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Frustrating League Experiences

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Re: Frustrating League Experiences

Postby Oatsdad » Fri Apr 25, 2008 1:06 pm

My worst experience was in a head-to-head football league last year. When the commish set up the league, he screwed up the settings: you got one point for EVERY return yard! This meant returners were radically more valuable than anyone else.

It was clear that he made a mistake, and I alerted it to him repeatedly before the draft. He didn't change it, so some people drafted with an eye for returners. I didn't, since I assumed it'd be fixed eventually. It was - after the second week of the season. This left those who'd drafted returners angry and made the first two weeks a mess.

And then he disappeared. He had been inactive since he set up the league - I don't even think he attended the draft - and went bye-bye for the rest of the season after week 2. Complete jerk - he was obnoxious and arrogant during his brief return visit - and a terrible commish. That league was a disaster.

I know everyone's down on Yahoo public leagues, but at least they don't suffer from idiot commisioners like this guy! :-t
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Re: Frustrating League Experiences

Postby Russell James » Fri Apr 25, 2008 2:23 pm

bigh0rt wrote:
Russell James wrote:I was roped into a league this year where the owners do not trade. Right now I have Hideki Matsui on the block and am willing to sell low on him because I need more pitching and I have an adequate backup, yet I can't get anyone to bite. I am not going to drop him because Matsui is too valuable. This isn't the first time this year either. I have noticed that nobody trades, except for one person. So this one player and I have traded players with each other a couple times.

I have been greeted with the philosophy, "If I wanted him, then I would have drafted him." This philosophy has really sucked the fun out of this league for me. I understand not going trade crazy, but when they just keep the same roster all year it makes no sense. Nobody drafts perfect. There is a guy who is dead last in the rankings and he refuses to trade anyone. You can look at his team and see why he is struggling.

It has just been a frustrating league to deal with. It has gotten to the point that I just set my roster and forget about it. I don't care if I finish last in that particular league. If I get hit with a bunch of injuries then I can't trade to improve myself.

I thought I would start this topic for those would like to share their most frustrating league experience.

Outside of that I have enjoyed most of the leagues I am in this year.

Its been 3 weeks. Its completely reasonable for people to not want to tinker at this stage in the game. If I was in dead last, I may not be looking to trade either, if my studs were just slumping early, which may be the case. I also wouldn't trade you for HIdeki Matsui. I don't think you can judge the propensity for trading in your league on April 25th.

The reason I started this topic was to just express stories of how you were frustrated in a certain fantasy league. I guess that it is impossible for people to just post a story without posing an opinion about what they would have done. I don't recall asking for an opinion...but whatever. Since you posted an opinion I will give you an answer.

I just got done playing fantasy basketball with these guys and the same thing happened. Nobody ever traded. I told myself that I was done and then a good friend of mine (the only guy who will trade) roped me back into the league because they needed one more guy to make 12. I thought baseball would be different. So I joined and it sucks. Nobody does anything in this league. So I basically set it on autopilot and focus on my other leagues.
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Re: Frustrating League Experiences

Postby Bwanna » Fri Apr 25, 2008 2:46 pm

I enjoy trading, but not just for the sake of trading. I enjoy the negotiation process. I find in more experienced leagues, trades aren't as frequent (as was said earlier), but there's plenty of trade talk.

With more experienced owners, I'm always a little more leary/paranoid that they know something I don't. :-? But that's ok, makes me dig in and try to do more research. ;-D
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Re: Frustrating League Experiences

Postby The Artful Dodger » Fri Apr 25, 2008 2:53 pm

J35J wrote:
405z06 wrote:Typically I find that the more experienced the group of owners, the less trading that goes on in the league.

Very true! At least in my experience as well.

I think there's a lesser frequency in veteran leagues based on the Cafe leagues I'm in, but I still manage 2 deals on average for each league. I believe vets enjoy trading as much as anyone, but I think they're more apprehensive or in a better term, cautious, especially when dealing a certain player or two if they're underperforming and don't see the value of making a deal.

At this time of year, the propensity for most folks is they're likely to stick to their guns no matter what place they're situated simply because there's lots of baseball to be played. Hitters tend to be the most prone to streakiness and pitchers are likely to drop an egg here and there, it's natural, and the worse thing that can happen is making a judgment based off the opening month of the year and in so doing, jumping the gun on a deal too early that could break you more than make your season. That said, I do think this is a good time as any to go hunting for potential trade bargains because you might have an owner or two that shuffles in and out of panic mode and it's just a matter of coming up with good timing to strike a deal. Again, veterans tend to be less flustered by what's going on out there and aren't likely to blow up their team in April.
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