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OPENINGS IN NFLtodaMax Keeper League...(worth reading)

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OPENINGS IN NFLtodaMax Keeper League...(worth reading)

Postby HeavyHitter242000 » Sat Feb 07, 2004 1:42 pm

NFLKeeperLeague Openings....

I have been running this league for about 2 years now, it's still in it's early state. I have just recently decided to expand it. To keep competition up, i have created a 'minor league' which is a league that determines which managers are best to put in the actual keeper league. The Keeper is very competitive in itself, but i want to make it even better by makin sure people know they could lose their spot at any time if they decide to be inactive, unintelligent, or lack of competitiveness. The rules are listed under files, as of right now, there are a couple teams in Jeopardy of not makin the playoffs for a 3rd consecutive time. In most Keepers, that would be acceptable as long as they are active, but in my league, if they are active, but cant seem to be competitive and win, then that's when someone from the minor league will step in and try to do a better job. This is the first league I've heard of that looks at the all around picture and not just whether they can get on everyday, 2 days, or 3. You want some competition, and the opportunity to be in a very active league, then:
IM me on AIM: PtPmdballa5
on Yahoo Instant Messenger: HeavyHitter242000
or Email:

(*best to contact me by email, better chance of me gettin it faster*)

This is a great opportunity and will run on a first come first serve basis, so if you are remotely interested, contact me before spots are full.

Thank You,

Alex P.


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