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Jerry Hairston

PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2008 11:00 pm
by SpecialFNK
what is the future this season for Jerry Hairston in Cincinnati?
last season Alex Gonzalez was the starting SS. hes been hurt to start this season. what happens once hes ready to return?
Jeff Keppinger was filling in to Gonzalez. hes since been hurt. what happens when he returns?
since Bruce came up replacing Patterson, Hairston has been leading off. if Hairston was to be replaced at SS by one of Gonzalez/Keppinger who esle would lead off?
..1B- Votto? 2B- Phillips? 3B- Encarnacion? RF- Griffey? CF- Bruce? LF- Dunn? C- whoever?
wouldnt it be better for the Reds to have Hairston lead off all season? meaning he would have to be a starter all season,. so is that an option?