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5x5 10-team Category Targets: Sportline

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5x5 10-team Category Targets: Sportline

Postby d18Mike » Mon Feb 18, 2008 12:20 am

Guys -- sorry if this is out there somewhere but I couldn't find it in search ... playing in a "for fun" Sportsline 5x5 10-team at work and wondering if anyone who plays (or has played) in these leagues has an idea of how many HRs, SBs and Ks and Ss it takes to win or be competitive in these Leagues. Like to go into the Draft with a general sense of the targets? Thanks in advance!
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Re: 5x5 10-team Category Targets: Sportline

Postby ninremix » Mon Feb 18, 2008 1:11 am

i have seen this before but I am sue there is something else out there that is better ... if so i would be interested aswell.
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Re: 5x5 10-team Category Targets: Sportline

Postby chillyumpop » Mon Feb 18, 2008 6:33 pm

This is a great article i found in the rotoworld forums. i think its pretty awesome and actually might be better than the one from yahoo.

this guy definitely deserved to have his own blog site. ;-D
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Re: 5x5 10-team Category Targets: Sportline

Postby LetsPlay2 » Tue Feb 19, 2008 1:08 pm

I play in a 10-team NL-Only League and here are last year's standings. Keep in mind that if your 10-team league includes AL & NL, these #s will be useless. Also, we use a standard 14 offensive players and 9 pitchers format.

Batting Breakdown
Team BA
The Village Idiot 0.2822
Tiny Johnsons 0.2810
Chico's Bail Bonds 0.2798
The REALLY Dirty Sanchez's 0.2796
Vandelay Industries 0.2787
Big Red Machine 0.2780
WTF 0.2756
Garbage 0.2731
Smell the Glove 0.2726
Hoban's Heroes 0.2568

Team HR
WTF 283
The Village Idiot 282
Vandelay Industries 265
Big Red Machine 259
Chico's Bail Bonds 251
Smell the Glove 205
The REALLY Dirty Sanchez's 204
Tiny Johnsons 192
Garbage 184
Hoban's Heroes 161

Team R
Chico's Bail Bonds 1113
Vandelay Industries 1104
The Village Idiot 1074
Big Red Machine 985
WTF 978
Tiny Johnsons 929
Garbage 903
Smell the Glove 882
The REALLY Dirty Sanchez's 872
Hoban's Heroes 728

Team RBI
Chico's Bail Bonds 1060
Vandelay Industries 1049
Big Red Machine 1047
The Village Idiot 1032
WTF 1018
Smell the Glove 895
Garbage 827
The REALLY Dirty Sanchez's 820
Tiny Johnsons 802
Hoban's Heroes 729

Team SB
Vandelay Industries 194
Tiny Johnsons 175
Chico's Bail Bonds 173
Hoban's Heroes 123
Big Red Machine 123
The REALLY Dirty Sanchez's 117
Garbage 110
WTF 92
Smell the Glove 85
The Village Idiot 81

Pitching Breakdown
Team ERA
Vandelay Industries 3.956
Hoban's Heroes 4.097
Big Red Machine 4.191
WTF 4.200
The REALLY Dirty Sanchez's 4.280
Smell the Glove 4.353
The Village Idiot 4.371
Chico's Bail Bonds 4.376
Garbage 4.512
Tiny Johnsons 5.462

Team K
Big Red Machine 1225
Vandelay Industries 1207
Smell the Glove 1163
The Village Idiot 1117
Chico's Bail Bonds 1068
WTF 1005
Garbage 995
Hoban's Heroes 870
The REALLY Dirty Sanchez's 859
Tiny Johnsons 789

Team S
Hoban's Heroes 126
Chico's Bail Bonds 79
WTF 78
Vandelay Industries 65
The Village Idiot 58
The REALLY Dirty Sanchez's 58
Tiny Johnsons 53
Smell the Glove 33
Garbage 11
Big Red Machine 0

Team W
Big Red Machine 113
Smell the Glove 97
The Village Idiot 89
Chico's Bail Bonds 87
WTF 81
Vandelay Industries 71
Garbage 70
Hoban's Heroes 67
The REALLY Dirty Sanchez's 64
Tiny Johnsons 58

Vandelay Industries 1.301
Hoban's Heroes 1.311
Big Red Machine 1.341
Garbage 1.358
WTF 1.372
The REALLY Dirty Sanchez's 1.379
Chico's Bail Bonds 1.380
The Village Idiot 1.388
Smell the Glove 1.413
Tiny Johnsons 1.568
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