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mixed league - point format - keeper league

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mixed league - point format - keeper league

Postby Rhodrunner » Tue Feb 24, 2004 5:41 am

NEW Mixed Points `KEEPER` LEAGUE (re-starting).

Previous owners and new managers welcomed on first-in/first-served.

Looking for friendly, very active and dedicated fantasy league managers.

1st year `Draft` SUNDAY March 7, 2004 (4:30 PM PST)
2nd year `5 keepers`
3rd year `5 new keepers`
and so on, no team can keep the same
`Franchise Players` beyond two (2) years unless re-drafted.

$200 franchise fee / $10 website and stat service fee each owner.
*$200 Franchise fee Second year / $9 website and stat service fee.
*$200 Franchise fee Third year / $8 website and stat service fee.

TGIF Fantasy Baseball *KEEPER* League.

We are re-establishing a `KEEPER` League which was dead last year. All the previous owners have been notified but it is first in - first served. After the first season 5 `Franchise Players` are to be kept on each TEAM for the second year. These are available to the rest of the league the following (3rd) year and each team selects 5 New `Franchise Players`. The previous owners may re-draft their players again in the third year and add to the new `Franchise Players` which they plan to keep after the second year. No Player can be kept longer than 2 years out of a draft unless they are re-drafted and made a `Franchise Players` again.

Example: You draft A-Rod this year, you may keep him next year as a `Franchise Player`. Prior to the third year each owner selects a new "base" of `Franchise Players` then A-Rod goes back into the draft pool... along with the other 4 keepers and can be picked up again and he may be kept 2 more years by that previous owner or if another owner drafts him he may keep him 2 years.

Each year 5 players are "Franchised", no player is out of the draft pool longer than 2 years. Trades are critical after the beginning of the second year. They still go back to the pool even though you traded for a keeper and had the player only a few months. This has been a very good format and mixes up the draft every year... after the second year. Plus trades for potential keepers in the second year are scrutinized by owners too.

Franchise Fee is $200 (and $10 each team for the Website and stat service - the first year)... the second year is $9 each team. Owners can vote to establish fees for transaction activities by league vote if thius is desired.

Draft is Sunday March 7, 2004 4:30PM PST

Team`s starting roster will consist of the following players (stats for 20 players each week):

20 Active Players a week in the following format...
2 Catchers
1 First Basemen
1 Second Basemen
1 Third Basemen
1 Short Stop
1 Corner Fielder
1 Middle Fielder
4 Outfielders
1 Desinated Hitter (any offensive player)
2 Starters
3 Pitchers
2 Relievers
5 Bench
2 Injured Reserve (Added after the start of the season).

27 total slots max on a team

Players must play 20 games at a positon the previous year or 10 in the current year to qualify for a position.

Starting lineups are to be submitted prior to start of the season on the League Website (final Starting Lineup night prior to the first pitch of the season). After the initial line up, transactions may be made ANYTIME BEFORE THE SUNDAY NIGHT DEADLINE. The WAIVER WIRE and FREE AGENCY process is the draft order in reverse the first week then `worst to first` standings the second week. If a tie is in place in any league placement of the lowest in the draft order is first to do waiver transaction.

The next years draft is determined by final finish of the each season - ties are broken by the latest draft order at the start of the last season.

Position eligibility of minor leaguers, which make the major league roster, who have no major league experience, will be acceptable as a Designated Hitter until 10 games are reached at a position, or a new roster player for the MLB is qualified for the position they played predominately the previous year on the MLB team.

STATISTICS 10 scoring categories.

Position players-
Runs Scored
Home Runs
Runs Batted In
Stolen Bases
Batting Average

Pitching Stats-
WHIP (BB + Hits divided by innings pitch)
Earned Run Average

The Statistical service will constitute the official statistics for league. Any problems with statistics must be reported to the Commissioner within 48 hours. Commissioner will resolve any statistical problem.

Statistics will be tabulated daily and available on the Website for the league. Statistics will not be faxed to team owners.

Regular season statistics compiled from MLB first pitch up to last pitch of regularly scheduled season. Playoffs are not included.

The entrance fee is $200.00 franchise fee / $10 each team for website and stat service. Fees must be paid through PayPal a secured processing web site ( OR another arrangement may be handled.

All fees must be paid to secure the franchise. Each participant may only own one team in the league.


The money shall be divided among the top four teams in the final standings.

($ figures below are based on a full league - pro-rated if less than 14 desired teams are participating.

First Place - 40% ($1,120)
Second Place - 30% ($ 840)
Third Place - 20% ($ 560)
Fourth Place - 10% ($ 280)

These totals are flexible due to a possibility of less than anticipated owners and a league vote on transaction fees can increase the total.

Trades are approved by majority of the owners and monitiored by commissioner. Trades need 50% approval from the league.

Any questions email the Commissioner at

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draft moved back to march 14, 2004

Postby Rhodrunner » Wed Feb 25, 2004 3:49 am

Due to the present team owners and new owners vote - the draft has been moved back to Sunday March 14, 2004 4:30pm (PST)

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Postby ickes25 » Wed Feb 25, 2004 12:15 pm

Which site will you be using for the stat service? Are you going to get enough teams.

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