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Auction Team Drafting WHIR***

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Auction Team Drafting WHIR***

Postby BAdams21 » Fri Mar 07, 2008 12:09 pm

This is my team during our slow offline auction draft, 14 teams 5x5 RoTo

Honestly I believe i have a good combination of power and speed, I know most people dont like pierre in their fantasy lineup, i completely agree but I like how Im using him here, I am going to have a great average with 6 of my players hitting 300 easily, will counter balance out dunn's 260 average, and variteks 260 average.

I am a little lackluster in pop, id like to get about 60 more HRS with my final 3 spots, so I am targeting Burrell, and someone elts who can get me 20-25 hrs hopefully (there is slim pickens left out there) For my second basemen im looking to try to go after K. Matsui because other then that there aint shit left, and his additional 30 SB would lock me top 2 in SB easily.

My SP is the best in the league, as opposed to the Santana/Peavy combo our comish has, but he has 3 325K starters to go with them (325K is the league min for a player)

Im going to punch saves and go all holds, it will help with my whip, era, holds, will get a zero in saves and my ks will be almost the same as if I went 3 closers 2 Holders.

Let me know what you think, where I should look to improve

Also I know that baldelli is a very risky pick, but if he stays healthy he can go 20-15, if not I will just replace him with someone I draft for my bench, such as xavier nady or someone like that.

Starting Salary Cap - 90,000,000
Salary Spent - $81,525,000
Salary Left - $8,475,000

C - Jason Varitek
1B - David Ortiz
2B -
SS - Hanley Ramirez
3B - Garret Atkins
OF - Juan Pierre
OF - Adam Dunn
OF - Ichiro Suzuki
OF - Randy Winn
OF - Rocco Baldeli
Util -

SP - Tim Hudson
SP - Eric Bedard
SP - Chad Billingsly
SP - Cole Hamels
SP - Jared Weaver
RP -
RP -
RP -
RP -
RP -

RS - Matt Murton
RS -
RS -
RS -
RS -
RS -
RS -
RS -
RS - Wandy Rodriguez

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Re: Auction Team Drafting WHIR***

Postby sublime8414 » Fri Mar 07, 2008 12:29 pm

I think punting saves in roto will kill your team, and personally although your team is solid, it's not amazing enough to overcome this deficit. Also there is no need for you to add more speed so i would elsewhere than kaz at 2B.

I would bet that one of o-hud, polanco, antonelli, freddy sanchez, or mark derosa is still left out there. I might try and take a min flier on ronny cedeno and play him at 2B if he gets moved to b-more. Adding one of them and burell should round out your offense a little bit more...I think you need to add OF depth.

And then spend some money on a bullpen even if you don't want to get cheaper cloers like capp, soria, and brian wilso...look for some holds guys or injury cheapened guys who have a chance at saves because i just don't think you can afford to punt saves... jeremy accardo, bj ryan, tony pena, justin speier, tom gordon, brad lidge, pat neshek come to mind off the top of my head. I like your staff though, I'd have trouble imagine that you have the clear cut best stuff, but certainly one of the top.

Good luck
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Re: Auction Team Drafting WHIR***

Postby BAdams21 » Fri Mar 07, 2008 11:12 pm

I dont think punching 1 cat to benefit my other 11 cats is going to kill me in a 6x6 roto. Every team except mine has 3 closers 2 Holders or vise versa. Now if i go 5 holders that gurantees me 13 points in Holds and 0 points in saves, to me thats 6/6 between 2 cats.

Now im looking at everyones team ( 13 team league btw ) top 2 SB, top 3 HR, top 2 Average, top 4 Runs, top 4 RBI, top 3 ERA, top 3 Wins, top 3 Ks, top 2 WHIP (as of now, once I add my RP i should be top 4), I will lead the league in Holds, and be last in Holds

Now to me thats a top 3 team.

As you can see there is nothing out there for 2nd basemen as I only have 8 million to fill out 8 more roster spots, and hill and polonco are at 2.8 mil and 3.4 million. I cant afford that, especially since I need to get burrell.

This is whats gone.

Seconds Base

Kelly Johnson - 2 million - Washington Nationals
Jeff Kent - 650,000 - Washington Nationals
BJ Upton - 7.8 million - Cincinatti Reds
Brandon Phillips - 8 million - Washington Nationals
Chase Utley - 12 million - San Francicso Giants
Rickie Weeks - 6 million - New York Mets
Dustin Pedroia - 3.5 million - Arizona Diamondbacks
Robinson Cano - 8 million - San Francisco Giants
Brian Roberts - 6.5 million - Arizona Diamondbacks
Orlando Hudson - 650,000 - Chicago Cubs
Freddy Sanchez - 2.5 million - Pittsburgh Pirates
Dan Uggla - 2.1 million - Los Angeles Angels
Ian Kinsler - 4 million - St. Louis Cardinals
Howie Kendrick - 3.2 million - Cincinnati Reds

Relief Pitcher

JJ Putz - 7.125 million - New York Mets
Jose Valverde - 5.25 million - Arizona Diamondbacks
Joe Nathan - 6 million - Chicago Cubs
Mariano Rivera - 4.5 million - Baltimore Orioles
Bobby Jenks - 5.3 million - Cincinatti Red
Eric Gagne - 3.1 million - Chicago Cubs
George Sherill - 3.3 million - New York Mets
Carlos Marmol - 2.9 million - Chicago Cubs
BJ Ryan - 3 million - New York Mets
Jonathon Broxton - 3.9 million - Los Angeles Dodgers
Jonathon Papelbon - 6.75 million - Detroit Tigers
Chad Cordero - 1.8 million - Cincinnati Reds
Tom Gordon - 365,000 - Arizona Diamondbacks
Kevin Correia - 375,000 - New York Mets
Scot Shields - 2.6 million - Arizona Diamondbacks
Tony Pena - 1.7 million - Los Angeles Angels
Cla Meredith - 1 million - San Diego Padres
Heath Bell - 1.25 million - San Diego Padres
Rafeal Betancourt - 750,000 - Baltimore Orioles
Hideki Okajima - 1.2 million - Detroit Tigers
Brandon Lyon - 3.85 million - Arizona Diamondbacks
Francisco Rodriguez - 5.25 million - Detroit Tigers
Billy Wagner - 3.7 million - Detroit Tiger
Troy Percival - 1.25 million - St. Louis Cardinals
Manny Corpas - 3.2 million - Los Angeles Angels
Huston Street - 3.6 million - St. Louis Cardinals
Matt Capps - 2.6 million - San Diego Padres
Jon Rauch - 1.3 million - San Diego Padres
Aaron Heilman - 700,000 - Detroit Tigers
Trevor Hoffman - 3.75 million - St. Louis Cardinals
Takashi Saito - 3.2 million - Cincinatti Reds
Rafael Soriano - 2.7 million - Altanta Braves
Solomon Torres - 325,000 - Pittsburgh Pirates
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