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Randy Johnson to Boston?

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Postby Lofunzo » Mon Mar 01, 2004 12:36 am

Nomar4prez wrote:I could be wrong, but didn't Varitek come up in the minors. And, there's a difference between how the Sox and Yankees bring in players. Most of the players on the sox were not superstars on other teams. There are only 2 I can think of, Manny and Pedro. This year, we did bring in 2 more "stars", Schilling and Foulke, but look at who the Yankees brought in(too many to list).

First off, Varitek came to the Sox in 1 of the most lopsided deadline deals. It was Slocumb to the Mariners in 1997 for Lowe and Varitek. I also find your statement hypocritical. First, you said that you want them to develop young talent and then you say that they aren't getting stars from other teams. To me, you either develop talent or you don't. Neither of these teams do.

Nomar4prez wrote:Since I root for the #2 team I can't complain about the Yankees? Ya, that makes sense. I'm just as pissed at the Yankees as I am at the small-market teams that pocket their money. And you don't care what the difference is? Well, that proves my point. You don't care about a level-playing field! At the end of the day, you just want to count your trophy's, no matter how much each one costs.

Did I ever say that I don't care about an even playing field?? NEVER!! I am saying hate the game and not the player. Whether you agree with what George does or whether you don't, he is well within the rules. Any fan would love for the owner of their team to do whatever he thought that he had to do to win. People get mad when it's a team other than the 1 that they root for. Did you care about competitive balance when the Sox were seconds away from getting A-Rod?? I don't think so. I think that what the Yankees do isn't great for baseball but that is 1 team. If more teams opened up their wallets for players, then they all wouldn't be available to them. I can count on 1 hand the amount of teams that really spend money. The rest just get the check that George, and other teams, gives them and put it into their pockets rather than into their team. That's a bigger problem.

P.S. I didn't hear 1 negative post about the Angels throwing around $146 million for 3 players this offseason. Is it only when the Yankees do it?? ;-)

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Postby brdmaverick » Mon Mar 01, 2004 12:51 am

justinA wrote:
Nomar4prez wrote:
justinA wrote:
Nomar4prez wrote:Um, don't we kinda need to get young pitching? I mean, the Unit would be awesome, but I don't want to be the Yankees. I actually want to develop young players, not just reload every offseason.

so you're basically saying, you don't want to make it to the world series 6 out of the last 7 years, and you dont want to have 26 or 27 or however many championships? right...... very logical.

(PS, im not a yankee fan, i actually loath them)

I know this sounds weak, and you can call me an idiot(I really dont care), but I want to win a World Series legitamally, with team chemistry, and respectable guys. Thats how the Yankees used to win World Series! Then again, if the Sox do win a world series, Boston will burn down.....

typical excuse used by a team that cant win the big one. Its bulls*** and you know it. You know u dont mean that. Ur telling me if Mr. Henry finally opens up his purse and just paints the town red and buys a championship, you wont be happy?? You wont be at your favorite pub downin a Sam Adams?? HA. Dont kid yourself man. Just swallow your pride, take it like a man, and move on.

I am a Sox fan and I couldn't agree more. Sure, all us Sox fans hate Steibrenner for his ways of buying championships, but it is very hypocritical of us to overlook the fact that we are also trying to buy a championship, but we just never cash in.

I'll take a championship any way we can get it.

Luckily for me, I am a die hard Pats fans, Sox are second in my book.
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Postby Nomar4prez » Mon Mar 01, 2004 1:26 am

I NEVER WANTED AROD TO COME TO BOSTON! Why fill a position that's already filled was my stance. By develop a player, I guess I didn't mean from draft day. The Yankees, in general, take players in their prime of their careers(Sheff, Giambi, Arod, etc). The Sox can't afford those players, so they sign free agents and trade VERY wisely. Look at Ortiz, Muellar, and Walker from last year.

And, I do hate the game not the player. I have no beef with most of the Yankees, except for their owner, and my dislike for Steinbrenner is not just b/c of how much money he spends. And to say the Sox are buying a championship is ridiculous. We are trying to just beat the Yankees, the championship is second in my book. :-D

BTW, this is my last post on this subject. Please, hold the applause. It's literally impossible to convince a Yankees fan out of his opinion, and vice versa. We could debate all year long, but for now, lets shake hands and get ready for a HELL of a season coming up. I hope, Yankee fans, that we can again meet in the ALCS, and again have another classic series, and probably give me another couple heart attacks.
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Postby HOOTIE » Mon Mar 01, 2004 2:39 am

Anonymous wrote: let me get this straight.....ok so one pitcher beat the yankees, giants, and cubs and a monkey helped the angels win it? also AZ didn't have any really good other pitchers and it wasn't lik RJ and curt are unbeatable, they paid all that money for offense and still couldn't get past 2 pitchers? seems pretty bad.

Of course it wasn't only one guy, but without Beckett, Florida doesn't win.

Check out the 1.29 era versus SF, and the 1.10 era versus NYY in WS.

Same with RJ and Curt. AZ doesn't come close without those two.

1.12 era in NLCS
1.04 era in WS.


0.50 era in NLDS
1.00 era in NLCS
1.69 erain WS
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