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Seeking 1 Owner NL only Auction Keeper Free

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Seeking 1 Owner NL only Auction Keeper Free

Postby BAdams21 » Sat Feb 16, 2008 9:41 pm

Seeking 1 more owner

email me or PM me with your email, Then go to the forums link and sign up and create a thread. please let me know your email

Here are your rules -

1. Teams
a - 10 team format
b - 23 players per team, ALL active.
d - The utility position is eligible for all players EXCEPT Pitchers
e - There will be no Minor League Prospect Draft as other leagues tend to do, just the 23 Active Players

2. Scoring
a - 5 X 5

3. Players
a - Players are eligible at each position prior to the draft if they have played at least 10 times at that position.
b - In Season you only need to play a position once to be eligible (EX: Chipper Jones Plays 1 pitch at Catcher, he is then eligible at Catcher for the remainder of the season)
c - If a player is sent to the minors you have the option of placing him on your minor league roster and pick up a new player to replace him. Once he returns to the majors you then have 3 weeks to activate him or he will be dropped

4. Injury
a - if a player is placed on the DL you have the option to put him on the DL and pick up a player
b - when that player returns from the dl you have 3 weeks to drop a player to activate him otherwise he will be dropped

5. Salary
a - Every team Prior to each draft will have a salary of $260 (EX: you keep 10 Players for a total of 80$, Draft day you then have 180$ to draft your team)
b - During the season you have an unlimited salary
c - Every player on your team must have a salary of at least 1$

6. Contracts
a - After the draft takes place, every player will then be marked 1/3( First year Out if his remaining 3 Years)
b - You may extend a players contract after his second year for an additional 5$ per year added (EX: Jose Reyes 2/3 1$ Extend 2 Years - Jose Reyes 1/3g 11$)
c - If you extend a player he is then Guaranteed on your team until his contract has ran out, meaning he cannot be dropped from your team, however he is able to be traded
d - A player in Free Agency will be worth 10$
e - A player dropped from a team will be paced on the waiver wire for 1 week, at wich that players salary will stay the same (EX: Bob drops Troy Glaus for 33$, Jerry picks up Troy Glaus and is then placed on his team for 33$

7. Draft
a - The draft will be auction style, ONLINE LIVE. I will try to hold the draft 1 Week Before Opening day, the time and date will be when everyone is available; will hold a mock draft once we have filled the league so everyone will know the rules, and how the draft works, If I have 10 Interested Owners who wish to do a mock draft, I will put one together.
b - EX of how the draft will work - Andy Brian Chris Dave are our 4 draftees, Andy brings up Adams Dunn for 1$, Brian then has the option to either bid higher then 1$, Say pass meaning he does not want to bid, but however if it comes back around to him, he then has the option to bid or say Out meaning he is out for this player. Brian says 30$, Chris then says Out, Dave says Pass, Andy says 31$, Brian says 32$, Dave then has the option to bid, pass, or say out; Dave says 33$, Andy says Out, Brian then says Out.
c - The draft is over once all teams have drafted all 23 players per team
d - The minimum you may bid on a player is 1$, the max will be 238$, but then the rest of your team will be 1$ players so there really is not max.
e - All players NOT signed by a team will then be placed in Free Agency

8. Transactions
a - Transactions will be every Sunday Night at 12:00 Midnight
b - You may email me, call me with your requested transaction and I will then change them sunday night after all the games are played
c - Transactions given to me after Sunday Night at 12:00 Midnight will then carry over to next week unless canceled
d - You have 1 Non-DL Transaction per week, if a player is on the DL he does not count towards your Non-DL transaction
e - The trade deadline will be 28 Days before the final game of the season

9. Keepers
a - Teams who finish in 1-3 are only eligible to keep Up to 8 Players on a team, Teams that place 4-10 may keep up to 10 players
b - Once a player is guaranteed he cannot be dropped
c- All players rosters are required to be sent in 7 Days Prior to the draft

10. Trading
a - Trading is allowed
b - There is no limit for the number of players that can be traded.
c - There is no Fee per Trade
d - Salary Cap cannot be traded
e - Waiver claim position cannot be traded
f - A Team that receives more players then what he traded for must drop the correct number of players for the 23 player cap requirement
e - a 6/10 trade veto will be available if there is a problem with a trade

11. Waiver Position
a - Waiver position is by standings (EX: 10th place gets first priority, ect...)
b - Waiver position will be done by DL players with Priority first, then non DL players

12. AL players coming to NL
a - If a player is traded from the AL into the NL, there will then be a auction for that player
b - All teams have 50$ Auction for this
c - If one of your players is traded to the AL, you may then Add that player(s) salary to your 50$ (EX: Billy Wagner 24$ is traded to the AL, you will then have 74$ to auction with)
d - Any player that has been auctioned for whos salary is 16$ or more, is then a guaranteed player
e - All new player contracts are 1/2

a - There will be a 50$ per team annual fee per season (500$ Total)
b - As the commissioner I am responsible for all of the leagues finances
c - I will have all of this leagues money in a different bank account from my personal account
d - I am and will be responsible for if any lost funds

13. Owner Renewel
a - If a team fails to pay he will then be dropped from the league
b - All of his players will be dropped
c - If we find a replacement team that team will have the options to pick up to 8 or 10 players from free agency along with players from the dropped team(s)
d - If 2 or more teams are dropped and we find 2 owners then there will be a draft between the two new teams of with the same rules as 13-c

If this sounds like a league that you would be interested in or you have any questions, please contact me via email or pm me on the website

Money League - viewtopic.php?t=320195

Here is our forums, go ahead and sign up through there if your interested and mark your info under the owners
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