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6 Young SP Studs

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Re: 6 Young SP Studs

Postby Omaha Red Sox » Sat Feb 09, 2008 1:08 am

1. Felix
2. Lince
3. Gallardo
4. Billingsley
5. Hughes
6. Cain
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Re: 6 Young SP Studs

Postby The Artful Dodger » Sat Feb 09, 2008 1:40 am

kentx12 wrote:Any reasons why alot of you seem to be having no love for Billingsly? I am extreamly high on him for this year and many more to come.

I think it's because Billingsley figures not to be as overpowering as Lincecum or as well-rounded as Felix can be. Bills has good stuff, a solid low to mid 90's fastball and a very good slider that can keep hitters honest. Reminds me somewhat as a Darren Dreifort type but possibly with better luck in staying healthy.

Here's how I have them for 2008:

1) Felix - Can be a complete pitcher. I think his approach will improve as he'll look to get more groundballs and K's and try not to overpower with the heater that induces flyballs.

2) Cain - Just needs to keep his walk rate down as he managed to in late '06 that had really sparked high hopes for him in '07. He and Felix are surely the most seasoned of the lot.

3) Lincecum - Has filthy stuff, would be fantastic if he doesn't have to overthrow.

4) Billingsley - Clayton Kershaw's loftier ceiling in some way overshadows his top-of-the-line status for the future in my opinion, but that won't diminish how great he can become. Same as Cain, just needs to improve on cutting walks and in his pitching efficiency. The latter is most important in my mind. Billingsley tended to surrender a good deal of foulballs (Brad Penny syndrome I like to call it) which ate away at his pitch counts and he cut down on that in stretches in '07, which gives great hope for a breakout '08.

5) Hughes - The most polished elite pitching prospect to have graduated in '07. Had gone through the usual growing pains as expected, but had shown flashes that he's getting over them late last year.

6) Gallardo - I think he has the better raw upside than Hughes and Billingsley and is right up there with Felix and Lincecum, but would like to see how he fares with a heavy dose of workload under his belt heading into '08.

In a perfect world, I'd have them ranked for '08 and beyond like so:

1) Felix
2) Lincecum
3) Gallardo
4) Cain
5) Billingsley
6) Hughes
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Re: 6 Young SP Studs

Postby raiders_umpire » Sat Feb 09, 2008 10:09 am

1. Felix--Just too talented to not head up this list.
2. Lincecum--Probably as good as stuff as Felix, just not the typical body
3. Billingsley--I love this kid.
4. Cain
5. Hughes
6. Gallardo--Not saying he is a bad pitcher at all, I just think these other 5 guys are a little bit better. Still has a promising future.

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Re: 6 Young SP Studs

Postby Yoda » Sat Feb 09, 2008 10:56 am

I think Felix/Lincecum will have the best career due to their exceptional stuff. Both have the ability to be the top pitcher in the league for years to come.

Cain and Billinglsey should not be too far below them. Both have outstanding stuff but I don't think they will as nasty as Felix/Lincecum.

Hughes/Gallardo will be great but their stuff is not up to par with the other guys. Both have great stuff but overall a notch below compared to the other guys on the list.

In the end, these kids will all be great.
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Re: 6 Young SP Studs

Postby J35J » Sat Feb 09, 2008 10:58 am


I feel pretty good with Felix #1 but really I feel like I'm just splitting hairs here!
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Re: 6 Young SP Studs

Postby High Heater » Sat Feb 09, 2008 11:41 am

i think some are slighting Hughes somewhat. he looked really good coming back at the end of the season.

i'd rank'em:

Felix- Stuff is off the charts amazing, major injury risk here imo, i have watched his release many times and he looks like he puts alot of stress on that shoulder and elbow. i hope he stays healthy but i still stress how violent his release point is.

Lincecum- 2nd best stuff on this list. I LOVE HIS DELIVERY.... call me weird but i doubt he has many arm problems in his career, he has an un-orthodox style that i think limits pressure on his ligaments in his delivery. has 2 plus plus pitches in a fast ball and curve. in order for him to take the next step he has to work on his change.

Hughes- his stuff isnt on par with the 2 guys mentioned above him but his make-up is off the charts, has elite control of four pitches. has a good chance to have a solid career if he stays on the yanks for most if not all of it.

Cain- 3rd best stuff on this list. i slot him right below Timmy, has a chance to be as high as #1 on here. bull-dog mentality and great make-up. love his cieling and potential.

Billingsley- exceptional stuff like all on this list, the worst command of the group.

Gallardo- hes got great movement on his pitches, and i love his repeatable delivery. i do tend to agree with sickles that he looks more like an innings eater down the road and will settle more into a #2 type role.
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Re: 6 Young SP Studs

Postby Ender » Sat Feb 09, 2008 1:08 pm

Realized I didn't give my reasons like everyone else so calling do-over! Personally I think people are getting too caught up in 'stuff' since as a pitcher ages control and GB% start to take over and pure stuff has problems carrying most pitchers.

Lincecum - complete package and I don't think he'll have major health issues.

Gallardo - His stuff isn't as good as Lincecum/Felix but it is in the same range as the others, his control is probably the best of the list, he is a pretty typical GB/FB guy not favoring either. This is a skillset that plays well even if the stuff falters though, not too many FB's, good control is always going to be a decent pitcher.

Felix - I just don't like the chances of him staying healthy, he has the best skillset of the bunch in my opinion but career wise I think injuries will be the story. If he manges to stay healthy I like him as #1

BIllingsley - Very solid pitcher, but he hasn't shown me he can control his stuff yet. He isn't a heavy groundball pitcher and he has had control problems which just leaves the K's.

Hughes - I'm very worried about injuries with Hughes too and haven't seen him pitch as much so he is the wildcard of the bunch for me, call this an incomplete grade.

Cain - Weakest skillset of the bunch. An extreme flyball pitcher with poor control. If his stuff slips at all he is just an average guy. That doesnt' mean he can't improve his control but it does mean as he gets older he HAS to improve it or become just a guy instead of a great pitcher. He of course has the advantage of playing in a pure pitchers park which will make him look better than he was but for a bad team so the W's will look bad.
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Re: 6 Young SP Studs

Postby quicksilver8 » Sat Feb 09, 2008 8:43 pm

For 2008 only:

Cain - try owning him and you'll apprciate him. Most proven on this list.
Felix - health concerns

Again, all are pretty close in skills and values...
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