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Lets Play "who's On the Juice"

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Postby sappisgod » Thu Feb 19, 2004 6:43 pm

I guess anyone who's ever hit a lot of homers has been on roids. GREAT ida for a thread. :-t
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Postby Budworth22 » Thu Feb 19, 2004 6:50 pm

Pitchers arent helped as much by steroids. The shoulder capsule won't allow for the muscles to expand much. Also, pithing is fluid except for benitez. You cant muscle a baseball to home plate. Muscles might help leg and trunk muscles, but they wont help as much as they might hurt by bounding up the pitcher.
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Postby djacks » Thu Feb 19, 2004 8:13 pm

wrveres wrote:
Just a couple of quik questions for ya.

1) If have been searching for months and cannot find anything that supposedly makes your head grow, I also can't find any evedince of Barrys head growing? can you help me here. Heck Barry has only put on 30lbs since he came into baseball. a link, anything?

2) Lets just look at Barry for a minute, since he seems to be the scapegoat for a ton of really ignorant people on this thread,
Is he still on steriods?
Yes, why has he not hit more that 50 homers since his 73...
NO, why are his joints and tendons not falling apart like everybody else?

3) If steriods causes you to hit homeruns, again like all these ignorant people seem to think, why then, when a pitcher takes them, do they not throw 100-105 mph?

actually i have lots of questions ...

Though I doubt we would ever be able to have a serious discussion on this subject since we have many uninformed people with uneduacted opinions on this hot issue ... i just wanna say again, thanks ... ;-D

1) I dont' even know how to answer this one...I have no idea whether or not Barry's head has grown since he's been in the league...but I would be very suprised if it has. To my knowledge, steriods will not make your head grow bigger. It can change your facial features (jaw, cheekbones, etc) slightly but they do not expand your cranium.

2) IF Barry has ever been on steriods I seriously doubt he still is. My guess he's been on a ton of "legal" supplements that most of us have never even heard of and are not available to the general public because they don't have FDA approval. Some misinformed people call these supplements 'steriods', which is a general term for a hormone compound, and does not apply to most supplements. A lot of athletes take supplements that are perfectly legal. Has anyone ever heard about Bill Romanowski's diet of supplements? He takes over 60 different pills a day...most of which are probably legal... ;-) ...he is an extreme case but you get the point. Barry and Sheff and all the others could easily get in the shape and size they are in by taking supplements and following a rigorous and strict diet and excersise program...if fact Sheff worked out with Barry two off-seasons ago and said he's never seen anyone workout harder. They are PROFFESIONAL athletes...not the idiots you see at the local YMCA who have day jobs and take steriods to speed up the process.

3) Steriods would not necessarily make you pitch faster...they could very easily lead to torn labrums, rotator cuffs, and tendon injuries though. I very seriously doubt if any pitchers are on roids...pitching is more mechanics than strength...which by the is hitting!!! Soriano is a very skinny guy who hits a lot of HR's...why?...bat speed and mechanics.

One more note:

Steriods can make you faster because straight ahead speed is all about stride length and hamstring strength. But it does not necessarily give you bat quickness. And I don't see how it would help an average hitter become a great hitter.
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Postby wrveres » Thu Feb 19, 2004 8:36 pm

Thank you djacks .....

its exactly what I wanted to hear.
Supplements are not Steriods .... ;-D
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