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Favorite BallPark

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Re: Favorite BallPark

Postby anti elian » Tue Apr 22, 2008 2:01 pm

trey3kt wrote:me and my buddies drive to diff ball parks every year over the summer, and I have been to every ball park on the east coast, so I can not comment on the parks in the midwest and the west. Im a New Yorker and there is no doubt that Yankee Stadium and Fenway are awesome beacause they are historic, ut by far the nicest ball park I have been to is PNC in Pittsburg. I dont care if the pirates are terrible or not, if i livedaround there I would be at that ball park all the time

I have to agree with PNC. I'd go see a coed softball game if it were played there. I can't say that about any other park I've been to.
anti elian
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Re: Favorite BallPark

Postby mak1277 » Tue Apr 22, 2008 2:15 pm

My home park right now is technically new Nationals Park, although I haven't been there yet (next week will be my first game). My list:

1) Wrigley - I grew up going there and still think it is without a doubt the most FUN place I've ever seen a game.

2) Fenway - I'm a traditionalist, to be sure. I understand the concerns about leg room, etc. but this place is just beautiful.

3) Camden Yards - Haven't been there for years, but looking forward to going back now that I live much closer. Great the warehouse. Definitely my favorite of the new "old style" parks.

4) PNC - I've seen more games at PNC than any of the others on this list. It's fantastic, no doubt, but the other three edge it out.

5) Pac Bell (or whatever San Fran is now)
6) Jacobs Field (or whatever Cleveland is now)

There are a slew of others that I've been to, but most are the old ashtray stadiums (3 Rivers, Busch, Riverfront). The top 5 on this list are really head and shoulders above the others. I haven't been to Yankee (although I will this summer) or Dodger Stadium, unfortunately.
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Re: Favorite BallPark

Postby teddy ballgame » Tue Apr 22, 2008 2:44 pm

kev921 wrote:
teddy ballgame wrote:Fenway is my home park, and as historic as it is, I wish they would build a new stadium on the harbor. It's probably fine as a visitor to see a game or two, but it really sucks sitting in wooden seats that are way too small, width wise and leg room wise, that face the wrong way. And that's only if you have some good connections to get tickets in the first place. Of course I'm exaggerating a little, but after going to so many other stadiums the situation there is really pathetic.

As for my favorite, it would probably have to be Citizen's Bank Park in Philly. I love the location being right next to the other big sports arenas, the huge parking lots, and 5 lane streets around it. Very easy to get in and out of. As for the park itself, I guess there wasn't anything that special that other new stadiums don't have, but I really liked it. ;-D

You bring back the memory of no leg room all to clearly. As you describe Philly, you'd love the set up in Kansas City. With the renovations coming this and next year it will be around for many more years to come.

I've been to Kauffman, and while the setup was definitely a good thing, it still didn't really compare to Philly for me. More of it probably has to do with just Kauffman itself not being that impressive. The fountains are cool but besides that, meh.
teddy ballgame
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Re: Favorite BallPark

Postby BronXBombers51 » Tue Apr 22, 2008 3:42 pm

I've been deprived, as, besides Yankee Stadium millions of times, the only other stadiums I've been to are Shea, which is a dump, and Citizens Bank Park, which was very nice.

I'm hoping to go to Fenway this summer at some point. Other stadiums I'd love to see would be Dodger Stadium, Camden Yards, obviously Wrigley, Pac Bell and PNC.
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Re: Favorite BallPark

Postby beeris good » Tue Apr 22, 2008 4:24 pm

My list would go in this order
1 the Royals ballpark
2 John O'Donnal park Davenport Iowa
3 the Wade in Duluth
4 Miller Park
5 Metrodome
6 Kingdome

If you like ball parks check out this site
beeris good
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Re: Favorite BallPark

Postby byfrcp » Tue Apr 22, 2008 5:02 pm

I'm so sick of Fenway. All they ever do is add a couple hundred new seats, big deal. Unless you can get tickets during the 4 hours that they're on sale once a year, you have to pay a ridiculous amount to go to a ball game :-t . It's a dump. Everyone else is getting a new stadium why do we have to be left behind.

Of the 5 stadiums I've been to I'd rank it like this.

1. Comerica Park
2. Yankee Stadium
3. Shea Stadium
4. Fenway Park
5. Tropicana Field

I couldn't get over the design of the Trop, seriously who would make a baseball field in Tampa Bay with a slanted roof?
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Re: Favorite BallPark

Postby acsguitar » Tue Apr 22, 2008 6:32 pm

Coors has incredible mountain and city views and a Brewery on Premises

Camden yards is really nice too
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Re: Favorite BallPark

Postby Yoda » Tue Apr 22, 2008 7:24 pm

BlueBandit24 wrote:My favorite park, that I have visited, would be Safeco. I loved the layout of the stadium and the town itself is awesome. This was back in the day when they had Griffey and A-Rod too, who went back to back in the first inning. Great memories at Safeco. Miller Park and Minute Maid Park are second and third. ;-D

Didn't Arod and Jr play in the Kingdom?

Mine is probably Petco. It's brand new, clean and people are very calm. I'm used to going to Yankees Stadium my entire life so it's nice to enjoy a completely different environment. I will be sitting in the Skybox behind the plate tomorrow night and get beers served to me :-D

Dodgers Stadium is the worst. Ever. It takes forever to get there, forever to park, forever to get to your seat. It's old, dirty and crowd is very rowdy. Not very family friendly and pretty disgusting. I'll probably never go there again.
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Re: Favorite BallPark

Postby Field » Tue Apr 22, 2008 8:08 pm

Yoda wrote:
Mine is probably Petco. It's brand new, clean and people are very calm. I'm used to going to Yankees Stadium my entire life so it's nice to enjoy a completely different environment.

Replace Petco with MinuteMaid and Yankee Stadium with Fenway and that would be my answer. I haven't been to a ton of ballparks, but it's such a nice change going to one of the newer ballparks. Having adequete facilities and room to roam around is fantastic.
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