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Deep Fantasy League with one opening...see last post

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Deep Fantasy League with one opening...see last post

Postby garrioch13 » Sat May 10, 2008 10:33 pm


This league is a perpetual keeper league. It will be for very knowledgeable and serious owners run through CBS commissioner. This will be a head to head rotisserie style league altered to mirror real baseball as much as possible. The league will also will have another site for all drafts, transactions, roster, salaries and other general chatting and information.

The league will begin with the 2008 FYPD beginning around August 15th (signing deadline) and going for 35 rounds. This will be followed by a 40 man Roster Draft then by an 80 player minor league draft.

In the offseason will be a free agent draft. This will include any undrafted minor leaguer, any undrafted player from the 2008 FYPD, and any undrafted signed foreign player. Any unsigned foreign player-if the player signs within 12 months, you keep him if not he becomes a free agent…e.g. Eduardo Paret, IF, Cuban National Team

All drafts will be slow message board drafts with each team receiving a 30 minute time period to make a pick. Each round will take one day.


Original draft will be a random order to be determined. First year player draft order will be based on reverse order of standings at the end of the previous season.

· 35 Round 2008 First Year Player Draft

· 40 Man Roster draft consisting of anyone with any MLB playing time.

· 80 Man Minor league player draft

· 15 Man Free Agent Draft in the offseason of all unsigned minor league players and foreign free agents. The order for this will be decided by popular vote, either random or by best record first.


20 teams will be divided into 4 divisions each with a 40 man roster and a 25 man active roster.

25 Man active rosters consist of:

10 Pitchers
2 Catchers
1 1B
1 3B
1 Corner Infielder
5 OF
1 pinch hitter (1B, 3B, OF)
1 2B
1 SS
1 UT (Middle Infielder)
1 UT (pinch runner/def specialist..2B, SS, C)

The final 2 UT spots may just be any player. Depending on what everyone would want.

Players will be eligible if they have played 5 games at the position in the season and 10 games in the prior season. Rookies will be available at the position CBS has the listed at.

Each week you can choose your 25 man active roster from your 40 man major league roster. If you wish to promote a minor leaguer to your active 25 man roster, you must make room for him on your 40 man roster. Your total roster limit will be 200 players.


Players’ salaries will be assigned based on draft position. These values will be given before the draft and salary cap will be determined at that time. A $100 million dollar cap is what I am currently looking at and the max for one player will be $20 million.

Each team will get one 5 year contract, two 4 year contracts, four 3 year contracts, six 2 year contracts and everyone else will be assigned one year contracts.

Contract lengths will be decided after the minor league draft.

Free agency will begin after the first season. Bidding will take place over weeks with players divided into groups. Each player will be auctioned off with the high bid winning after 24 hours has passed without a higher bid.

When entering free agency, each team can protect 3 players from being lost to free agency. They will be bid on. Winning bid will be able to be matched and the player will stay with it’s team. Only 2 of the 3 may be matched.

Franchising a player can also be done when a players contract is up. His salary will `be 120% of his final year or $8 million and will last for 3 years. Only one franchise is available per team and they will not be able to be waived, traded or released.

Minor League call up contract:

Year 1 - $300,000

Year 2 - $600,000

Year 3 - $900,000

Year 4 - $1,200,000

Year 5 - $3,600,000

Year 6 - $5,400,000

Player can be cut after any season under this contract. Player may be optioned from 40-man to minor leagues in the first 2 seasons of this contract without needing to clear waivers. Contract will begin when 150 AB/50 AB line is crossed.


Trade Deadline
Trade deadline will be August 10th. Draft picks can be traded up to 1 year in advance of the draft. All players can be traded unless they were signed as free agents in the previous off-season. They will not be allowed to be traded until after June 1st. Only half of picks in each draft may be traded or 17 FYPD and 7 FAPD picks

Trade Committee

Will have 3 members and will need 2 for trade approval. Only trades that affect the competitive balance of the league or are suspect of collusion should be denied or asked to be reworked. Unbalanced trades or those done for salary cap reasons will not be denied. Trades can not be done for cash or for future considerations.

You can put a player on waivers and attempt to send him to the minor leagues at any time. Other teams will have a 24 hour period to claim that player. They will inherit his contract as is.


If a player is on major league disabled list, than he can be on your team disabled list.

Players on the 15 day DL will count against your 40.
Players on the 60 day DL will not count against your 40.


The Scoring Period for each week runs Monday through Sunday/ Because Opening Day may be on a Sunday, the Scoring Period for the first week will be Sunday through Sunday. All games will be contested in head-to-head match-ups based on the following categories and winner-take-all values:

On-base % 1.2 Wins

Runs 0.7 Wins

RBIs 0.7 Wins

Total Bases 1.1 Wins

Stolen Bases 0.3 Wins

Wins + Quality Starts 0.8 Wins

2 * Saves + Holds 0.7 Wins

ERA 0.7 Wins

WHIP Ratio 1.1 Wins

Strikeouts – Walks 0.7 Wins

TOTAL 8.0 Wins

Each match-up has a possible 8.0 Wins at stake. In the case of a tie in any particular category the point values will be split evenly for that category. The point values were chosen in order to make the results as realistically representative of actual player values as is possible without developing a significantly more complicated point system grid. The scoring system will be validated with the chosen statistical service provider prior to the draft.

Regular Season will be 20 weeks long:

Round one will be a cumulative period of weeks 21 and 22 and will match #1 vs #8, #2 vs #7, #3 vs #6, #4 vs #5. Round two will be a cumulative period of weeks 23 and 24 and Finals will be weeks 25 and 26.

Ties in playoffs will be decided by regular season record.


After all expenses for operations (stats service) are deducted, the remaining money will be the prize pool.

The Prize Pool will be divided as follows:

Playoff Qualifiers 2.5% (8 teams x 2.5% = 20%)

Round #1 Winners 5.0% (4 teams x 5% = 20%)

Round #2 Winners 10% (2 teams x 10% = 20%)

League Champion 25% (1 team x 20% = 25%)

Rookie of the year 2.5% (2 players x 2.5%=5%)
MVP 2.5% (2 players x 2.5%=5%)
Cy Young 2.5% (2 players x 2.5%=5%)

The cost per team will be decided by the owners. It may end up being for bragging rights. The most I foresee is $100 per team.

Additional Information:

All teams will be responsible for keeping an electronic file preferably an excel spreadsheet of all players under their control and how they were acquired. These must be available within one week when asked for by the commissioner. If unable to do this, all players not accounted for by the league will become free agents.

Any team caught above 40 players will be given a warning and 48 hours to correct the problem. After a second warning, the team will loose a FYPD pick.

Rules are not set in stone but I believe are pretty solid for a good start.

There will be a rules committee decided from the owners that join to help improve the league as we progress.

If interested post here or throw me an email at
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Re: Fantasy League with a FYPD..any interest

Postby garrioch13 » Mon May 12, 2008 12:06 pm

Have 10 interested so far.
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Re: Fantasy League with a FYPD..any interest

Postby garrioch13 » Tue May 13, 2008 9:01 pm

Up to 13 now
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Re: Fantasy League with a FYPD..any interest

Postby gheisser » Mon May 26, 2008 4:42 pm

im interested. please send me some info
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Re: Fantasy League with a FYPD..any interest

Postby garrioch13 » Tue Jun 10, 2008 10:05 pm

Site is up and running. Sign up if interested. ... hp?act=idx
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Re: Fantasy League with a FYPD..any interest

Postby garrioch13 » Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:04 pm

One team is open and we are in round 12 of the 80 round Minor league draft. The 40 man major league draft will follow.

FYPD is done and this is the current roster:

Aaron Hicks OF MIN
Zach Collier OF PHI
Tyson Ross P OAK
Jordan Lyles P HOU
Zach Putnam P CLE
Chase D'Arnaud SS PIT
Cord Phelps 2B CLE
Aaron King P SF
Jacob Thompson P ATL
Daniel Hudson P CHW
Michael Sheridan 1B Rays
Alex Avila, C DET
Jermaine Curtis, 3B, STL
Nik Turley P NYY
Matt Magill, SP Dodgers
Paul Demny P Nationals
Evan Crawford P TOR
Anthony Scelfo - LF, Tampa Bay Rays
Anthony Shawler P Tigers
David Rubinstein CF Pirates
Jared Gayhart P Det
Lance Janke P Cinn
Alberto Espinosa 1B KC

Austin Jackson, OF, NYY
Todd Frazier, SS, CIN
Jake McGee, P, TB
Felipe Paulino, P, HOU

email me if interested @
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