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Issues with Fanstar, any advice?

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Issues with Fanstar, any advice?

Postby Bobbleheadrusty » Wed Apr 16, 2008 2:03 pm

My league has been battling Fanstar for a refund after they completely crashed during our draft (repeatedly) and refused to respond to any request for help. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. At this point we are going through the BBB for help. Here is the last back-and-forth, with the name of my commish redacted.

Hey guys,

FanStar has replied to my complaint through the Better Business Bureau.
They wrote:

*Its hard to know where to begin since this gentleman complained long before
the baseball season started, so his evaluation of many of the features were
strictly conjecture.

We have it cleary stated in our refund policy that we must be allowed an
attempt to remedy the problem. Instead Mr REDACTED chose to use generalities in
his complaint and demanded a refund. We offered to help, but to no avail.*

I now have a chance to reply. I wrote:

*(The consumer indicated he DID NOT accept the response from the business.)*
FanStar has again not been accurate in their assessment of the situation. I
will begin with the fact that my first complaint was on opening day of the
baseball season, not "long before the season started" as was claimed in
their response. I would be happy to forward my complaints to prove the time
they were sent. My complaints were not at all conjecture: they were the
expression of my frustration derived from my empirical experience with the
FanStar service.

In response to the "generalities" in my complaint, I would like to list the
specific concerns that I have previously informed FanStar about before
filing this report with the BBB. FanStar was made completely aware of these
concerns before this complaint was created. Again, I would be happy to
forward all e-mail correspondence between Mr. Gregoire and myself in support
of this.

Here are the specifics that I addressed with Mr. Gregoire:

1. The promised "Computer pick" draft option is not / was not functional.
Instead, I had to manually perform what I had paid for their service to
perform. The computer was supposed to automatically make picks for absent
members of our league; instead, I spend 7.5 hours of my own time performing
that task.

2. Pre-draft rankings of players were ignored by the software. One of the
reasons we chose FanStar was that we could pre-rank our players and have the
software draft accordingly. It did not, although this was a definite selling
point for us. Again, we have paid for a service that we did not receive.

3. There are/were broken links on our league page. This is unacceptable for
a pay site. Originally, our rankings pages did not display. Then, all of the
links to league articles on the side of our home page were broken.

4. The creation of our league schedule did not work properly. Our league
homepage had our teams playing each other twice in the same week. Of course,
they are only supposed to play once. The league schedule was incorrect after
the first 17 weeks of the season. I informed Mr. Gregoire of this.

5. Customer service did not respond to our questions. I had asked FanStar a
few questions about a week before our draft. I explained that I would need a
response before the draft occurred. They not only did not respond within
that time, they did not respond at all. FanStar claims to always respond
within 24 hours - another claim that was not supported by fact. They did not
even respond to my questions about a refund. FanStar ignored me completely
until I sent a complaint to the BBB.

In regards to being given a chance to fix the problem I would ask how will
they fix an error that has already occurred? Can they give me back my time
and effort spent on performing tasks that I paid for their service to do? We
also cannot go back to a time before the baseball season and redo what has
already been done. While I hope that FanStar addresses these issues in the
future, it is too late for these concerns to be remedied in time to affect

I am also confused at the "clearly stated" refund policy that I have yet to
see and (as of April 16th) cannot find on the FanStar website. FanStar did
not deliver what was promised and we would like the money we gave them
returned to us. Due to problems with their software, we had to pay $150 for
another, more reliable service. I am not asking for compensation for my time
and effort spent on trying to the problems created by the FanStar software.
We paid for a service not received and would simply like to be refunded.

Thank you for your time
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