

Roster Transactions:


When two teams come to an agreement on a trade, one of the parties will post the trade in the appropriate section of the board. The other party will then need to respond to the original message and also agree to the trade. One of the trade parties will also need to begin a discussion thread in the appropriate section of the board. No trade will be approved until these conditions are met. In the event of a multi-team deal, all parties will need to agree to the trade on the board before approval can begin. The trade will then begin the approval process. The trade will be voted on by the 7 members of the Transaction Approval Board (TAB). All trades will need 4 approval votes to pass. Trades will be voted on in a timely manner by TAB members. TAB members will only post their approval or denial in the actual trade thread. All other discussion of the trade will take place in the discussion thread. It is also expected that all trade discussion amongst TAB members will be public and subject to scrutiny in the discussion thread, rather than privately amongst them. When the necessary votes are acquired, all parties may then update their rosters. Any player traded that is currently on an active roster will have to take up an active roster space on the team acquiring him.


When an owner wants to send a player to his minor league system, he has three possible options for doing so:

1. Waivers – any player except Franchised players can be put on waivers. If they are not claimed within 48 hours, they then enter the minor league system of the original team. That team is still responsible for that player’s salary. If the player is claimed, then the team with the worst current record (if after June 1) or worst record in the previous season (if before June 1 or in the off-season) will win the rights to that player, assume his contract, etc.

2. Rookie Rule – If a player has not acquired 50 IP or 130 ABs (in their entire career), then they may be sent down without being exposed to waivers. The transaction must still be posted, as well as the number of ABs or IP that the player has thus far achieved.

3. Waiver Pass – Each calendar year, every team will be given 5 waiver passes (they do not carry over each year). Waiver passes can be used on any player (except Franchised players) that an owner does not want to expose to waivers. There is a special section of the board to post waiver passes, and all of these transactions must be posted.

When an owner wants to promote a player, he must post the transaction. That player then takes up a space on the active roster. If the player has not been called up before, he receives a salary of $300,000, which counts against your total salary cap. He will not be assigned a Free Agent year until he passes the Rookie threshold of 50 IP or 130 AB. More on that later.

* All transactions must be approved by a TAB member BEFORE they are processed on your team page or through Yahoo.

Free Agency:

Free Agent Bidding

You may bid on any player. If you have the high bid for 48 hours, then you win that player. ALL BIDS ARE BINDING, so if you bid, you'd better be prepared to pay. Additionally, the winning bid is the highest total value of the contract. The minimum bid for any free agent is 500K per year. All bids must raise the total value of the contract by at least $100,000.

Free Agent signees must be on your Opening Day 25-man roster or go through the normal waiver process, and may not be traded before Opening Day.

Additional Free Agent Rules

First, I will cover the new ways to rid you team of an unwanted player, then I will go over the ways in which you can retain a player with an expiring contract.


Any player with a contract under $500,000 (i.e. $0 - $499,999) can be released at no penalty. They will go into the Open FA pool.


All other players whose contracts have not yet expired can be bought out at the following rates. Please note: you may not buy out a player with more than 4 years remaining on his contract.

You will be responsible for a portion of their salary for the remainder of its term. The player will enter open FA and the original team will not be able to bid on them. Teams will also need to note on their team pages their bought out contract under the heading "Dead Money". Rates are as follows:

4 years remaining on contract - 75% of annual value
3 years remaining - 75%
2 years remaining - 50%
1 year remaining - 50%

Retaining Players

There will be two way to retain players: Franchising and Matching. Here's how it works:

Franchise Players

Franchising is a way to retain a top-level player. The cost to you as an owner is that a franchised player may not be traded, released or demoted for any reason over the course of the contract, which is 2 years. The salary is calculated as either 11,000,000 or 135% of his previous salary, whichever is higher.

So for a plyer being Franchised during this off-season, calculate his salary at $11,000,000 or 135% of his current salary, whichever is higher. His contract will expire after the 2011 season.


In addition to Franchising a player, you may choose instead to claim matching rights to that player. In the matching system, these players will be placed in a separate FA pool which will be bid on before open FA. Maximum contract term is 3 years. Other than that, the rules will be similar to open FA.

Once a winning bid has been received, the team with matching rights will have 24 hours to match the total value of the contract. If they do, they retain the player. If they do not, the player goes to the team with the winning bid, just as they would in open FA.

Bidding Modification
Any player not bid on within the first 72 hours will be offered back to their original team for 1 year and 500K. This is an attempt to give every owner the maximum amount of information regarding their matched players.

As a team, you are allowed a combination of 4 total Franchised/Matched players on your roster. However, you may only have 2 Franchised players. Therefore, the following combinations are acceptable:

4 matched, 0 franchised
3 matched, 1 franchised
2 matched, 1 franchised
2 matched, 2 franchised
1 matched, 1 franchised
1 matched, 2 franchised
0 matched, 1 franchised
0 matched, 2 franchised

* Matched contracts can be released or traded as per normal rules. If the player is released, their contract will count against the total number of Franchised/Matched contracts for the remainder of the contract term. If traded, the player will count as a matched contract for the acquiring team only.

Other Miscellaneous Rules

Cuban and Japanese players who come to the United States to play will be placed in the Free Agent pool, regardless of which team they sign with or to what type of contract.
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Re: New Complex 30 Team Dynasty

Postby Rounding Third » Thu Nov 13, 2008 9:00 am

just sent an email...thanks!
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Re: New Complex 30 Team Dynasty

Postby nathanielwegman88 » Tue Nov 18, 2008 2:33 am

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