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Looking for *NEW* Auction style dynasty league

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Re: Looking for *NEW* Auction style dynasty league

Postby jwnt07 » Tue Dec 25, 2007 3:20 pm

Hey guys this league has been moved to this forum. If you want in sign up here are the rules thus far.

16 Team Auction Dynasty League

Fee: $75 Being voted on

6x6 Roto(could change in vote)

Hitting Categories

Pitching Categories
W, ERA, K, S, Whip, Holds

(Could change in league vote)

Payout 100% after payment for
CBS site or if there is another capable site.

Pay structure League vote.

Initial Draft:

You will have a payroll of $300 that you can do anything with. You cannot go over the 300 dollar payroll for any reason. It would be wise not to use all your payroll during the initial draft. You will be drafting 28 players.

1 C
1 1B
1 2B
1 SS
1 3B
5 OF
1 MI
1 CI
2 U
9 P
5 Bench

You may not draft any players that are in the minor leagues who have not had a single at bat or a single inning pitched. Those players will be drafted in the 12 round amateur draft. You may draft any players coming from Japan who have a major league contract signed.


After the initial draft you will have 3 days to assign contracts with all your players. You can sign them to whatever amount of contract you want 5 years the most though.

1 year 100% Ex. Pujols makes $50
2 years 110% Ex. Pujols for $50 now will make $55 the 2nd year.
3 years 120% Ex. Pujols will now make $60 in his 3rd year of the contract.
4 years 130% Ex. Pujols will make $65 cause we round up on .5.
5 years 140% Ex. Pujols will make $70 in his final year.

It's up to you if you want to sign all your players to 5 year contracts or not. But understand that if you do your stuck with them. If you want out of the contract you must buy out 50% of the whole contract. So if you signed Pujols to a 5 year deal and he gets injured or something you must pay 50% every year if you elect to let him go.

So in the 2nd year $28 of your payroll is gone .
3rd year $30 is gone and so on and so forth.

If a player makes less then 10 dollars they will make an extra dollar for every year they are signed. So in other words if they make 1. They will make 2 the next year 3 the following year all the way to 5.

1 dollar players may be released with no penalty.

Minor leagues:

There will be a 12 round draft for minor league after the initial draft. All minor leaguers do not count toward your initial $300 payroll. Once they are activated on your roster or reach 130 at bats or 50 inning pitched in the Major Leagues they will assume a $1 contract for three years. After their third year contract expires they will then enter arbitration. If they are in the top 10% of their position they will have a $20 contract the first year. If the 2nd year they are still in the top 10% they go up to $25. After two years they go to free agency or you have to sign them to a long term deal at 150% of what they make. So if they make $20 they will be signed to a $30 contract for the first year. After that it is the same as every major leaguer. In other words follow the contract chart.

Here is the Chart for Arbitration.

First year

Top 10% $20
Top 15% $18
Top 20% $15
Top 30% $12
Top 50% $10
The rest $5

Second year
Top 10% $25
Top 15% $20
Top 20% $18
Top 30% $15
Top 50% $12
The rest $5

If a player made $5 in the first year but then is in the top 10% the 2nd year he does go on to make $25 the next year. Arbitration will be decided by a panel of league mates. That will be decided based on the most dedicated owners over the first two seasons. We will take a look at all the players stats and decide what percentage they lie under. The arbitration panel's decision is final. If you offer a player arbitration you must pay it regardless of the outcome.

You do not have to offer arbitration to any players. They will then become free agents and can not be matched. In other words you lose them but you still receive draft pick compensation if they are eligible.

Minor leaguers must be drafted they cannot be picked up during the season. There is one exception. They can be picked up if you put them to your major league roster. However, if you do so they will become a free agent next season no matter what. If I feel you are just trying to take them out of the minor league draft I will reinsert them into the minor league draft for the next season, instead of them being a free agent. In other words if you pick up a single A player who was just drafted in the mlb amateur draft they will be made available in the minor league draft.

The most minor leaguers you can keep is 20 from year to year. In other words if you trade for 5 minor leaguers cause your playing for the future or something. Cause remember you can't pick up minor leaguers only trade or draft for them.

Minor League Draft:

After the first year 12 round minor league draft we will have a 5 round minor league draft each proceeding year.

Minor league draft picks cannot be traded. (League vote)

You may only draft player's with less then 130 at bats and less then 50 innings pitched. You may draft Japanese players who are signed in Japan currently but might be signing in america, if you want to risk it. You may not draft Japanese players who are signed in America they will be put up for free agency if they were not drafted by anyone previously.

However, they are acquired if a free agent is lost. The team that signs the free agent loses their draft pick.

Top 10% 1st round draft pick + Supplemental 1st round pick
Top 15% 1st round draft pick+ Supplemental 2nd round draft pick
Top 20% 1st round draft pick + Supplemental 3rd round draft pick
Top 25% 2nd round draft pick + Supplemental 3rd round draft pick
Top 30% 3rd round draft pick + Supplemental 3rd round draft pick
Top 50% Supplemental 5th round draft pick.
After that you get nothing for your loss sorry.


All trades will be reviewed by a panel of teams. The first place Gm, the 5th place GM, the 9th place Gm and the last place Gm will make four of the voters every week. I will be the 5th vote. All trades should be accepted unless the integrity of the league is at stake. In other words the trade is not about if it's fair or not fair. It is about is their cheating going on. If someone trades their top star for two prospects and he's in last place that trade makes sense for him. Let's use our heads when deciding on if trades should be let through.

I hold the power to override any decision made by the panel but will only do so on league request. 10 of the 16 gm's would have to ask me to do so. Hopefully we never reach that point.

Free Agents:

After a contract is up the player will become a Free Agent. He will then be made available in the off-season. The player will be placed up for bid through a forum. At that point you can bid for him with the available funds you have. The team that loses the Free agent will get compensation in draft picks if he is eligible for it based on the chart. He also has the option of matching any contract made for that player if he has the funds available for that. A player is signed after 24 hours of no one bidding. The team who had him last has 24 hours to decide if they want to match the offer if they have the available funds.

Free agency will be done after arbitration every year.

Free agent signing in-season

You can sign any available free agent during the season. There will be a very small universe of players after the draft and minor league draft. (Could be put up to vote if enough complaints.)

Injured Reserve:

You are allowed 5 injured reserve slots. That way you do not have to release any of your injured players. During the time a player is injured a player can assume his roster spot from the free agency. He also assumes his contract. At the time the player is healthy you will need to release the player who took over for him.[/b]

Future Ideas

If we allow our minor league systems to grow to say 50-60 man we may implement a rule 5 draft at that point. It depends on all the owners wants. I am willing to do the work if everyone is willing to pitch in and help with updating their rosters. If everyone desires to have that deep of a minor league system and want this to really be very close to the mlb experience, then I will do everything I can to make it happen.

Just throwing stuff out there. If you have any ideas let me know.

If you want in on this league please sign up here. There is currently 10 spots left but a lot opf owners are planning on signing up after teh holidays so get in while you can. ... iondynasty
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