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Looking for Chicago 08' rotisserie league--enthusiastic owne

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Re: Looking for Chicago 08' rotisserie league--enthusiastic owne

Postby rjboles » Wed Feb 13, 2008 3:34 am

Still looking for a couple/few more guys.

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Re: Looking for Chicago 08' rotisserie league--enthusiastic owne

Postby crumps » Thu Feb 14, 2008 1:16 am

I'm interested if you have any more open spots. You can email me at wetters (at) gmail (dot) com.
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Re: Looking for Chicago 08' rotisserie league--enthusiastic owne

Postby Reymos » Thu Feb 14, 2008 12:52 pm

MWRL (NL Only - Keeper - Live Online Auction)

We have an opening in our Fantasy Baseball League. We have all the bugs worked out and the league has been a great time. Let know if you are interested, below are the details. It has worked out that we have 5 owners in Chicago and 6 owners in the Indianapolis area. I would be glad to answer any questions. If you would like to check out the team, I would be willing to give you access to CBS Sports so you can check it out. Below are the rules & constitution, key dates, and the available team .

Thanks - Rey

Draft: •Draft, 3/30/08 04:00 pm ET.
•13 Rounds, with no time limit for picks.
•Draft robot enabled - picks are made automatically for teams that let the clock expire.

Player Pool: NL Players.
Players traded out of league's player pool do not accumulate stats.
Positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, OF, U and P.
Eligibility: Players are eligible at their primary position, plus positions they've played 20 games last year or 1 game this year.
Transactions: •Lineups may be set daily up to 30 minutes before gametime.
•Owners may set lineups and change players' positions from a list of their eligible positions.
•Only players who are on the disabled list may be placed into Injured status.
•Only players in the minor leagues may be placed into Minors status.
•Owners may not do add/drops.
•Trades must be approved by the commissioner.
•No trades can be made after the trade deadline of 11:59 PM ET 8/13/08.
(Click Here to set a reminder)
•Owners may make trades during the offseason.

Schedule: Monthly scoring periods.

Min/Max: Min AB: 0
Min IP: 0
•Teams not meeting the minimums will receive 0 points in categories using AB or IP (e.g., BA or ERA)

Fees: League Entry Fee: $127.50
Activate Fee: $1

Scoring: Rotisserie System.

Scoring for Batting Categories
BA - Batting Average
HR - Home Runs
RBI - Runs Batted In
SB - Stolen Bases

Scoring for Pitching Categories
ERA - Earned Run Average
S - Saves
W - Wins
WHIP - Walks + Hits / Inning

Constitution: League Constitution
1.1. The Midwest Rotisserie League consist 10-12 teams of only National league players. Each team will consist of (23 – 33) players (23 starters and 5 reserve players, 3 Minor League players, 2 DL spots). When a player moves from the NL to the AL stats will immediately stop accumulating for that player.
1.2. A team's roster consists of the following players:
• 5 outfielders
• 2 catchers
• 1 second baseman
• 1 shortstop
• 1 second baseman or shortstop (Middle Infield)
• 1 first baseman
• 1 third baseman
• 1 first or third baseman (Corner Infield)
• 1 utility player (non-pitcher who can be any offensive player)
• 9 pitchers (any combination of starters and relievers)
• 5 reserve players (any position) Optional
• 3 Minor League players (any position) Optional
1.3. No minimum innings requirement exists for all teams pitching staffs.

1.4. On 9/1 the league will expand the active roster from 23 players to 25 players. The fee to add the player to the active roster is $1.00.
2.1. Each team must acquire 23 players at a total cost not to exceed $260 (not real money). A team need not spend the maximum.
2.2. Teams will nominate players for acquisition in random order.
2.3. The following players are eligible for the major league auction:
• Any players who are on a NL 25-man roster and are still with the major league club at the time of the auction
• Any players who are not on a NL 25-man roster but are projected to start the season on the NL squad and can be confirmed by at least half of the owners present.
2.4. The league will use an online auction tool to conduct the auction. The owner will have 45 seconds to select a player. Once a player is select and a bid price entered, the player will be acquired after 12 seconds have pass without another bid. (Note: until owners get use to the bidding process with the internet tool, we will set 60 seconds to select a player when it is the owner's time to select, and 20 seconds for acquisition.)
2.5. The team bidding first opens with a salary bid of at least $1 for any eligible player and the bidding proceeds at minimum increments of $1 until only one bidder is left. That team acquires the nominated player for the final bid amount. The process is repeated, with successive owners nominating players to be bid on, until every team has acquired a squad of 23 players.
2.6. No team may make a bid for a player it cannot afford. For example, a team with $3 left and two openings on its roster is limited to a maximum bid of $2 for one player. ($1 is reserved for the other unfilled roster spot.)
2.7. No team may bid for a player who qualifies only at a position that the team has already filled and that team has already fulfilled its utility position.
2.8. After an owner acquires a player, he immediately chooses the position that player will fill. Players eligible at more than one position may be shifted during the course of the auction.
2.9. The salary of a player acquired in the major league auction is his final bid amount.
2.10 Minor league players and reserve players will not be included in the $260 draft. Minor league players and reserve players are optionally added to a team's roster by the FAAB process 3 days after the draft. The 3 minor league and 5 reserve players may by selected by bidding on a player. The bid will become the player's salary. An owner may choice to not draft any reserve players after the auction draft. An owner does not have to fill all the reserve slots after the draft. So right after the draft until the FAAB first processes, bids can be placed on any players on the waiver wire. You can bid for as many players as you like and can win those players; however, you will be spending FAAB money and will need to drop players that except the roster maximum.

3.1. A player may be assigned to any position at which he appeared in 20 or more games in the preceding season. If a player did not appear in 20 games at a single position, he may be drafted only at the position(s) at which he appeared most frequently.
3.2. Once the season is underway, a player becomes eligible for any position at which he appears at least 1 time.
3.3 CHIPPER JONES RULE: If a player missed an entire season, the previous year can be used to ascertain position eligibility.

4.1. BASIC: The entrance fee is $104 + (stat service fee of approx.$129.00/number of owners) + $10 to pay monthly winner (approx. $127.50)
4.2. All fees must be paid by draft day. Unless arrangements have been made, commissioner has right to freeze rosters until fees are up to date.
4.3. All adds to a roster are free, drops are free, and trades are free and moves to active are $1.00.
5.1. The salary of a player does not change unless the player becomes a free agent, or is signed to a long-term contract.
5.2. The salary of a player acquired in the major league auction is his auction price.
5.3. When a player is claimed off waivers, his salary is the amount of money spent bid to claim the play.
6.1. All fees shall be paid promptly, collected, and wisely invested by the League Treasurer, who is empowered to subject owners to public humiliation and to assess fines as needed to insure payments are made to the League in a timely fashion.
6.2. The money shall be divided among the first four teams in the final standings as follows: Overall: First Place 50%, Second Place 25%, Third Place 15% , Fourth 10%
6.3 The prize pool will be the $104 dollars collected from each team owner plus the fees collected for each chargeable transaction. Note that the league can make payments via PayPal to our treasurer. Paypal changes a 1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 USD fee per transaction; as a result, this fee will be deducted from the total pool amount.
6.4 $10 is paid to the owner of the high points for that period (1 month)
7.1. The following criteria are used to determine team performance:
• Composite Batting Average
• Total Home Runs
• Total Runs Batted In
• Total Stolen Bases
• Total Wins
• Total Saves
• Composite Earned Run Average
• Composite pitching ratio of walks and hits to innings pitched (RATIO = (BB + H)/IP)
7.2. Teams are ranked from first to last in each of the ten categories, and given points for each place. For example, in a fifteen-team league, the first-place team in a category receives fifteen points, the second-place team fourteen, and so on down to one point for last place. The team with the most total points wins the pennant.
7.3. In case of ties in an individual category, the tied teams are assigned points by totaling points for the rankings at issue and dividing by the total number of teams tied.
7.4. In case of ties in total points the money is totaled and split between the teams that tied.
8.1. CBS Sportsline will be the recommended statistical service chosen and will constitute the official statistics for our league. Any problems with statistics/player moves etc. must be reported to the secretary within 7 days. After that, any changes fall under the discretion of the commissioner.
8.2. The effective date of any transaction for purposes of statistical calculation is the day of the transaction if the transaction occurred before the start of the first game for that day, when the games are in progress, the transaction will take place the next day.
8.3. Performance statistics of a player shall be assigned to a Rotisserie League team only when he is on the active roster of that team.
8.4. Standings and Transactions will be tabulated daily on-line and available on the Internet.
8.5. All regular season statistics from Major League Baseball, including any extra games necessary to determine playoff teams, will be included. Statistics from Major League Baseball's playoffs are not included.
9.1. From the completion of the major league auction until the first day of the major league season, rotisserie league teams are free to make trades of any kind without limit and without position requirements.
9.2. From the first day of the major league season until the all-star break, rotisserie league teams are free to make trades of any kind without limit, so long as the active rosters of both teams involved in a trade reflect the required position distribution upon completion of the transaction. This would include subsequent pickups, drops, etc. From the all-star break until August 13th, the trade deadline, an owner can only trade a team that is two places above or below his overall team ranking.
9.3. No trade may take place from August 13th until the last day of the regular season.
9.4. Trades made from the last day of the regular season until two weeks before the major league auction are not bound by the position distribution requirement.
9.5. No trade may take place from two weeks before the auction until the auction. Trades are official once both sides have posted the trade online.
9.6. There are no limits to the number of trades a team may make during the season.
9.7. Auction money may not be traded at any time.
9.8 Once the teams agree to a trade the trade will go to the commissioner for approval.
9.9 If any owner challenges a trade within three days after the trade is approved, the trade will be brought to all owners for a majority vote for approval. The trade can be overturned with a majority vote.
10.1. Any player may be released when another player is claimed through the Free Agent Budget System.
10.2. When a player is released, he is placed on waivers for 3 days. Within those 3 days, the team with the highest bid will acquire the player. Each team has a $75 claim budget before the all-star break and $75 after the all-star break; the owner must bid the same salary or high of the player being claimed.
10.3. When a player is claimed off waivers, his salary becomes the bidding price for that player.
10.4. After the 3-day waiver period has passed, if the player has not been claimed, he immediately becomes a free agent and is available to all teams.
10.5. All teams can bid on available free agents. That team must wait until the player clears waivers and becomes a free agent before reacquiring the player.
10.6 After the trade deadline (August 13) all dropped players
can only be picked up off of the waiver wire at the original
salary or FAAB bid, whichever is higher. For example, if
A.Soriano is dropped he can only be picked up at a bid of
$29 or greater. His salary will be the bid amount.
11.1. Any player who is on an active major league roster, not owned by another rotisserie team, and not currently on the waiver list may be acquired as a free agent by using the Free Agent Budget System.
11.2. No free agents may be acquired between the last day of the previous season and Opening Day of the current season.
11.3. Free agents may be picked up from 3 days after Draft Day of the season until midnight on the second to last day of the season.
11.4. After a player is released to the free agent pool, he is eligible to be claimed by all teams by bidding in the Free Agent Budget System. Nightly the owner with the highest bid will claim that player.
11.5 The Free Agent Budget System claim process:
FAAB stands for Free Agent Acquisition Budget. Every add/drop is granted via a blind bidding system that is processed automatically. Each time an owner has an add/drop processed they will be placed at the bottom of the FAAB order. If there is a tie for a player, the FAAB order is used; the owner that is higher in the list will receive the player and be moved to the bottom.

You can also select the Commissioner FAAB approval process. Free agents are still picked up via a blind bidding system, but it is processed by the commissioner not automatically. The Commissioner will go to the Transactions Request page to process the winning bids.

If you select to use either of the two available FAAB options, each owner will go to the Transactions add-drop page and select the players to be added and dropped then a bid is entered. The team with the highest bid for that player will be awarded the player and the bid value subtracted from their budget.
Team #1 as listed in the FAAB order inputs a request for three players:
Player "a" bid of $15
Player "b" bid of $10
Player "c" bid of $10
Team # 8 as listed in the FAAB order inputs a request for three players:
Player "b" bid of $5
Player "a" bid of $25
Player "c" bid of $10
The system would look at Team #1 and look at the first player on his bid list (in this case, Player A). The system would then search through every bid submitted for Player A. The team with the highest bid for Player A would win that player. In this two team example, team 8 would be awarded Player A.
Since Team # 1 did not acquire the first player on his list (Player A), the FAAB system next references Team #1's second listed player (Player B). In the example above, Team #1 wins Player B.
The system now references the first requested player for the next team in the FAAB order.
12.1. A team may replace any player on its 23-man roster who has been placed on the Disabled List, sent down to the Minor Leagues, been designated for assignment, or been released by his major league team, or for any other reason. Also, a player can be moved from active to reserve daily before the first pitch. The reserve players will be included in the draft and will not be auctioned with the $260 draft budget. The reserved player can be placed in the active roster daily before the first pitch.
12.2. A team may have 5 active players on its reserve list. An additional 2 players can be on the Injured Reserve List. Additionally, 3 minor league players will be on the reserve list. Once a player is off the DL the owner will
have until 7 days to make the player active or place the player
on the reserve list. When a minor league player moves up to the major league the owner will have 7 days to move the player to the active roster or to a reserve list. When active player is moved to the placed on the MLB DL, the owner has 7 Days to move the player to a DL spot or reserves.
12.3. Reserving a player protects a team's rights to that player.
12.4. There are no limits to the number of Reserve/Activate moves a team can make in one season. The move will cost $0.00 per player that is moved from active to reserves.
12.5 A team can have up to three minor league players can be added to the roster.
12.6 No fee is charged from moving a player from one reserve list to another reserve list. For example, when an owner moves a player from the DL to the active reserve list no fee will exist.
13.1. From season to season, each team must retain between 7 and 12 players. After an owner has played three consecutive seasons the minimum number of keeping 7 players is removed.
13.2. The names of the players being retained must be recorded on distributed worksheets (email, or in stat tool) with the league secretary by midnight exactly two weeks before the next auction. No trades may take place from the time the worksheets are due until the auction.
13.3. After three seasons (a season is defined as any part of a major league season) of a player being owned by any rotisserie team without having been released to the free agent pool, the player must be signed to a long-term contract, given his option contract, or released.
13.4. If a player is released, he is made available to all teams in the next major league auction.
13.5. If a player is given his option contract, his salary is increased by 20% for one season. After that season is complete, the player must be released and made available for the next major league auction.
13.6. If a player is signed to a long-term contract, his salary will be raised by $5 for each year of the long-term contract. For example, if a player's salary is $9 and a team wishes to sign him to a three-year contract, his salary is increased by $15 to $24.
13.7. If a player is released before the end of his contract, the team releasing that player will be penalized as follows: The team's salary cap will be decreased by $1 for each year in the total number of years in the contract. For example, if a player is signed to a 4-year contract and is released during his second season, the team waiving the player will have $3 removed from his allotted salary cap in the next season, leaving that team with only $257 instead of the usual $260.
13.8. A player may be signed to only one long-term contract. After the contract has expired, the player must be released and made available for the next major league auction.
13.9. Trades do not affect the contract status of a player.
13.10 Minor league players that are in the minor leagues at the end of one season, and start the next season in the minor leagues do not count towards the 7 – 12 keepers. – We will discuss.
14.1. The decision of the Commissioner supersedes the rules herein and is final in any disputes. He also has the power to change a rule with an unforeseen loophole post de facto (After the fact) for the benefit of the league.
14.2. All owners (known as the Committee Of the Whole) designate annually an Executive Committee composed of five team owners in good standing. The current Commissioner (self-appointed for life) is _____________. The Commissioner will be responsible along with ____________ (secretary) to keep the everyday operations of the League running smoothly.
14.3. Rule changes, pronouncements, and acts of whimsy after the inaugural auction are determined by majority vote of the Committee of the Whole.
14.4. The Executive Committee will be established to oversee and overturn any trade deemed detrimental to the competitive balance of the league.

Key Dates
3/16 - set keepers, rosters due
3/30 4PM EST- Live Auction Draft
4/2 Midnight - FAAB intial process for minor leaguers & reserves, then nightly
7/16- FAAB reset to $75 - Mid Year
7/16- Trading Restriction Active (+-2)
8/13- Last Day for Trades
9/1- Roster espanded by 2 players (optional)
9/28- Last day of season
9/29- Off season trading begins until 2 weeks before the 2009 draft

Indy Northside Pirates Players Projections MLB 2008 Stats
Abreu, Tony 3B LA 2B,3B120090.27311320
Anderson, Josh OF ATLOF120090.279327021
Baker, Jeff 1B COL1B320090.25543728
Beltran, Carlos CF NYMOF3520080.28032030110
Bruntlett, Eric SS PHISS120090.25005115
De Aza, Alejandro OF FLAOF1520090.26194220
Dillon, Joe LF MILOF320090.27390220
Freel, Ryan P. RF CIN OF2120090.270128636
Giles, Marcus 2B COL2B2020090.250010745
Harris, Willie CF WAS OF220090.247511020
Iannetta, Chris C COLC120080.25421635
Lo Duca, Paul C WAS C820080.28671850
McLouth, Nate CF PITOF120080.2494181440
Rollins, Jimmy SS PHISS3620080.2979372785
Thorman, Scott 1B ATL1B120080.26981825
Torrealba, Yorvit C COLC120090.251921052
Wilson, Jack SS PIT SS320080.26893950

Indy Northside Pirates Players Projections MLB 2008 Stats
Bray, Bill RP CIN P1200944.111.392
Bullington, Bryan SP PITP2200934.571.390
Capps, Matt RP PITP1200813.181.1521
Chico, Matt SP WAS P5200984.401.480
Duke, Zach SP PITP112009104.181.440
James, Chuck SP ATL P12008114.001.450
Meredith, Cla C. RP SDP1200853.131.223
Mitre, Sergio SP FLA P1200994.501.440
Moyer, Jamie SP PHIP12008114.521.450
Pineiro, Joel SP STLP32009124.431.430
Reyes, Anthony SP STL P10200884.381.390
Tankersley, Taylor RP FLAP1200953.451.334
Wilson, Brian RP SF P9200933.301.3225
Wolf, Randy SP SD P1200894.181.440
Report Updated as of: 2/6/08 12:49 PM EST
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