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please comment on my team

PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2008 11:44 am
by featsofstrength
I'm in a 10 person HTS league, non-keeper. I really like my position players but feel that pitching will be this team's downfall.

FA's i've been watching: Cano (no room for him), Bay (no room), J Chamberlain, Joey Divine, Kershaw, Cueto, Lilly, Oswalt, Harden

c Martin
1B Fielder
2B Phillips
3B Jones
SS H Ramirez
OF Quentin
OF Sizemore
OF Markakis
Util A Ramirez
BN Pence
BN Rios

SP Bedard
SP Duchscherer
RP Valverde
RP Ryan
P Vaxquez
P Jurrjens
P Wainwright
BN Maine
BN Santana
DL W Rodriguez
DL R Soriano

I've been trying to open up a spot by trading an avg pitcher with one of my OF for a better pitcher with no success. I'll keep trying but soon i'll have a mess when Wandy R and Soriano come off of the DL and I have no room for them. If this happens, i'll hold them in the DL as long as possible before dropping them (I guess?).

Maybe I should be looking at grabbing Divine and Joba to help my overall stats. But, who to drop?

I dunno, my gut is that I need to make a 2 for 1 trade but without success i'm not sure who to drop for more pitching.

I'm no expert but i'll try to help with your roster.

thanks! :-B