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Need 1 for 20 Team Yahoo! Keeper

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Need 1 for 20 Team Yahoo! Keeper

Postby terribletetrick » Wed Feb 13, 2008 12:43 am

I am the commissioner of a large Yahoo! keeper league who looks like they have lost a member about 3 weeks prior to our large Yahoo! IM conference draft. The draft will be held March 1 @ 4pm Est. We will be conducting the entire draft via conference so you will need the Yahoo! IM program installed. Please read the below Constitution before responding to this post. Our league is well established and provides a very high level of competition. We expect the same from any new members. Please Contact Dan @ will do my best to answer any questions.

You will recieve the below team as is:

Victor Martinez C/1b Cleveland
Adrian Gonzalez 1b San Diego
Dan Uggla 2b Florida
Alex Rodriguez 3b New York
Dustin Pedroia ss/2b Boston
Magglio Ordonez of Chicago
Kenny Lofton of Free agent
Coco Crisp of Boston
Brian Giles of San Diego
Adam Lind of Toronto
Erick Aybar ss/2b Los Angeles
Brandon Wood ss/3b Los Angeles

Dontrelle Willis SP Florida
Matt Belisle SP/RP Cincinnati
Brett Myers SP/RP Philadelphia
Bill Bray RP Cincinnati
Justin Spier RP Los Angeles
Derrick Lowe SP Los Angeles
Tim Wakefield SP Boston
Jeff Suppan SP Milwaukee
Kyle Farnsworth RP New York
Homer Bailey SP Cincinnati

Without further ado:


League Goals: We have created this Fantasy League to establish a more competitive league with other Fantasy Team Players who share a similar passion. We have developed these by-laws to create a fair and simple set of rules, which we feel is easy to interpret and enforce, and creates the most competitive environment for all Teams We have done our best to keep the rules simple and easy to understand so that every Team Manager will be comfortable abiding by them. We feel that although democracy is a great way to run a country, it is not the most efficient way to make the day-to-day decisions needed for a successful fantasy league Therefore, we have decided to utilize the three Commissioners as an Executive Committee, empowered to make all decisions necessary to run the league. We feel that if fair and equitable guidelines are established up front, and are then enforced fairly and consistently with all League Teams, that the need for Member voting and polls to make League decisions will not be unnecessary. The three of us are committed to exercise our powers in a responsible and evenhanded way, and will endeavor to interpret the intent of these bylaws fairly with all Members.


1.1. This League will consist of between 16 to 20 teams. Each team will be a mix of both American and National League players. Each team will have a total of 22 Major League players (16 starters and 6 bench players = 22 total players), and up to two disabled players There will also be a three player Minor League Roster.

1.2. A team's Major League Roster consists of the following players:

1 catcher
1 first baseman
1 second baseman
1 third baseman
1 shortstop
3 outfielders
1 utility player (a non-pitcher who can be any offensive player)
7 pitchers (2 SP, 2 RP, 3 P)
2 disabled list slots
6 bench spots

3 Minor League Positions (See Paragraph V for details)

1.3. Roster movements can be made daily on the league's Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball Site.

1.4. Waiver and Free Agent pick-ups will be run through the Yahoo! League site under Yahoo's rules.

1.5. Rosters are to be brought down to 22 players (No DL) by 12:00 A.M. November 30. If a Team Manager drops out, is deemed inactive, or is otherwise incapable of submitting their final rosters by this day, the Executive Committee will decide the 22-man roster.

1.6 A team’s roster is no longer required to meet the 22-player limit beginning Dec. 1 or after all other managers announce their 22 player off-season roster. Every team will be required to have a minimum of 6 players remaining on Feb. 21st to meet the minimum keeper requirements.


2.1. This is a Rotisserie League, with a minimum of 7 statistical categories for both hitting and pitching. The statistics for each category will be accumulated based on Yahoo!

Hitting Categories:

Batting Average
Home Runs
Stolen Bases
Fld Pct

Pitching Categories:

WHIP (Walks + Hits / Innings Pitched)

2.2. Pitchers will only have their pitching stats counted and not their batting statistics, and batters will only have their batting statistics counted, not they’re pitching statistics.

2.3. Game/Inning Caps: We will use the Yahoo! for all Game and Inning Caps

Position Players 162 games
Pitchers (all) 1250 total innings pitched


3.1. Teams will be allowed to keep a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 10 players from their final roster of 22 players. These players will be automatically added to the roster of the respective team prior to the start of the draft at the beginning of the following season.

3.2. Team Managers are required to announce their "keepers" no later than February 21st. If a Team Manager should give up his team after making his keeper selections, the new Team Manager has to accept the keeper choices. If a Team Manager hasn’t identified their keepers by this date, the Executive Committee will select six (6) players for the upcoming year.

3.3. If a team keeps more than six (6) players from the previous year’s team (“keepers”) they lose their 7th round pick (if they have 7 keepers); and their 8th round pick (if they have 8 keepers); this method applies to 9 or 10 keepers as well.

Example for 3.3. TEAM A KEEPS 10 PLAYERS

Team A's draft will begin with their pick position in the 11th round. All other Teams keeping ten (10) players will begin drafting in this round.

Teams keeping nine players begin drafting in the 10th round; teams keeping eight players begin drafting in the 9th round; teams keeping seven players will begin drafting in the 8th round; teams keeping 6 players begin drafting in the 7th round.


4.1. The Draft will be done using the Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball data base and rules. See paragraph 5.1 for details regarding players not on the Yahoo! Player list.

4.2. All rounds of the draft (except the inaugural year) will take place in the reverse order of the previous season's final league standings. The initial waiver priority will also be assigned in reverse order of finish from the prior year. All new Team Managers will assume the draft order of the team they take over based on the previous year’s finish. The inaugural draft will be conducted as a snake draft, and each team's draft order will be established by random. All ties from the previous year will be decided by a coin flip conducted by one of the Commissioners. The Team Manager winning the coin flip will draft ahead of the other Team Manager in the first round where both teams have a draft pick. The order of draft reverses in each subsequent round.

4.3. The draft will consist of 22 total rounds in the inaugural year, and from 12 to 16 rounds in all future years (depending on number of keepers each team selects from the previous year). Rounds 7 through 10 are reserved for Teams that have selected from 6 to 9 keepers from their previous year’s roster. All teams will draft in rounds 11 through 22.

4.4. The inaugural Draft will be done live on the Yahoo! League Site; all future drafts will be conducted in the Group Page message board. Team Managers unable to make a pick for any reason are required to submit a list of players they want to the Executive Committee or another group member before their allotted time has started to ensure their pick does not delay the draft. Any Team Manager not able to make his/her pick within the allotted time, and has not submitted a list of players to either the Executive Committee or another group member, will have his/her pick selected by the Executive Committee. The determination of the player drafted will be based on highest ranked players available as listed on Yahoo!, and/or position vacancy.

4.5. Unless the date and time is revised by a majority vote of the Team Managers, the Draft will be conducted each year as follows. Rounds 7 through 10 will be conducted on the first Wednesday of March starting at 8:00 P.M. CST until all four rounds are complete. Rounds 11 through 15 will be conducted on the second Wednesday of March starting at 8:00 P.M. CST until all four rounds are complete. Rounds 16 through 19 will be conducted on the third Wednesday of March starting at 8:00 P.M. CST until all four rounds are complete. Rounds 20 through 22 will be conducted on the fourth Wednesday of March starting at 8:00 P.M. CST until all three rounds are complete. Each Team Manager will have two minutes to make a selection during each round.


5.1. Any minor league player drafted on the Major League Roster must be currently listed on the Yahoo! Player list on the date of the draft for that player to be eligible to be drafted.

5.2. After the completion of the Major League Draft, a Minor League Draft will be conducted on the 1st Wed of April at 8:00 P.M. CST. There will be three (3) players on the Minor League Roster. A Team may select any player for this Roster, whether on the Yahoo! Baseball site or not.

5.3 The only rules on the Minor League Roster are that these players cannot be traded during the regular season unless they are on a Major League Roster. Players can be dropped, but an owner will not be able to select another player as a replacement until the following years Minor League Draft. Managers may not replace a minor league player after one of their current players is called up. A minor league player may be traded only during the offseason beginning Dec. 1 or after all managers have announced their 22-man offseason roster. All teams must maintain a 3-man minor league roster.

5.4 The draft will be conducted in reverse order of the previous years’ finish, except for the Inaugural Draft, when the draft will be conducted in a snake format, with draft order to follow the order established in the Major League Draft.

5.5 When a Team’s minor league player is added to the Yahoo database, each Team Manager’s has 7 days to pick-up their minor league players via waivers. If the Team owning the rights to this minor league player does not exercise their option within 7 days of when they first appear on the Yahoo data base, then this player will be eligible for pickup by any other team following the Yahoo waiver rules.

5.6 Team Managers must be careful not to pick up another Team’s minor league player via waiver when they have been added to the Yahoo database. A Minor League Player Roster Excel spreadsheet will be posted on the Group site under the Files tab that will be available for all Managers to review prior to picking up players on the waiver list. The first incident will require an immediate dropping of the player in question when notified by the Executive Committee. Subsequent violations of this provision could result in stronger disciplinary action as outlined in Section IX.


6.1. The Executive Committee will impartially review all trades (during the in-season and the off-season periods). If the Executive Committee finds a trade to be significantly unbalanced, the trade will be subject to an inquiry of both parties intent in the deal. If the two Trading Teams provide adequate support to justify the trade, the trade will be allowed. The Executive Committee will also question a trade if two or more Team Managers Email the Executive Committee expressing that the trade should not be allowed.

6.2. Trade blackout period will be between end of the season, and 12:00 A.M. November 30th each year. All off-season trade activity can resume on the 1st of December, or after both teams have cut their rosters to the 22 man limit, whichever occurs last.

6.3. The Trading Deadlines:
In season: set on the game site
Off season: midnight on March 1 of each year

6.4. Draft picks are eligible to be traded only during the draft. Trades will be posted on the Yahoo! Site during the season and at the league message board during the off-season. Pending trades will go through the approval process outlined in paragraph 6.1. If a draft pick is traded for another Team’s player, the team acquiring the player must also acquire a draft pick from the other Team.

6.5 Once the trade is accepted as per 6.1., the Executive Committee will post a message on the league page. During the draft, it will be the responsibility of the Two Team Managers that have traded draft picks to announce in a Group Page Message when the traded draft pick is up (Team A’s “Player X” is traded to Team B for “Player Y”). The Excel spreadsheet kept by the Executive Committee during the draft will then be updated to reflect the player changes. If the draft pick trade is not identified until after the draft round is completed, the Executive Committee will make both Team Managers accept the original terms of the trade.

6.7. Team Managers are not required to notify the Executive Committee on trade activities between teams until a trade has been finalized between both teams. All trades can be openly viewed on the group page or on the message board in season.

6.8. A trade is final once both Team Managers agree to the trade on the Yahoo! League Message Board during the season or the Group Page in the off-season.


7.1. A Team Manager may not transfer ownership of his team to another Team Manager without the approval of the Executive Committee. During the season, the abandoned Team will be controlled by the Executive Committee since Yahoo! does not allow for changes in ownership during the season. If a new Team Manager is found during the season, the Executive Committee will make every effort to transfer management of the Team to the new Team Manager.

7.2. Each Team Manager may only control one team in the league. The only exception to this is that the Executive Committee has the right to temporarily manage a team that has been abandoned (or the Team Manager has been ejected) until a replacement Manager can be found.

7.3. A Team Manager may be asked to leave the league anytime their actions are deemed detrimental to the overall spirit of the FBL Constitution & Bylaws. The Executive Committee is responsible to reprimand and/or remove any Team Manager due to misconduct and/or violation of the Constitution & Bylaws.

7.4. All Team Managers are required to notify the Executive Committee in writing by February 28th their intent to remain in the league for the upcoming season if written notification is not received by this date; the Executive Committee has the right to actively seek new Team Managers to take over Teams that have not responded to this requirement.

7.5 Any Team Manager that decides to quit the league cannot drop players without the approval of the Executive Committee. No team under the control of the Executive Committee will be able to conduct trades with any other team. The Executive Committee will be allowed to make waiver claims/free agent pick-ups in order to keep the vacated team competitive for the next Team Manager.


8.1. An inactive Team Manager can be removed from the league as determined by the Executive Committee using the following general guidelines:

 Minimal effort is shown to improve the Team’s competitive standing in the league (i.e. less than 10 total player moves during the course of a season)
 Player(s) on the DL remain in the starting fantasy roster for longer than 14 days from the date of unavailability.
 Any actions by the team manager that in the opinion of the Executive Committee indicate a lack of commitment on the part of the team manager to actively participate in the league.
 Team Manager’s fail to respond to Executive Committee’ Emails and/or do not reduce their rosters to the 22 man or the Keeper limits in a timely manner.


9.1. The Executive Committee will be responsible for the discipline of any and all Team Managers whose conduct is detrimental to the spirit of the league.

9.2. All valid complaints will be evaluated by the Executive Committee, and appropriate disciplinary actions will be implemented only after the offending party has had an opportunity to defend themselves to the Executive Committee

9.3. If any Team Manager has observed misconduct or other unacceptable behavior by another Team, they are encouraged to Email their concerns to the Executive Committee (use of the League Group Page Message Board is not an appropriate method to file a complaint). All Team Managers will be treated with respect if brought before the Executive Committee. All accusations or complaints will be evaluated based on the impact of the infraction on League Bylaws. If disciplinary actions are justified, the offending Team Manager will be given at least one chance to remedy their actions before expulsion from the league is taken.


10.1. The Executive Committee will be responsible for making all final decisions concerning the operation of the league both during the season, and during the off-season.

10.2. The following Team Managers are designated as Commissioner’s of the League Executive Committee until replaced: Allan Schott; Ray Schwimmer, Daniel Tetrick.

10.3 The Executive Committee may be expanded to include more Team Managers at the discretion of the current Commissioners; but cannot operate with less than two active Commissioners (and only then until another Team Manager can be selected to fill the vacant commissioner position). If for any reason only one Commissioner is active on the Executive Committee, all League decisions must be tabled until at least two Commissioners are available to perform the duties of the Executive Committee.

10.4. The other Team Managers of the league may override a decision of the Executive Committee upon a call for a vote on this decision by a majority of the active Team Managers in the league. The Executive Committee’s decision may only be overridden if a supermajority (66.67% vote of all active Team Managers) is obtained. Any Team Manager electing not to vote will be interpreted as a vote for the Executive Committee.


11.1 A Team that has been abandoned or vacated shall be reassigned to a new Team Manager by the Executive Committee following these general guidelines:

 When a team is accepted by the new Team Manager, the new Manager shall abide by all previously stated League bylaws.

 The new Team Manager shall accept the draft position of the team based on the previous year’s finish.

 If a team is still under the control of the Executive Committee, all necessary roster decisions necessary to meet League deadlines will be made by the Executive Committee.
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Re: Need 1 for 20 Team Yahoo! Keeper

Postby terribletetrick » Wed Feb 13, 2008 10:08 am

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