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NL only, auction, internet redraft league seeking owners

PostPosted: Tue Feb 17, 2004 6:04 am
by Cary Pont
NL only, internet, auction redraft league
New Internet NL only auction, redraft league seeking owners.

Date: Sat or Sun April 3rd or 4th
Time: to begin at 10am pt / 1pm et
Where: online in an AOL private chatroom
Statservice: TQ Stats
League Fee: $250 flat fee x 12 = $3000 payout top 4 teams.
Specs: NL only, 12 teams, 5x5, 260 auction cap, 23 player (14/9) active roster, six player reserve roster, 100 unit FAAB.
I have been a commish/participant in some form of fantasy baseball since childhood. The league will be headed by a solid commish.
I currently commish/participate in 2 NL only keeper leagues and 3 football leagues. Have many referrals to email for credibility.