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new $40 CBS 20 team keeper roto league

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new $40 CBS 20 team keeper roto league

Postby mmgoldman21 » Sat Feb 09, 2008 3:52 pm

$40 League Entry Fee needs to paid to me once 20 teams are signed into the league. I will send out an e-mail to the league when this happens and give you 1 week to pay me. I will require you to e-mail me back to confirm that you know the league will be running.

The draft will be an extended slow draft once all 20 teams in the league have paid. I don't think it will be possible to do a live draft with so many different people with different schedules. You will have up to 33 hours for each pick. The CBS site will automatically send you an e-mail to notify that it's your turn to pick. You could then sign into CBS and make your selection. If you have a spam blocker in your e-mail you may not get the notices to draft. If this is the case, just tell me and I can e-mail when it's your turn so you do not miss your draft choice.

This will not be like the baseball draft we did like last yera where we did the entire draft in 1 week. I expect it to be slower so you do not need to worry about checking every day. With 20 people in the draft, if you are next to draft, or only a few picks away, please set up a draft queue and click on auto pilot so that when the person before you drafts it will automatically draft for you too.

This league is a large roto 13x13 league with around 15-20 teams. Entry fee $40 with free trades and in season pickups. There will be small weekly winnings $2 first, $1 second and during 5 weeks in late August/early September there will be weekly winnings of $5 first, $3 second, $1 third. The rest of the winnings will be paid to the top third of the teams in the league.

Roster sizes will be decided closer to draft. There will be around 9-11 hitters and 9-11 pitchers depending on the exact number of teams in the league.

Scoring format will be 13x13 roto with scoring categories of BA (weighted 2), R, RBI, RBI+Runs, SB, SB%, OBP, SLG, OPS, HR, AB/GDP, AB/KO, Fielding Pct. Pitching Categories: ERA (weighted 2), WHIP, BAA, K/BB, K, W, W%, QS, CG, SO, S, S+Holds, S and H Pct,

You will be allowed between 0-3 keepers each year. You can keep any player, but you will lose a draft pick 2 rounds higher in the following years draft. Any player kept will be worth at least a 12th round draft pick, so if you choose to keep somebody you drafted in round 14 or later or a waiver pick up, you will lose a 12th round pick the following year. Each following year, if you choose to keep the same player, you lose a draft pick 2 rounds higher. Any player drafted in the first 2 rounds cannot be kept any year.
For example, your 4th round pick the first year can be kept the second year in place of a 2nd round pick. The following year, that player cannot be kept again since he cannot move up 2 rounds again.
You will also be allowed to the following years draft picks for other draft picks or players. If you make any trade that involves losing a draft pick, you must pay next year’s entry fee at the time of the trade.

If you know anybody else who wants to play, forward this e-mail to them. I would like to get up to 20 teams. Currently I have 16 teams for the league.
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