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Is my team too young?

PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2008 11:20 pm
by tinfoilxtouch
So first of all, let me tell everyone I'll gladly leave a detailed reply to anyone who helps me figure this out.

Basically, I have a 12 game lead on second place right now and a 28 game lead on the 7th spot, so the playoffs are pretty much a lock. It's early, but I've won the regular season twice in this league and got screwed in the playoffs because all my young prospects were shut down, benched, ect. I'm starting to think about gearing up by trading some guys at peak value now (Volquez is at the top of this list) to make myself better prepared come September. Look at my team and tell me what you'd do.

12 team, 6x6 (OPS, K/BB)

C- B Molina
1b- Atkins
2b- Utley
3b- Wright
SS- Tejada
OF- Crawford, Burrell, Ankiel
Util- Lowell, Laroche
BN- Kent

SP- Webb, Oswalt, Harden, Volquez, Billingsly, Miller, Laffey, Cueto, Harden
RP- Wagner, Rivera
DL- Baker, Izzy