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Hitter/Pitcher friendly parks...

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Hitter/Pitcher friendly parks...

Postby Clevelander » Sun Feb 22, 2004 11:01 am

any info to sites that would give an idea as to the top ten on each well as pitching rotations / guess-timites into this year....
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Postby DieHardCubbie » Sun Feb 22, 2004 11:19 am

Pitching rotation projections can be found here...along with several other sites.... :-)

I'll have to look up the Ball Parks...
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Postby reelbiggecko » Sun Feb 22, 2004 12:16 pm

I think ESPN has something on the ballparks, but that only runs throughout the season I believe.

You just have to realize that ballparks, although influential, will not make or break a guy. Only Coors Field has the ability to skew stats with any significance, and even that doesn't help a guy who's not a power threat to begin with. When you consider pitching a guy in Comerica or Safeco, or hitting a guy in Minute Maid, remember that it's just as likely that there will be no improvement at all. look at the overall picture.

What does help though, is more specific splits. For example, New York is not considered a top hitters park, but that short porch in right field is tantalizing for lefties. Knowing that, I picked up Travis Lee for one game last year, because I knew that he had insane numbers off of the righty, with that grandstand just over 300 feet away. Low and behold, Lee went 3/4 with a HR and helped me get a lead that I wouldn't relinquish.

It's that type of stuff that's usually more important. Don't start a bench player against Mark Prior at Minue Maid just because he's got a great home split at Minute Maid. Consider ballparks just one more piece of the gigantic puzzle.
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Postby Zitofan15 » Sun Feb 22, 2004 12:44 pm

Well Network Associates Coliseum is a pitchers park. Thats pretty much all I know.
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Postby HOOTIE » Sun Feb 22, 2004 3:25 pm gives a park index for each team. You would have to click all 30 teams to find them, they aren't ranked in a order.

I suggest you buy Stats Scouting NB, which has 3 year indexes, evaluating 16 different catergories.

REEL in a 1 game situation, park effects mean less true. But over a season, they can skew the numbers alot. Odalis Perez, Nomar, are great examples.
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Postby Twins_Cubs87 » Sun Feb 22, 2004 3:28 pm

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Postby BobbyRoberto » Sun Feb 22, 2004 3:51 pm

Hopefully, this will post okay. These are ballpark factors sorted by Runs per game, HR per game, and Batting Average. Obviously, Coors Field tops the list and Dodger Stadium is at the bottom. There are some interesting parks that help batting average but hinder home runs. Kansas City has had a great hitter's park lately but they moved the fences back this year.

    Rnk Team Runs/Game HR/game BA
    1 Colorado +3.40 (1st) +.839 (1st) +.443 (1st)
    2 Arizona +1.93 (3rd) +.383 (4th) +.209 (3rd)
    3 Texas +1.46 (4th) +.373 (5th) +.160 (4th)
    4 Montreal +1.38 (5th) +.234 (t-8th) +.078 (8th)
    5 Houston +0.83 (6th) +.234 (t-8th) +.104 (t-6th)
    6 Toronto +0.68 (7th) +.132 (12th) +.053 (9th)
    7 Pittsburgh +0.55 (8th) -.234 (22nd) +.104 (t-6th)
    8 Chicago (AL) +0.29 (9th) +.659 (2nd) Even (t-10th)
    9 Boston +0.19 (10th) -.242 (23rd) +.106 (5th)

    Rnk Team Runs/Game HR/game BA
    10 Milwaukee -0.09 (t-11th) +.234 (t-8th) -.026 (14th)
    11 Atlanta -0.09 (t-11th) -0.21 (t-15th) Even (t-10th)
    12 Cincinnati -0.18 (14th) +.531 (3rd) -.052 (16th)
    13 Anaheim -0.19 (t-15th) -.154 (20th) Even (t-10th)
    14 Minnesota -0.10 (13th) -.286 (26th) -.027 (15th)
    15 Kansas City Moving fences back for '04, Data Unknown
    15 Philadelphia New Ballpark, Data Unknown
    15 San Diego New Ballpark, Data Unknown
    18 Tampa Bay -0.19 (t-15th) -.373 (29th) Even (t-10th)
    19 Cleveland -0.39 (t-17th) -.066 (17th) -.053 (17th)
    20 New York (AL) -0.39 (t-17th) +.198 (11th -.080 (t-22nd)
    21 New York (NL) -0.55 (t-21st) -.149 (19th) -.078 (t-18th)
    22 St. Louis -0.55 (t-21st) -.213 (21st) -.078 (t-18th)
    23 Florida -0.46 (t-19th) -.319 (27th) -.078 (t-18th)
    24 Chicago (NL) -0.46 (t-19th) +.064 (14th) -.104 (24th)
    25 Baltimore -0.68 (23rd) +.289 (6th) -.080 (t-22nd)

    Rnk Team Runs/Game HR/game BA
    26 Oakland -0.78 (24th) +0.88 (13th) -.133 (25th)
    27 Detroit -0.97 (25th) -.264 (t-24th) -.160 (t-27th)
    28 San Francisco -1.19 (t-27th) -.744 (30th) -.078 (t-18th)
    29 Seattle -1.07 (26th) -.264 (t-24th) -.160 (t-27th)
    30 Los Angeles -1.74 (30th) -.021 (t-15th) -.209 (t-29th)
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Postby Bengal New » Sun Feb 22, 2004 4:41 pm roberts/20040123.html

If this link does not work do Google search (pitchers parks 2004)

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Postby Bengal New » Sun Feb 22, 2004 5:12 pm

Look for ballparks right under games in link above[/quote]
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Postby drunkenmonkey » Sun Feb 22, 2004 5:32 pm

Also remember, Montreal might be ranked #4 most friendly hitters park, but they play half of their home games in Hiram Bithorn stadium in Puerto Rico which may just be the most hitter friendly park, period. Interesting to see what Vlad's numbers will do without the friendly confines of Olympic Stadium and Hiram Bithorn.
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