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Jeff Francoeur recalled!

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Re: Jeff Francoeur recalled!

Postby DbacksRback » Wed Jul 09, 2008 2:45 am

Yoda wrote:He isn't worth owning in standard leagues. Deeper leagues with a large bench should be good to pick up.

I agree hold in deep leagues watch in shallow
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Re: Jeff Francoeur recalled!

Postby durango1555 » Wed Jul 09, 2008 11:39 am

yup, if you have room take the flier and hope for the best....if he continues to struggle drop him like a fly......or let him heat up for a bit and trade him when he gets hot
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Re: Jeff Francoeur recalled!

Postby Midnight_Toker » Wed Jul 09, 2008 7:02 pm

twentysix wrote:
Agreed. I don't know where this unbridled enthusiasm and faith in Francouer came from .... He was doing God - Awful when he got demoted and just because he's been able to hit AA pitching don't mean jack to me. Honestly, besides his rookie year, his numbers haven't been all that impressive.[/quote]

Well, his rookie season was only 2 years ago and he's had around 85 runs scored, 105 RBI's, and a good avg. the past 2 years. His HR's went down last year and his batting avg. went up a bunch. I don't really know what there wasn't[i][/i] to like about him going into this year. I don't think people thought he would be much more than a 3rd outfielder and there's no reason to think he still can't be that for the 2nd half.

You can't wait on him because the next time he does anything remotely good, he'll be picked up. If he's available, you almost have to get him now and see what happens while he's on your bench. If he still stinks at the end of July, dump him. Thinking he's not worth taking a flier on in exchange for your worst bench guy doesn't make sense to me. You have to swing for the fences sometimes. If Francoeur works out, he could help win a league for you much more than holding onto some steady but unspectacular 4th outfielder.[/quote]

Actually, when I was talking about Frenchy having an impressive year, I meant when they initially called Francouer up in 2005. I'm not saying he was total garbage either, but definitely overrated offensively and probably drafted earlier than he should have been too. And, when you say "good avg" ... his 06 average of 260 doesn't count as good. Oh, and neither does the 19 HR's he hit last year.

Even though I never said anything about him "replacing my worst bench guy";there is in fact reason to think he can't be a productive 3rd OF. Seriously, like what kind of indication has he given you that he's even roster - worthy in a 10 man league? I will agree that in Deep leagues, he's worth an add or at least to be watched.

Sorry bra, I think I can in fact wait on him if he even does anything. In my 10 man, H2H league, my OF consists of Hamilton, Ichiro and Markakis, with Braun and and BJ Upton as reserves if I need them to play OF. My worst reserves are Mclouth and JJ Hardy. I'll take those reserves over Frenchy right now, thanks.
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