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opinions re: this odd league

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opinions re: this odd league

Postby bartjones » Sun May 13, 2007 11:37 pm

I joined a Yahoo roto league where some strange things seem to be going on. Problems started right after the draft when one of the more astute members noticed that two of the managers had very similar Yahoo IDs. It was subsequently determined that they were the same person i.e one guy had two teams in the same league. One of the league members raised the alarm and the commish responded. He said it wasn't possible to delete one of the teams so he had "locked" both teams from adding, dropping or trading players. This satisfied everyone.

A couple weeks later two players made a trade. Two good closers for one good middlle reliever. The league has a "holds" category and the trade was clearly made so one team could improve in that stat area. The league votes on trades and there was a one day voting period. The commish called for a veto feeling the trade was unfair. When he didn't get enough votes he reset the league settings to extend the veto period and the next day he got enough votes to nix the trade. The traders were livid. I stayed out of the fray but thought it rather odd the commish would reset agreed upon league settings to get his own way. That was the first sign of trouble.

A couple weeks ago, the two teams who are run by the same manager started making deals with other players (though no trades have been made directly between the two teams run by the same guy). This was a little suprising given that the commish had stated before play began that these two teams were locked. The commish obviously unlocked the two teams without telling anyone. I asked the commish why this was happening given his earlier assurance that the two teams were locked. He is ignoring me. I'm new to this league and it seems many of the other players have been playing together in this league for a few years. As a result I'm reluctant to make big waves here.

I gotta say I've been playing fantasy sports for a few years now and I've always had commissioners who consulted the players before making changes to the way the league is run. I seems that this commish feels he can do as he pleases without regard to the views of the other participants. Am I crazy or is this just a bush league where the commish doesn't know what he's doing. Sorry for the rant, thanks for any opinions.
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Postby Knights » Sun May 13, 2007 11:44 pm

Your first paragraph is the only good thing your commish has done... everything else is ridiculous.

If the commish can't logically support his actions, I'd get out because a league with a commish that acts like that is no fun at all.
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