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A list of who lost Rookie eligibility?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 12:24 pm
by Steve-o
I am looking for a list of those players who lost their status as Rookies this year. I know ESPN has a list of when players were called up, but I don't see anything like what I am looking for. I have checked most of the normal minor league sites like BA, Sickels, etc., as well as the big ones like ESPN, Sportsline, and Yahoo, and still cannot find what I am looking for. The closest thing I have seen so far is Eric Mack's Prospect Report on Sportsline which says which rookies likely lost eligibility, but he is breaking it down by league so I wont get a full list for a few more weeks.

Any help out there? I would also love it if the list says how they lost eligibility (ABs, service time, etc), but know that is likely too much to ask for.

Me league keeps rookies under a different structure, so I need the list.

Thanks in advance.