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Postby Guest » Sun Jan 18, 2004 5:45 pm

Fantasy_Gamer wrote:
Anonymous wrote:Mr Fantasy,

given that there was many reasons to feel that way.

Yep, there were. My post wasn't an attack in any sort of way.

I just don't feel the need to explain my reasons for why it stunk -- so others can dismiss those problems as existing at that time (or trying to explain those problems).

I know what the problems know what the problems were (as your quote above dictates). No need to rehash the past.

Mr Fantasy,

But this is exactly the problem here.

It is simply crass to slag off another site [from the present] way after the events that caused you to feel that way have been dealt with.

Sir, you are wrong. SandboxPlus is quite superb. This I know. Basing your current opinion on a past event is well, no offence, but silly, really.

However, you are, as are we all, entitled to your opinion and as much as I would love to sit here and wear you down with facts, I must get back to my 'home', lol!

Thanks for your time and, I hope, for digesting what I have had to type/say.

Kind regards,

The Limey

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Postby Madison » Sun Jan 18, 2004 6:19 pm

Ok, I've re-read this entire thread. Let me see if I can sum it up quickly and politely.

First of all Sandbox no longer exists. It's now SandBoxPlus. I'll refer to them accordingly in this post.

Seems like the majority of the complaints are about Sandbox from the past. The current guys who use SandBoxPlus say that the site has gotten much better and that we should give them a second chance due to the upgrades to the system.

I thought this would be longer, but that seems to sum it up. Does this sound correct?

Oh yeah, someone mentioned deleting posts. 2 things, first of all, as I answered in the first page was that I've never used SandBox or SandBoxPlus, so I have no opinion about them. I have nothing to base an opinion on. So the statement that "the truth hurts" is irrelevant. I did say that the majority of what I had heard was negative, and that's a fact. Very, very few people had come to the Cafe' prior to now and given a good review of SandBox or SandBoxPlus. Secondly, as a moderator here, it's my job to remove posts that cross the line. This entire thread is borderline right now, but I've left it open so that way everyone can discuss the new changes at SandBoxPlus. If the insults and attacks continue, this thread will be locked and/or deleted.

The Cafe' staff thanks those of you who have handled yourselves with dignity and class. ;-D
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Envelope please..... And the winner is

Postby Guestimator » Sun Jan 18, 2004 6:34 pm

Sandbox has been honored with the Forbes "Best of the Web" rating for Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Football doesn't end in January anymore!

SandboxPlus has entered into an exclusive partnership with the AFL to provide you Arena Football League fantasy football games. So, now SandboxPlus is the ONLY place offering Year-Round Fantasy Football. ;-D

I sure hope the Cafe users and SandboxPlus users can find a way to forgive and be at peace. I like using the Cafe for cheat sheets and sleeper reports but enjoy playing Sandbox Fantasy Sports game format the best out of anywhere I've played fantasy sports on the Internet.

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Postby Sandbox Plus User » Sun Jan 18, 2004 7:02 pm

Just a few of the many reasons Sandbox Plus doesn't stink. Some of the Cafe users have stated they don't know anything about Sandbox Plus so here's a few things to consider., the mecca for independent coverage and discussion of University of Virginia sports is one of the organizations that teamed up with Sandbox Plus for fantasy sports now. Here's what they said about the deal.

( teamed up with SandboxPlus, which was voted "Best of Web" by Forbes Magazine, so you can play Fantasy Football with your buddies from home or the friends you know here - or both!

At Sandbox: (meaning Sandbox Plus)

* You will receive the absolute best fantasy value
* You will play with the most powerful features
* You will make smart decisions with our integrated fantasy news and analysis
* You will receive the ultimate fantasy experience

SandboxPlus will offer you a great fantasy experience – check out some of the game features of their award-winning Full Contact Fantasy Football:

* No Peak Usage
* New Playoffs Option for your League
* Head-to-Head Fantasy Point or Strategy Scoring
* Public and Private Leagues
* Continue your '02 Keeper League or start a new one
* Fast Live and Slow Live drafts available, or input your off-line draft in minutes
* New Integrated Fantasy News, Analysis and Injury Reports - specific to your team
* New Complete Depth Charts for all 32 teams
* New Links to all 32 Hometown Newspapers
* New Intra-league email communications
* Our Classic User-Friendly Layout

Site Features and Improvements from '02

* Upgraded Infrastructure means Improved Scoring and Site Reliability
* Quick and Easy Customer Service - via Phone or Email
* No Pop-Up Advertising and No Email Marketing
* 100% Money Back Guarantee

Game Prizes

* More than $10,000.00 in Prizes
* $5,000.00 Grand Prize to to One League Winner
* 1 League Winner Wins $1,000.00
* 10 League Winners Win $100.00 Each
* 100 League Winners Win Full Contact FREE for 2004
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Postby ironman » Sun Jan 18, 2004 7:07 pm

I used to be a Sandbox user but have since written them off due to the way they treated all their members. I had also become incredibly tired of their constant lagging in getting stats updated on time. I had pretty much gotten sick of them and was shifting my leagues over to Yahoo anyway but the final straw came a couple of years ago when all my buddies did our yearly football league with Sandbox. It wasn't until after we all signed up and had our draft that with no notice whatsoever Sandbox comes up with this ridiculous Peak Usage crap. Only a couple decided to sign up for their scam and the league was pretty much dead after week 3. What made it worse was that Sandbox's customer service was not only incredibly unhelpful but downright rude. I understand they were probably bombarded with complaints but when I see their customer service reps saying "Stop complaining.." and "You should be lucky we still have it for free...", that was it for me. Maybe they have got their stuff together but after the way they treated me as well as many others I will never ever use their services again.

If I ever migrate to a pay service I will go to Sportsline.

And what's with all these "guests"? Half of them read more like advertisements for Sandbox Plus than real testimonies. It'll take more than some Sandbox employees coming in and plugging their swell product to get me even think about going back. :-t :-t :-t
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Postby Charles_Canton » Sun Jan 18, 2004 7:08 pm

Mr. Madison:

Sent you a PM message. I will PAY out of my own pocket for you to play Sandboxplus during the baseball season. I do post the first name, last name, and city location of ALL of my owners within my leagues in an e-mail to show commorodity within the fantasy culture from only the PRIVATE rumor-mill from MY leauges.
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Postby Fantasy_Gamer » Sun Jan 18, 2004 7:30 pm

ironman wrote:IAnd what's with all these "guests"? Half of them read more like advertisements for Sandbox Plus than real testimonies. It'll take more than some Sandbox employees coming in and plugging their swell product to get me even think about going back. :-t :-t :-t

Amen. Couldn't of said it better.

Limey -- I won't respond to your comments, as it's pretty pointless doing so. I won't be returning to Sandbox and will have nothing good to say about it.

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Postby ramble2 » Sun Jan 18, 2004 7:52 pm

ironman wrote:And what's with all these "guests"? Half of them read more like advertisements for Sandbox Plus than real testimonies. It'll take more than some Sandbox employees coming in and plugging their swell product to get me even think about going back. :-t :-t :-t

Thank you. It certainly comes across that way. As though it is some sort of 'grassroots' ad campaign or something. I'm not sure whether it's more lame or weird.

I don't know anything about SandboxPlus. I'm perfectly happy with Yahoo. I did once use Sandbox (not sure whether it is related to SandboxPlus), and got so much awful spam from them that I had to abandon an email account and start anew. I was also unimpressed by the customer support and features. I can't say I've read anything here that I find at all enticing about SandboxPlus. For one thing, I couldn't care less if it is a 'mom-and-pop' site (whatever in the world that means). Frankly, the gung-ho pro Sandbox posters here don't strike me as the sort I want to play with.

And folks, coming to the Cafe and bringing in a combatitive and disrespectful attitude is not the way to make friends on this forum - or garner much positive attention for SandboxPlus. Disrespecting Madison?! For one thing, he's a mod. He reads every post that comes in (or used to, if I remember correctly), and tries to make sure each one gets a good response. If SandboxPlus is so good, and has such a great forum, then why not head back there and let us wither in the lesser Cafe ... :-t
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Postby chefref22 » Sun Jan 18, 2004 9:46 pm

i can verify that all of the guests wrre real sandboxplus users and NOT people that work for sandboxplus.they were all directed to this thread when i posted the link at the sandboxplus forums.

i used to play at sites like yahoo,cbs and cnnsi.then i TRIEd sandbox and the difference was night and day.sandbox was soooo much better.and that was BEFORE they moved to sandboxplus where it became even better.

after the peak usage and going pay,even i was skeptical about staying in the box.but i am very glad i stayed with them and have been very impressed by the new site.

and one more thing about yahoo vs. sandboxplus.if the yahoo commish locks an owner,they CANNOT be replaced and the team just sits there for the rest of the season and its basically an 11 team league with the dead team not being able to do any trades,rumor mill posts ect.however,at sandboxplus if there is a dead team,not only can the commish kick them out,but they can REPLACE the owner so it may remain a 12 team league and be competitive top to bottom no matter what.

oh yeah and while i can't say i have a problem with madison, i don't think ANYONE can argue that he doesn't have a life if he posts almost 70 times a day.i just had to defend my fellow sandboxplus users there.

-Jeremy Kingston,NH
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Postby Charles_Canton » Sun Jan 18, 2004 10:43 pm

ramble2 wrote:
ironman wrote: If SandboxPlus is so good, and has such a great forum, then why not head back there and let us wither in the lesser Cafe ... :-t

I like the Sandboxplus forums most of the time. Sometimes, I get on their nerves, so I just lease my services into a new address like the Cafe. I can post here, because I am a member, and it is free. As a guest at the Cafe Mr. Ramble2, I would like order a glass full of ice and Coca Cola. Move it soldier.

If you check out the forums at Sandboxplus, I will admit that there are a few similarities with this Phbb coding. When you play SBX-baseball, there was most of time real-time scoring. As a Sandboxplus customer, you get access of links to all of the major league publications, and I am not talking about their home pages from This is not anywhere other then Sandboxplus to keep up to date of your SBX roster. Thanks.
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