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Looking For 4 Owners For league....

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Looking For 4 Owners For league....

Postby bryan1327 » Tue Mar 02, 2004 8:18 pm

We are looking for 4 interested owners to take part in a Full Count League..

10 teams...non keeper

Draft type..Slow Live.. 12 hours/pick

Draft Date...Saturday March 6th...Starts at 6am

Scoring system...Fantasy Points.. SBX

Private League..

Sandbox does cost $28 per owner for their service...for the baseball season..So pay to play...

If interested send an application to

I will forward everything to the comish of the league ..he will then send out the passwords and other info you should request...

We have 6 very good owners in this league allready...come on and join the fun..

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Postby theisrealite » Tue Mar 02, 2004 8:39 pm

Please take no personal offense, but I would not send my dog to Sandbox let alone join another Sandbox league. Sandbox hands down is one of the worst services I have ever used.

When I first tried them out in I think it was 97 they were the best free service around, probably even the best fantasy service period. The fantasy averages were there, they gave you the little injury icon, the news was current, it was just a cool site. Even the scoring though not live was fairly quick and when you woke up in the morning the standings would be updated.

Baseball 2003 was my old leagues last time with them. Some of the guys complained about overages on their credit card bills from them.Then the amatuer hour at the Apollo Bush league thing were they basically tried to set up a Pay Pal betting system that charged an outragoues(I forget the legal term, the street term is loan-sharking)fee. Then the so called live scoring that never seemed to work, along with updates of the standings that wouldn't happen until it was almost time for the Cubs to start playing. There are probably a million other things I could complain about them but I can't remember them all.

My personal opinion is that you guys would be better off just using yahoo and maybe getting an add on feature like stat tracker. Yahoo is not the prettiest interface in the world but it will not let you down.

I am sorry for crapping on your parade but I think you are making a grave mistake in using sandbox for anything. If you want a pay service pony up the bucks for ESPN or Sportsline or some of the other services these guys here rave about. Take it from a guy that used sandbox for a long time, they are a ripoff. The same stuff Yahoo gives you for free Sandbox charges you for.

One last dig, then I will quit. If you like that interface they have then why use them, they are nothing more man now I believe. All Star Stats is their stat provider, and I thought they had their own service? I would rather go to them directly then use an intermediary like Sandbox.

I said my piece, and again I am sorry :~(
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