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Trade Ethics

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Re: Trade Ethics

Postby great gretzky » Thu Jul 31, 2008 4:34 pm

I actually think the other person got the best player in the deal. McLouth gets no lovin' Kazmir is good, but every player is going to have an off month, otherwise, records would be getting shattered.
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Re: Trade Ethics

Postby markj11 » Thu Jul 31, 2008 4:46 pm

rainman23 wrote:
markj11 wrote:
rainman23 wrote:Looking for thoughts on trading ethics. I'm contending for the top spot in my H2H league, and I made an offer to another owner who has fallen off the pace. He accepted. When I was talking to him later, it sounded pretty clear that he had given up on the season. He didn't much care about his team anymore, and hadn't give much thought to how the trade would affect his team or the rest of the league. He just didn't care anymore.

The guy's my friend. I'm not sure whether he would have accepted the same offer from any other manager in his apathetic state or not. Or if he was more prone to toss me a bone because he knows me better. He admitted that if he was still in contention that this is a deal he might not have accepted. And agreed that maybe he was wrong to accept it.

Anyway, skating a little close to collusion for my tastes. So I told our commissioner what was going on, and suggested we rally enough "No" votes in the league to have the trade rejected. After consideration, she and some others in the league decided that it was a pretty balanced trade. She'd help get it reversed if I wanted, but didn't think it's necessary. Completely up to me.

What do people think? I did check with the other guys who are contending. One of them said he didn't have any problem with the deal. The other one is unavailable. It looks like I won't catch up with him until after the deal is official.

So what do you think? Am I a complete weenie, worried about nothing? Or if there is any doubt in my mind about the legitimacy of the deal, do I have to pull the plug on it?

So you made a trade offer that you think is that unfair? Why do people do this?

So you replied to a post that you haven't read? Why do people do this?

No, I didn't think it was unfair. And I didn't say that I thought it was. I said that the guy accepted it because he didn't care anymore. He didn't much consider the merits. "You want him, you got him."

The trade was my McLouth and Weaver (Angels) for his Kazmir. I think I got the best player in the deal, which is the point of 2-for-1's. But McLouth has had three excellent months and one bad one. And Weaver has outpitched Kazmir over the last few weeks. I like the deal, but I don't think it's too one-sided.

Thanks for everybody's input. I guess I am a weenie. I'll probably let the trade go through. I can sleep nights.

I thought when you said "And agreed that maybe he was wrong to accept it." you meant he agreed with you that "he was wrong to accept it". If he agreed, i take it he agreed with you and that you thought it was wrong for him to accept it. Oh well, seems like a fair trade to me.
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Re: Trade Ethics

Postby rainman23 » Thu Jul 31, 2008 5:08 pm

great gretzky wrote:I actually think the other person got the best player in the deal. McLouth gets no lovin' Kazmir is good, but every player is going to have an off month, otherwise, records would be getting shattered.

You might be right, Gretzky. I'm by no means sure I won this one. I had an extra bat, and I can't stand wasting numbers on the bench. So I had to deal an OFer, and in my league if you want to make a trade, you frequently have to overpay. In a league with more active traders I would have held out for a little more. I won't feel too bad unless McLouth puts up radically better numbers than Holliday, Bay, Kemp, or Rios the rest of the way.
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