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Minor League Systems in Fantasy Baseball

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Minor League Systems in Fantasy Baseball

Postby Walden warriors » Thu Feb 26, 2004 10:34 pm

My commissioner and I are actively discussing how to implement a minor league system for our league.

I was hoping to gain some insight from people at the cafe who are in leagues who have them? What works, what doesn't? How do you suggest starting one?

Any help is most appreciated. Thank you! ;-D
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Postby justinA » Thu Feb 26, 2004 10:37 pm

i dont really know what u mean by a "system" but in my league, a keeper league, we allow u to keep a minor league guy year after year until he isnt a rookie at no charge added every year. this probably isnt answering your question, but I thought id share anyway.
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Re: Minor League Systems in Fantasy Baseball

Postby swarmee » Thu Feb 26, 2004 11:01 pm

My league has a 23 man active roster, and a 17 man reserve roster.
The 17 reserve players are chosen after the auction is finished in an independent straight draft (Last year's loser picks first in every round).

They can stay inactive on your roster as long as you want to keep them, but you lose your last reserve draft picks every year for the amount that you keep. (i.e., I keep 7 players with reserve status. I only get to draft 10 rounds of the reserve draft this year.)

If a player gets activated during the season, they are given a salary of 10. That means they would cost $10 to keep for the following season. That means most minor leaguers are cut the year following their activation. The teams that do the best use their reserves/minors for high upside picks (BaseballAmerica Top100s) or relief pitchers that might become closers.

We also have a system of A, B, C, and guaranteed contracts in our league, where a player can only be kept for three years at their salary or more if you guarantee them an extension. So any player drafted (or picked in the reserve draft) gets assigned an A contract. The next year all active players and the reserve players who have a major league at-bat or inning pitched are advanced to B contracts. Minor leaguers that haven't played a major league game are still given A contracts. So, if a player is activated in the year which they're drafted, they're given a $10B salary for the following season. However, if they've been kept as a reserve and have played a major league game in previous seasons, they get a $10C contract the following year, or need to be extended.

Case in point: Mark Prior. In 2001 a player in my league drafted him as a -A (free prospect). Since he didn't pitch in the majors in 2001, he was kept for 2002 as a -A. Once he was activated, he became a 10B for 2003. Now, entering 2004, he becomes extendable with our regular rules for extending contracts.
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Postby Bukoski77 » Thu Feb 26, 2004 11:12 pm

If your in a salary league than Swarmee's system is above mine. However if its not a salary league, like my league where we can only keep players for 3 years, here goes a cut and paste of our system. Some of the names and dates might be expired but it all still applies.


After our major league draft we will conduct a three round minor league draft, probably in late April or early May once major league rosters stabilize. The draft will be conducted on the message board, with teams picking in the opposite order of the major league draft. Each team will have 24 hours to pick a player that is playing in the minor leagues at the time of the draft (NOTE: no player on a major league roster on the day the draft begins may be picked as a minor leaguer). After your three minor leaguers are picked you will be able to place in minor league slots on your roster. During the season you will have a total of 9 minor league slots to use to stock your farm system.


1) What if I didn't pick any minor league players last year becasue my team had a lame duck owner? What if I don't have a minor league system?

ANSWER: Some of you inherited teams that did not participate in the minor league draft the previous season. Therefore, you don't have minor league players. If this is the case you may make a special arragement with the Commissioner to pick up minor league players. However, if the previous owner of your team has established a minor league system you will not be eligible for this arrangement.

2) What if a player gets called up from the minors after we conduct the minor league draft?

ANSWER: Then that player is a free agent and open to whoever gets him first, because he is now on a MAJOR LEAGUE ROSTER. If at some point he gets sent down to the minors again the fantasy team that picks him up is allowed to place him into their minor league system or release him.

3) Can we pick up minor league players after the minor league draft is over?

ANSWER: No. Only if they get called up to the majors and are on a major league team roster.

4) How do we define someone as a minor leaguer versus major leaguer?

ANSWER: For purposes of the draft, a minor leaguer will be defined as a player that is the minors at the begining of our minor league draft. After the draft, it will be also be the same: any player that is in the minors during the season is a minor league player and cannot be picked up outside the minor league draft. Any player that is on a major league roster at any time is eligible to be picked up by a fantasy team.

5) Can I place a major leaguer in one of my minor league slots, like perhaps a Jay Payton or a Alfonso Soriano?

ANSWER: No. Only players who are in the minors may be in minor league roster spots.

6) What if one of my minor league draft picks gets called up to the majors? Do I have to move him to my major league roster, or can I keep him on my minor league roster if I want?

ANSWER: If a player on your minor league roster gets called up to the majors you have one week to move him to your Major League roster. Either the Commish or another owner will notify the team in question and the rest of the league (via email) that their roster is illegal. If the change is not made within one week of the player being called up to the majors he must be released into the free agent pool. If that player gets sent back down you are free to transfer him from your major league roster to your minor league roster

7) Do I get to keep my last years minor league picks as minor leagers if they are in the majors at the start of the next season?

ANSWER: For position players if they played 65 or more games in the majors the previous year they are no longer considered "minor league players". For pitchers if they made 15 appearances in the majors the previous year they are no longer considered "minor league players". If a player no longer qualifies as a "minor leaguer" you must either release them when keepers are declared on March 15th, trade them or add them to your keeper list. Players who have played in less then 65 major league games (or pitched in less than 15 games) still qualify as minor league players and can be kept on your minor league roster for the following year. (NOTE: this rule only applies to the end of the season roster moves and not during the season roster moves. See #6)

8) I picked up some players who got called up to the majors, then later got sent back down to the minors. I put them on my minor league roster, and now all nine spots are filled. How do I participate in the next minor league draft with my minor league roster full at 9 players?

ANSWER: You can either drop three of those players to make room for your minor league draft picks in the next draft, or simply not participate in the minor league draft. Or drop two of them and make two picks in the draft, etc. It's up to you.

9) How many minor leaguers do we get to keep at the end of the season for next year?

ANSWER: Your roster has 9 minor league slots. If a player qualifies as a minor leaguer (see #7) you may "carry them over" to the next season in those roster spots along with your six Major League keepers. You can have 9 Minor League players total at any given time. You can fill those spots with minor league draft picks, free agents pick ups that got sent down to the minors, or players you picked up in the Major League draft that got sent down later.

10) Say I have Marlon Byrd as one of my 9 minor league keepers (he played in the majors last year, but did not appear in 65 games) along with my 8 Major League keepers. I draft my team and have to set my lineup for Week 1, but now Marlon Byrd is on a Major League roster. Can I keep him in a minor league slot?

ANSWER: No. You have to drop someone from your 25 man roster to make room for him OR you have to release him. Otherwise, your roster will be illegal.

TThe "Hometown Discount" rule is strictly for minor league players. Any minor leaguer that is drafted during the minor league draft can be kept for an extra contract year (4 years in other words) once they reach the major league level. There are restrictions: Minor league players who are acquired via free agency, released, or traded to another team cannot reap the benefits of this rule. The rule would only apply to the original team that drafted the minor league player in the minor league draft (held in late April/early May). Hence the "Hometown Discount". It gives teams more incentive to keep and develop young talent once the player becomes major league eligible.


Since many minor league players are called up in September, all EFBL team rosters will be expnaded from 25 to 31 for that month only. This allows owners to hang on to their minor leaguers who get called up rather than having to release them becasue of an illegal roster.HE MINOR LEAGUE "HOMETOWN DISCOUNT"

Hope that helps, use it for what its worth.
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