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Mariners release Sexson

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Re: Mariners release Sexson

Postby MashinSpuds » Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:33 pm

Snakes Gould wrote:
MashinSpuds wrote:I gained some respect for Milton Bradley in that video... glad he at least was able to keep it together. Too bad he tends not to.

was he? to me, it looked like he was yelling in laird face and not really keeping his cool.

although, i generally dont think milton bradley is all that bad of a dude.

Well, it's well known that Bradley is an emotional guy on the field and usually he does something that utilizes that emotion poorly. However, looking at the clip it appeared that Laird was going to keep the tussle going after he reacted to something someone said. Bradley, instead of teaming up with Laird and going after whoever, opted to pick him up and give Laird the verbal business to go cool off. For a guy that tends to fly off the handle he chose to do so against his own teammate to keep him in line. If anything, Bradley prevented Laird from possibly getting a bigger suspension than he might have if he went after the guy. I think that's a team first attitude.

Well anyway, a major tangent. Some punchless team should pick up Sexson as a bench bat.
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Re: Mariners release Sexson

Postby TonyCee » Sat Jul 12, 2008 2:38 pm

kab21 wrote:
TonyCee wrote:
TonyCee wrote:What are the odds that Sexson would sign anywhere before Monday night? I know he's on irrevocable waivers until Sunday but how long does a player typically wait to sign with a team? (assuming some team out there will offer him a deal.)

Thanks for any help and have a good weekend!


Can anyone please help? I'll gladly help out wherever I can for you. Thanks!

I doubt that anybody will claim him on waivers before the deadline. In addition to rostering him on the MLB team don't you also assume his contract (or make a deal with the Mariners, but this is irrevocable waivers so that is also different) if you pick up a player on waivers?

But somebody will pick him up as a FA after he has passed thru waivers and probably give him a MiLB deal.

I fail to see how this is a big deal. I wouldn't be interested in having Sexson on any of my fantasy teams no matter how deep the league was.

I didn't want to say this since isn't the proper section but I need his free spot to break the tie I have between Giambi and Butler, I would get Sexson in a trade but if he's signed to an AL team come Monday night, I can't activate Butler and I will lose him tomorrow night too. (unless I cut Giambi instead but I need his stats this year)

I know Sexson will make it through waivers but once that happens on Sunday I'm wondering if a team will be waiting to offer him something or if it will take some time to work out and I could be okay on Monday to use his free spot? The All-Star game is Tuesday too and no teams play on Monday.

Thanks for your reply!!
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