Rookie needs help

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Rookie needs help

Post by gojays03 »

I'm in a 12-team 5x5 rotisserie league and it's the first time I've ever done it. I'd appreciate an evaluation of my team and any possible things I could do to improve it.

C Kendall
1B Helton
2B Durham
3B Pujols
SS Aaron Boone
OF Preston Wilson
OF Cameron
OF Ibanez
Bench Erstad
Bench Giambi
Bench Bellhorn
Bench Carlos Lee

SP Hudson
SP Prior
RP Rivera
RP Urbina
P Padilla
P Jorge Julio
P Brian Lawrence
Bench Damian Moss
Bench Arthur Rhodes
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Post by syphir »

Nice offense with good mix of power and speed. And although Prior and Lawrence are a bit risky, I think they will realize their potential so your pitching is good too. Only suggestion I would make is to swap Rhodes or Moss for another starter.
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Roster Information: C Victor Martinez (C-Cle)
1B Sean Casey (1B-Cin)
2B Luis Castillo (2B-Fla)
3B Miguel Cabrera (3B,RF-Fla)
SS Rafael Furcal (SS-Atl)
OF Gary Sheffield (RF-NYY)
OF Vladimir Guerrerro (RF-Ana)
OF Garret Anderson (CF-Ana)
Util Juan Pierre (CF-Fla)
Bn Torii Hunter (CF-Min)
Bn Marquis Grissom (CF-SF)
[color=red]DL[/color] Eric Chavez (3B-Oak)

SP Jamie Moyer (SP-Sea)
SP Mark Prior (SP-ChC)
RP John Smoltz (RP-Atl)
RP Joe Nathan (RP-Min)
P Roy Oswalt (SP-Hou)
P Brad Lidge (RP-Hou)
P Shingo Takatsu (RP-CWS)
Bn Kelvim Escobar (SP,RP-Ana)
Bn Tom Glavine (SP-NYM)
Bn Kerry Wood (SP-ChC) [color=red]DL[/color]

Post by Super GM »

Why would he swap Moss?? Moss will be starting in SF. Pac Bell Park is THE pitchers park in the MLB. I think he's fine. Only thing I think is a little risky is Urbina. I don't trust Texas pitching
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Roster Information: 5x5, $260 cap, NL-only keeper league. 15-20% inflation, tending towards hitting more than pitching.

Keeper roster (maxed out at 15):
1B: Casey $10
2B: Vidro $17
SS: Aurilia $10
MI: Cabrera $8
3B: Pujols $10
OF: Patterson $10
OF: ASanchez $5
SP: Prior $10
SP: Beckett $10
SP: Vazquez $10
SP: Armas Jr. $7
SP: Benson $3
RP: Mantei $1
RP: Spooneybarger $1
Reserve: Jason Lane, if he doesn't make the team.
Total spent: $112 (70 hitting, 42 pitching)

Looking good

Post by fletch1313 »

I agree that your team looks solid. I have a lot of faith in Prior, and although Lawrence gives up a lot of HRs he's a real bulldog. Moss should be OK, but if he starts well I'd send him to someone who might overrate a hot start.

Keep an eye on Helton's status re: his back. A bad back can ruin a season in any sport, so if you could trade him for another good 1B (maybe Bagwell, who I feel will bust out again with Kent behind him) and upgrade another position (Urbina?) it might be something to consider...
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