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I just came up with the best fantasy prank EVER!

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I just came up with the best fantasy prank EVER!

Postby TheGinner » Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:13 pm

It's a little tricky to pull off, but I have pulled it off to perfection! It's great seeing the looks on their faces!!

-First what you need is a fantasy league of people you know in person, such as office buddies, or drinking buddies.
-2nd thing you need is a little HTML/webpage building experience. (not required, but helpful)

What you do, is go to a free webpage site (I used
-Set up a free account
-Start building a webpage

Now the site probably has an "easy" way of doing webpages, but what you will need to change is that the page you build must be PURE HTML (this is the most important thing). It should be ADVANCED. No modifiers or anything. What it will do is just give you an empty text box to write HTML into. This will probably be your "index.html" file that you edit.

In a different browser go to the Yahoo! news and notes and find a player (preferrably a stud player) that has some notes written about them. Say like "Hanley went 3-3 today... etc"

Right click on the page and find "view source". This will give you a seperate notepad document with a LOT of jibberish (called HTML). COPY EVERYTHING YOU SEE, top to bottom.

Now go back into your webpage builder screen and paste the same HTML. What you are doing is essentially copying the webpage.

Scroll through all of the jibberish HTML and find the place in the notes where it says "Hanley went 3-3......etc" Change that text to whatever you want. "Hanley (genitals) is out indefinately with a herpes outbreak." or something like that. Save it, and open your new webpage.

Dont change anything with or inside brackets or it wont work, only change the text.

Print it off and hand it to your friend and watch their reaction.

Let me know if it works for you. Ive been having a BLAST!!!!!!

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Re: I just came up with the best fantasy prank EVER!

Postby JoshExley » Sun Mar 16, 2008 9:49 pm

Y`s Guy wrote:Too much work for me.

But here's a great one I pulled off...

Every season my league drafts online on a Sunday morning at 9am, usually the weekend right before the season starts. Two years ago I called my brother-in-law on that Saturday morning at 9:20 am. I knew he would be in bed and was real happy my sister answered...

Y`s Guy: Hi sis. Is Jon there?

Y`s Guy's sis: Yeah, he's asleep.

Y`s Guy: This is gonna be soooo great. Hey, ummm, wake him up and tell him that I want to know where he is? The draft is going on...

She did and all of a sudden I hear the "F" Bomb so loud that my cat freaked. Man, I still razz him to this day about that one. B-)

Now that's HILARIOUS!
And less work...
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