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NEW Dynasty league forming ($60 fee with 100% payout)

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NEW Dynasty league forming ($60 fee with 100% payout)

Postby Morrison8312 » Sat Feb 09, 2008 1:20 pm

Should be a fun, competitive league. Join up!

14 Team Rotisserie League
League to be run on CBS
$60 fee with 100% payout

Style: Auction
Positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, Util, P, P, P, P, P, P, P, 8 Bench Spots
Roster: 24 Player MLB Roster, Unlimited Minor League Roster
Stat Catagories: 6x6 (R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, HOLDS)


These include players already on your team. For example, if you currently have 5 guys on your team with 4 year contracts, you will not be able to extend any player obtained through auction, FA, or trade to a 4 year deal.

1 player @ 5 years
3 players @ 4 years
4 players @ 3 years
Unlimited @ 2 years
Unlimited @ 1 year

If you make a trade, you can sign a player to a longer term contract than that player was previously given. This may ONLY be an option if you have long term contracts to give. For example, I trade for Joe Blow whose salary is $10 and is signed to a 1 year deal. I have a 3 year contract remaining. I can then extend his contract to 3 years and am now liable for his contract for all three years. You cannot however trade for a guy with a 5 year deal and decide to take that deal down to 2 years.

You only have 3 extention's per season whether it's from a trade or an FA signing. You can only extend a player's contract one time per player for the life of the contract. If you extend a player's contract, he cannot be extended again and must go to auction after the extended deal concludes.

If you sign a player to a contract you must take on part of his salary if you drop the player. Players signed for just 1 year may be dropped without penalty. A contracted player will take the following percentages when dropped:
1st year – 60%
2nd year – 35%
3rd Year – 20%
4th Year – 10%

For example, if I sign A.Pujols for $50 for 5 years, I am responsible for at least a portion or that contract if he remains on my team or if I drop him. If I drop him his salary eat break down would look like this:

This year: $30
Next year: $17.50 which would round down to $17
3rd year: $10
4th year: $5

So contract years should be given after significant thought, since it will hurt your team by dropping a player who you’ve contracted. ALL cap penalties will round DOWN, except less than $1, which always rounds up to $1.

**One possible misconception**
I have a $10 Tom Seaver who I signed to a four year deal in the 2006 auction. I had him all through 2006 and start with him on my roster in 2007. Seaver sucks so I decide to drop him and his 4 year contract. I will then have to pay $6 of his salary in '07, $3 in '08, and $2 in '09. It makes no difference that he is in the second year of his contract. When a guy is signed for over 1 year, you always eat 60% of his contract when dropped (the amount is rounded down but at least $1).

Minor leaguers can always be called up regardless of number of contracts on the books. however, once a minor leaguer is called up, his contract is active, and counts against your total number of max contracts. Likewise, any player can be acquired through trade, regardless of how many contracts you have on the books. Likewise, once that player is then on your team, his contract counts against your total number of allowed contracts.

If a player under long term contract's career ends- ie announces his retirement, DEFINITE career ending injury, dies, etc... that player must be held onto (or face the usual cutting fees for long term contracts) until the next opening day. At that point the player may be dropped free of charge. Rostered players that leave mlb for a foreign league (have a signed contract elsewhere) can be dropped with the same no penalty as players that retire. However, the no dropping in the offseason (between end of season and the auction) still applies, just like it applies to retired guys.

Free Agency Signing

If you sign a player off free-agency, you may sign them to a multi-year contract but you must do so within 48 hours of when you grab the player off free agency. If you sign a guy and do not announce any long term signing, it is assumed he is for one year. If you announce a longer deal, I will change the information for you.


If you have a position player go on the DL, you may sign a free agent for free to take that players spot without taking on that players salary (must post this as a $zero pickup within 48 hours of the pick up). When the DL'ed player is activated you must take the player off the DL and make the necessary moves to get your roster to 24 players. At that time, the free agent pickup's salary will revert to ($5,1) if you choose to keep him. Minor leaguers CANNOT be zeroed.

Minor League Settings

Before the first season we will hold an 8 round minor league draft. After every other season the draft will last 10 rounds.

You may only draft players who have been drafted in the first year player draft or if they were an international free agent. Japanese POSTED players MAY NOT be drafted. They will be in the MLB auction.

Trading of picks is allowed during the draft.

Hitters are considered minor leaguers until they reach 150 ABs. Pitchers are considered minor leaguers until they reach 50 IP. Once they reach these requirements they have to be called up to your MLB roster and will immediately count against your cap.

The available contracts for the 2008 draft are as follows:
2 - 4 year contracts
2 - 3 year contracts
2 - 2 year contracts

Salaries are are automatic by round:
1-2 - $5
3-4 - $4
5-6 - $3
7-8 - $2
9-10 - $1 (Starting 2009 Draft)

Once a prospect is called up they CANNOT be sent down. You must post when you call a prospect up so their contract can count vs your cap. If a player reaches one of the requirements you have 48 hours to call them up or drop them. If the 48 hours is up and you haven't done either then one of the commish's call them up and their contract will be activated.

A player who has reached the requirements who is a free agent or was dropped by a team may be picked up but will have a free agent contract ($5 at 1 year).
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