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Pitchers hitting 8th in the MIL lineup

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Re: Pitchers hitting 8th in the MIL lineup

Postby Ender » Wed Apr 23, 2008 5:56 pm

That certainly is part of it. When Kendall isn't in the lineup the pitcher bats 9th because they dont' really have another player that makes sense to do it with, a high OBP, no SLG type guy.
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Re: Pitchers hitting 8th in the MIL lineup

Postby Scooter1027 » Thu Apr 24, 2008 11:20 am

Nomarrrrrrrrrr wrote:
brock middlebrook wrote:

is an interesting site referenced in one of the previous articles

I played around with it using some very rough projections for Mil players, and all of the best lineups had the Pitcher batting 8th. Of course the 2-3 slots came out kind of strange...

That site also says that hitting Fielder 2nd is the best lineup. Nice one. How can you propose setting a lineup without taking into consideration homeruns or speed? 2 guys with the same OBP and slugging percentage can be very different. One with alot of triples and doubles, few walks and has some speed and the other with alot of walks, low batting average and high HR totals. Obvioulsy those 2 are very different hitters but would be no different on that website. The only things that really matter in lineups are that you don't have a slow guy infront of a fast guy taking away his speed, that you have your best OBP guys infront of your HR hitters so that the HRs count for more, and that you don't have a crappy hitter behind your better hitters so that they can walk your good hitters. Unless the pitcher is a guy that has some power it is stupid hitting him 8th, taking away the bat from a guy like Hardy or Hall and ending early game rallies one hitter earlier all so you can have Kendall on a few times ahead of Weeks. They'd be better off having Kendall extend the previous inning for the pitcher to get up so that the leadoff guy can leadoff the inning. Obviously the leadoff guy leading off is the best case scenario or else they wouldn't set their lineup that way.

It just has to do with personnel. I don't think every team should do it. Kendall is an OBP guy with no power. He also grounds into a good number of double plays. You say starting an inning with the leadoff guy is the best case why not start the inning with essentially two leadoff guys? Get two guys on base in front of Cameron/Braun/Fielder/Hart with nobody out. Hall and Hardy are fairly poor OBP guys, so hitting the pitcher 8th is less consequential in terms of run production opportunities. I've seen every Brewers game so far this year, and I can say with near certainty that it has benefitted us more than not.

I give Yost a hard time about a lot of things, especially his bullpen management, but this was a good move. It took a bit of guts to pull it off knowing that he'd be open to criticism from people like Nomarrrr here, but it's worked so far. I actually would like to see Fielder hit 2nd in this configuration (get him more ABs, increase the value of his OBP, etc), but that might be a bit too counter-culture for Yost.
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