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North East Ohio Keeer League Looking for Owners

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North East Ohio Keeer League Looking for Owners

Postby yonkovim » Wed Feb 26, 2003 10:39 pm

We need a few owners for a cleveland area keeper league. Its a mixed 5x5 roto league. New Owners will take part in a keeper draft for their keepers... several great bargains are available ( oswalt @ $8, beckket $8, Baez $6, etc ). Cost of the league is $75 due on draft day. you must be able to be at the auction. Email me for rules.

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Postby yonkovim » Mon Mar 03, 2003 9:18 am

I have two leagues, the first has its auction on Saturday March 22, the second has its on Sunday March 23. I still have 1 opening in the Saturday League and 3 in the Sunday league. I want to fill the teams out this week so I can hold the reallocation draft. Email me if you are interested

Here are the rules:

Ohio Baseball Fanatics Baseball League

A. Number of team:

The league will consist of no less then 14 teams and no more then 18. Ideally we would like to have 16 teams total. If 14 teams can not be filled the league will disband refunding any fees paid.

B. Player Pool:

Both AL and NL mixed.

C. Auction Format:

The auction will be held within 2 weeks of the first major league baseball game. The auction will be live at a neutral site to be determined later. The cost of the site will be split amongst all active owners.

The auction format will be open. Going around the table one owner will bring up a player; any owner wishing to bid on the player can simply up the bid. As bidding slows down the auctioneer will call going once, going twice, sold. Once a player is declared sold the player is placed on the winning bidder’s team.

D. Auction Rules:

Every team will have $260 in draft cash. This draft cash is tradable for players, rule V, or secondary draft picks, and or minor league draft spots.

Your entire starting roster must be filled during the auction phase. Any draft cash left over after filling your active roster may be used to fill your 10 bench players and your 5 minor league spots.

You do not have to fill your active roster before filling your bench. For example you could start off the auction taking 3 catchers, placing two on your active roster and the other on the bench, even though no other positions have been filled.

You must leave at least $1 for every open position on your roster. During the auction we will keep track, a bid that leaves you with less then $1 will not be allowed. Because of the speed of the auction we may not catch an invalid bid every time. If an invalid bid is made, and not caught prior to the next player being sold, the highest price player currently on the offending owner’s team will be released and the draft cash reclaimed. The owner will not be allowed to bid on the released player. So keep track of your money. If you are not sure how much cash you have left please ask.

We will run down the money left every 16 picks.

E. The order of events at the auction will be as follows:
a. Rule Clarification and discussion
b. Rule V Draft
c. Auction
d. Minor League Draft
e. Secondary Phase Draft

F. Rule V Draft
a. The rule 5 draft is designed to help teams who may not have the required number of keepable players.
b. Prior to the auction teams who keep less then 12 players from the previous years roster will be eligible to take 1 player from a pool of players comprising those players who are not being kept or protected and keep the player at the same value as the previous year.
c. Each team is allowed to protect 1 player from the rule V in addition to there keepers
d. A player taken in the rule V can not be on your team prior to the auction
e. A player taken in the rule V will assume is regular contract following the year he was taken. For instance if the player was protected in year 1 with a $2 raise that year, and in year two was a $0 raise Rule V draftee, year three would see his increase go up to $5… this follows the spirit of the 2-2-5+ increase.
G. Minor League Draft
a. Roster Size:
i. 5 minor league roster spots exist on each team.
b. Player Eligibility:
i. All players in the minors are eligible. No player in college, high school, or overseas is available.
ii. A player may stay on the minor league roster until he has been called up to the major league roster
iii. A player may move from the major league roster to the minor league roster after he is sent down back to the minors and has not reached 75 ab's or 40IP in his career.
c. How To Acquire and Fill Minor League Spots:
i. Minor league spots can be filled one of two ways: through the auction or through one of two minor league drafts
d. Minor League Players taken during the auction:
i. Players taken during the auction assume a salary equal to the winning bid
ii. Players taken during the auction can be placed immediately on the minor league roster
e. The 1st Minor League Player Draft:
i. Upon the completion of the auction a minor league draft will take place.
ii. This draft will consist of a number of rounds equal to the size of the total number of minor league roster spots available for each team.
iii. The draft order will be based on last years finish, teams 9-16 will pick followed by 8-1
iv. Owners may participate in the draft until their minor league roster is completely filled, then their turn will be skipped until the end of the draft.
v. All drafted minor leaguers assume a $2 salary.
f. The 2nd Minor League Player Draft:
i. The second Saturday in August a second minor league draft will take place.
ii. Order for the second draft will be determined by the standings ending the first week of August.
iii. All open minor league roster spots can be filled in this second draft.
iv. Those who were just drafted in the June amateur draft are available during this second phase (they may not have officially signed but they are still eligible).
g. Minor League Squad Retention:
i. Minor league players on the minor league roster can be kept from year to year at a $0 increase.
ii. As soon as the player passes 75AB or 40IP the player will become eligible for the major league raise.
iii. A player who is called up during the year but does not pass 75AB or 40IP (Entire Career) will see no increase in salary.
h. Assumptions:
i. No minor leagues maybe picked up as regular free agents
ii. Picks and Minor league player could be traded

H. Secondary Phase Draft
a. If a team has open spots on their bench at the end of the auction they can fill then in the secondary phase. The secondary phase draft will last until all teams have their bench filled.
b. (This is a little different from the past.) The draft order will be determined by reverse order of last year’s standings. Teams that have at least 1 opening will pick in round 1, teams with 2 openings will pick in round two, and so on.
c. These picks are tradable.
I. Statistics
a. Scoring for Batting Categories
i. BA - Batting Average
ii. HR - Home Runs
iii. R - Runs
iv. RBI - Runs Batted In
v. SB - Stolen Bases
b. Scoring for Pitching Categories
i. ERA - Earned Run Average
ii. K - Strikeouts (Pitcher)
iii. S - Saves
iv. W - Wins
v. WHIP - Walks + Hits / Inning
c. It will be up to the OWNER to make the appropriate transactions to include making trades, changing any player from active, reserve, DL or ML. The program is setup so you cannot make any illegal moves or it will tell you that you have.
d. For owners, the deadline for entering changes is 1:00PM EST on Monday. Changes entered at 11:30AM EST on Monday will go into effect for tonight's games, changes entered at 1:30PM EST will not go into effect for a whole week. You can make your changes on a Tuesday but they will not take effect till Monday.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There have been problems in trying to make changes on Monday because of a high volume of traffic on the entire Commissioner.COM site. My advice to you is to make all your changes on Sunday to ensure your transactions will go through on time.
e. Performance stats of a player shall be assigned to a team only when he is on the active 23-man roster of that team.
f. Standings will be tabulated and processed on a daily basis.

J. Standings
a. The following criteria are used to determine team performance:

Batting Average
Home Runs
Runs Batted In
Runs Scored
Stolen Bases
Earned Run Average
WHIP Ratio: walks+hits/innings pitched
b. Teams are ranked from 1st to last in each of the 10 categories and given points for each place. For example, in a 16 team league, the first place team in a category receives 16 points, the second place team 15, and so on down to 1 point for last place. The team with the most total points wins the pennant.
c. The Fenokee IP requirement: A team must pitch a total of 1000 innings to receive points in ERA and WHIP. A team that does not pitch 1000 innings maintains its place in the ERA and WHIP ranking but receives zero points in both of these categories. This is to prevent an "all-relief" strategy.
d. Pitchers' offensive stats are not counted. Nor are the pitching stats of the occasional position player called in to pitch when the score is 16-1 after 5 innings. i.e. Jose Canseco a few years back when he threw his arm out.
e. In cases of ties in total points, final places in the standings are determined by comparing placement of teams in individual categories. Respective performances are calculated and a point given to each team bettering the other. Should one team total more points than the other, that team is declared the winner. Should the point totals still be equal, the tie is broken by adding each team's total at-bats at season's end, plus triple the number of innings pitched. The team that scores a higher total by this measure wins the pennant.
K. Fees
a. Entry fee for the league will be set to $75
b. Each owner will pay on top of the $75 an equal share of the league site, the auction site, and pizza and pop at the draft. Expect no more then $25 for the extra’s and this could be as low as $5-10…
L. Prizes & Awards
a. The total prize pool in the league will be $75 * the total number of teams. Our goal is 16 teams so this would be a prize pool of $1200.
b. Standings prizes (80%):
i. First Place: 45% of total ( $540 )
ii. Second Place: 20% of total ( $240 )
iii. Third Place: 10% of total ( $120 )
iv. Fourth Place: 5% of total ( $60 )
c. Challenge Prizes (20%):
i. Most Improved Team from week 13 to the last week of the season : 10% ( $120 ) ( Total number of points gained )
ii. Every year, 2 stats will be picked to be prize stats ( one pitching, one hitting ) at the end of the year who ever finishes with the highest ranking in these two categories will receive 5% of the total prize money each. 2003 will be W’s and AVG, 2004 will be SV and HR, 2005 will be ERA and RBI, 2006 will be Ratio and Runs, and 2007 will be K’s and SB.
d. Other awards:
i. The leader in the bottom half of the standings will receive the first overall pick in the minor league draft. This means in a 16 team league the 9th team in the standings would get the first pick. The 10th would get the 2nd pick and so on. After the 16th place team picks the 8th place through first place will pick.

M. Keeper Rules
a. Each Team is permitted 12 keepers from year to year. These are players who are on your roster one week prior to the auction, who you wish to keep for a minimal raise.
b. The raise for kept players will follow this format. Year 1 : $2 increase in salary, Year 2: $2 Increase in salary, Year 3+: $5 increase in salary
c. Keeper lists are due to the commissioner no later then 3 days prior to the auction.
d. Once keeper lists are turned in you may only trade money and keepers between teams.
e. Franchise player:
i. Every year a team will get a franchise player designation. This enables you to keep one player at a $0 raise for a year.
ii. This designation can only be placed on a player once for each team. This can only be reset after the player is placed back in the auction.
iii. When a player is designated a franchise player his raise is effectively suspended for a year. So a player in his first year with a franchise label could see a salary raise of 0, 2, 2, 5+.
f. In the 2003 season we will be undergoing a radical restructuring of salaries. To soften the blow to protected players from year past a one time salary waiver will be given to all players who were kept in 2002 and are going to be kept again. In effect if you kept a $8 player in 2002, his salary will again be $8. Next year he will assume the regular raises. Players who were purchased in the auction in 2002 will receive a $2 raise this year.

N. Trades
a. The trade deadline is August 15th
b. A trade maybe overturned only if the best interests of the leagues are compromised. If 25% of the leagues owners ask for a vote on the trade, a vote will be called by the commissioner. 75% of all owners must agree that the trade violates the spirit of the league for the trade to be overturned.
O. Free Agents
a. Only players currently on the 25 man roster will be eligible to be picked up
b. No Foreign players, free agents, college players, or high school players can be picked up as a free agent or through the auction
c. No minor leaguers can be picked up via the free agent process
d. The actual free agent process will be determined once we choose a site to use for running the league.
P. Rule Clarifications in season
a. A three member rule committee will be formed at the auction. Any questions as to interpretation of the rules this committee will decide.
Q. Rule Changes
a. Any rule change after the 2003 season will require 75% of the owners to be in agreement
R. Expansion Draft
a. In the event that there are more then two open teams in a given year the follow expansion draft rules maybe used to fill the open teams.
b. Expansion Draft:
i. All open teams rosters are entered into a common pool of talent
ii. A random draft order will be determined prior to the expansion draft
iii. The expansion draft will last 3 days, with three rounds
1. On day one all participating owners will submit a list to the commissioner ranking all the players they could want in rounds 1-4. Each owner will need a list equal to 4 times the number of teams in the expansion draft.
2. On day two rounds 5-8 will take place
3. Day three will process round 9-11
iv. The Commish will process each list by taking the first player off of the first teams list. He will then cross off that player from all other lists. The second team will get the player highest on their list who is still available
v. Here is an example format for the list:
1. Barry Bonds $30
2. Mark Prior $8
3. Greg Maddux $20
4. Hideki Matsui $8
5. Troy Glaus $13
6. Adrian Beltre $5
S. Roster:
Starting Roster:
2 –C
1 – 1B
1 – 2B
1 – 3B
1 – SS
1 – CI ( 1B/3B )
1 – MI ( 2B/SS )
5 – OF
1 – DH/UT
9 – P
a. Reserves:
Each team is allowed 10 bench players.
b. Minor League Squad:
5 player limit, filled through minor league draft.
c. Disabled List
i. At the auction one owner will need to volunteer to police the disabled list
ii. If the owner fails to police the DL list, owners maybe given a week to remove players from the disabled list after which no player may be placed on the disabled list
iii. If an owner is found to have a player on the DL who is not currently on the DL, the owner should be given a warning an 1 week to move the player off the DL, the player is not taken off the DL, and email will be sent to the entire league stating that in 24 hours the player will be released. After 24 hours ( aprox ) the player will be released.
iv. If no one volunteers to police the DL, no DL will be used.

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Postby yonkovim » Fri Mar 07, 2003 7:49 pm

still looking for 2-3 owners for my auction on sunday.

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