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Ban alcohol from baseball games

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Should alcohol be banned from baseball games?

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Re: Ban alcohol from baseball games

Postby Tavish » Fri Jun 29, 2007 12:41 pm

talan37 wrote:I live on the island... if 4 of us go, it costs us nearly 80$ in Lirr ticket costs, then subway fees and takes nearly 1:45 minutes. If we drive it takes 45-60minutes and costs us 20$ for parking or less.

Wow, it didn't take me much longer to get there via Train/Subway from New Brunswick and that was even getting lost for a little while outside Penn Station trying to find the entrance to the D Line. Note to self: stay away from Long Island.
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Re: Ban alcohol from baseball games

Postby Bloody Sox » Fri Jun 29, 2007 12:42 pm

nebgib5 wrote:
teddy ballgame wrote:
dooz wrote:Really? Not challenging you but that has not been my experience. That would be dang near $50.

Maybe it's just a Boston thing because that's definitely how I see it happen at Fenway, but everyone else says differently.

my experience as well at fenway. maybe because seats cost so much in the first place, fans can afford to take another hit in the alcohol department. ;7

Sounds about right... 3 trips x 2 beers/trip x $7 a beer = $42 which is what the box seats cost in the first place. Obscene yes, but that's the norm at Fenway.
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Re: Ban alcohol from baseball games

Postby talan37 » Fri Jun 29, 2007 12:49 pm

It takes 20 minutes to get to the train station, average 5 minutes way for the train, Hicksville to penn station, 45minutes average, walk to the subway 5minutes, subway ride 15ish minutes(don't remember approximating, then walk 5 minutes to stadium.

20+5+45+5+15+5=95minutes, and thats assuming you get on the subway immediately, there is no traffic to the train station, you don't wait more than 5 minutes at the station etc...

Its mostly a function of where I live on the island, than the island itself.
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Re: Ban alcohol from baseball games

Postby Dan Lambskin » Fri Jun 29, 2007 3:07 pm

RugbyD wrote:
Doughhead wrote:
RugbyD wrote:This applies to zero of the people I know, and I know a lot of people. Why do you so hate our repeated proven ability to be responsible individuals that you have to tell me all about me when you don't know a damn thing about me?

Go back to Russia.*

*10 points to whoever can identify this tangential reference

When Lisa Simpson tries to serve gazpacho at Homer's bbbq so that people won't eat meat. ;D

How do I collect my 10 points?


but you only get 5 points. 5 more if you know who said it.

it was Barney ;D

i yelled that at someone once when i was drunk but i dont remember why

as a side note, i put pack 4 large beers at yesterday's game and maintained my after stopping at the bar afterwards for a few more beers and shot, well, lets just say the wife wasnt as amused as i was when i got home
Dan Lambskin
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Re: Ban alcohol from baseball games

Postby CrashOverrid3 » Fri Jun 29, 2007 3:58 pm

I just want the drunk put in jail.

One of the leading causes of death is driving.. lets add alcohol and see what happens..

Edited for language.
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Re: Ban alcohol from baseball games

Postby great gretzky » Fri Jun 29, 2007 4:11 pm

jesus, I get so sick of the "think of the children argument."

I understand how annoying some drunk people are, after all Philly is my sports city affiliation and have been to more than enough Eagles, Phillies, Sixers and Flyers games to make an informed judgment.

At game 4 of the 1993 World Series (The ridiculous 14-13 game), some totally wasted jerk would keep standing up "Come on mothernuckers, its the WOOOOORLD SEEEERIEEEES. Get up, Get up. Its the SERIEEEES, Daulton, Dykstra, Inky." I mean like every inning. Like anyone who paid 85 dollars face value and waiting in line for like forever to get the tickets would somehow forget that it was, in fact, the championship.

And you know what, I didn't care, and no my dad, brother and I always have an inside joke. whenever we see someone acting up, we just go "oh it must be the World Series."

Point being, is that yes, there are jerks out there, and yes it stinks sometimes. But, life is like that, and people can be jerks without alcohol too. It's not all about kids all the time. My buddies and I want to get a little happy and go to the game, thats are prerogative too, considering that nine times out of ten, its my taxes, not the kids' who went into financing the stadium. Its a legal product for those of adult age, so I should be able to enjoy it as such. You misbehave, you get tossed, simple as that.

Banning it is just dumb, as it would make the tickets more expensive than they already are, having the reverse effect of pricing out kids and families.
great gretzky
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Re: Ban alcohol from baseball games

Postby mrkrab2003 » Fri Jun 29, 2007 4:13 pm

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Re: Ban alcohol from baseball games

Postby RugbyD » Fri Jun 29, 2007 4:44 pm

mrkrab2003 wrote:DUMBEST THREAD EVER!!!


just had to put on the finishing touches.
TennCare rocks!!!!
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Re: Ban alcohol from baseball games

Postby OneLoveBoomer » Fri Jun 29, 2007 8:25 pm

great gretzky wrote:jesus, I get so sick of the "think of the children argument."

Sure, but sometimes you can be seated next to some truly obscene (and loud) conversations that are absolutely inappropriate for a public place with kids around. Sexually explicit, etc etc. A post-fifth inning ban would be a decent compromise.

EDIT: A 'family section' would be great.
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