Clueless in points league-suggestions???

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Roster Information: It's a 10 person, H2H Yahoo league. Stat categories are R, HR, RBI, SB, BB, K, TB, A, E, AVG, OPS, W, CG, SV, R, BB, K, ERA, WHIP.

Here's what I've got, after numerous trades:

C J. L

Clueless in points league-suggestions???

Post by bjm97 »

Hi All,

I was asked to help a friend in a points league and have never played in a points league before. Below are the catagories, our team, and the best available FA (IMO). Any suggestions would be appreciated/welcome!

10 team, points, non keeper, with daily roster changes, Max games 162, IP-2000.

These are the Catagories/points R, H, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, CS, BB, K, IP, W, L, CG, SHO, SV, ER, BB, K, PG, BSV
R (3), H (1), 1B (1), 2B (3), 3B (5), HR (7), RBI (5), SB (5), CS (-3), BB (1), K (-4), IP (5), W (15), L (-5), CG (10), SHO (15), SV (20), ER (-3), BB (-3), K (5), PG (100), BSV (-5)

C Varitek
1b Teixeira
2b Phillips
3b Crede
SS Hanley
OF Berkman
OF Matsui
OF Crawford
UTIL McLouth
UTIL Carlos Guillen
BN Kendall, Nady, DeRosa
DL- Doumit
Pitching (SP, SP, SP, RP, P, P)
SP- Marcum, Dempster, Daniel Cabrera, Volquez, Cliff Lee, Padilla, Blackburn
RP- Lidge, Lyon, Wags

Bats- Figgins, Hart, Tulowitzki, Swisher, adam LaRoche, Drew, Ludwick, Werth, Bradley, Jacobs, Gomez, Ankiel, Napoli, Winn, Barmes, Cantu, Jose Guillen, Church, Kotsay, Salty,

Pitchers- RP- Saito, Hoffman, C Perez, Todd Jones, Rauch, Wood, CJ Wilson, Fuentes, Downs, Kuo,
SP Wellemeyer, Lilly, Sonnanstine, Jurrjens, Redding, Danks, E Jackson, McGowan, Kuroda, Meche, Baker, W Rodriguez, Laffey, Pelfrey, K Rogers, Scott Olsen, Lannan, Pettitte, RJ, Moose,

I currently have one bench spot open, and 3 DL spots. Does it make sense to have 3 catchers (and who is the most valueable + do I add Napoli instead of any). My plan was to add Figgins/Tulo (both for the remaining DL spots), and then pick up whom? Hart/ Lilly? Also- who would you trade (cliff Lee comes to mind as does Dempster- what type of perceived value do they have/who could I ask for)? Thanks to ALL!!!
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Re: Clueless in points league-suggestions???

Post by Joshiroth »

Your team looks very solid overall, the only thing I'm kinda worried about is your pitching, right now it's phenominal because all of those pitchers are throwing on all cylinders, but none of them are proven Studs yet, so I'm worried about a few falling off the wagon, but other than that your team is very potent. ;-D

Pick-up Lilly and Sonnanstine to bolster your pitching, both are pitching great right now, Lilly started off terrible but over the past few weeks he's show his form from last year.
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Re: Clueless in points league-suggestions???

Post by nothingtoproveco »

Excellent squad overall. Your offense in particular is looking excellent with Hanley, Crawford, Berkman etc. I agree with Joshiroth about your pitching however. You staff is great up to date but I'd imagine you'll see a slight decline in their numbers as the season continues. I would look to sell high on them if possible for a more proven, consistent pitcher. Obviously right now Cliff Lee has a lot of value and I'd imagine you could find someone in your league willing to make a deal for him.

In terms of catchers, I don't see a need for 3 of them but if you have the room it wouldn't be the worst idea in the world. I like Napoli a lot despite his low average and I expect him to be getting more playing time in the future. Thanks for the comments on my squad.
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