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The troubling Tampa Bay sportswriters

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Postby Yoda » Sat May 26, 2007 9:53 pm

scr wrote:
Yoda wrote:So was it really Dukes that left the voicemail threatening to kill the woman and her children? Did Dukes go by the school? Did Dukes send a photo of his gun to her?

Or did the media make those up? Because unless I'm missing something, any normal person with any conscience wouldn't do those things.

It depends on what your definition of normal is.

Lets assume that he did these things.

If you take into account the possibility that she may have wiped him out financially (in essence, stolen from him) and threatened with whatever i.e., lifelong child support obligations in excess of his income, I can see him losing it and saying what he said. Sorry, but I've seen many a legitimate person lose it in the heat of a divorce and said things like he said (although the threatening the kids thing is a little over the top, personally). Perhaps the reality of a nasty divorce is not know to some posters.

If he meant to act on his threats, don't you think he would have done so at the school?

Is the phone call a basis to sit the guy a couple of games? Of course. Does the guy have anger management issues? Absolutely. He's admitted as much. He's working on it...maybe.

If, at the end of the day, Dukes knows he has a problem and does not work to cure it (anger issues), then he, sadly, has to go. If it turns out that wifey stole from the guy, capitalized on his temper tantrum for a better divorce settlement, and events come out that shed light on further misconduct from the wife, then, sorry, folks, Robbie Neyer and the SPT owe Dukes one heck of an apology.

We'll see.
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