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Copied and pasted from USA TODAY....Steroid related

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Copied and pasted from USA TODAY....Steroid related

Postby arkk21 » Sun Apr 01, 2007 8:32 am

Copied and Pasted:

Another season is upon us, and again the game is flooded with controversy. Just when the talks of Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and the more recent Gary Matthews Jr steroid scandal's seemed to be taking a backseat to baseball's opening day, America's favorite sport shows it's darker side once more.

Pitching and pitchers alike were never spotlighting as the great sluggers of our time during these dramatic steroid accusation's. With the evidence brought to light with Saturday's bold and massive FBI (narcotic's division) nationwide raid. Many of the homes of players listed in last years testimonial of former Arizona pitcher Jason Grimsley were savagely ransacked for any and all evidence of related steroid's and or steroid related material.

Ransacked is a strong word, but that is indeed what took place. There were a total of 14 homes that were seized and searched with 11 of them containing incriminating evidence, exactly what the FBI was looking for, said Special Agent Manuel Rodriguez, who was leading the search and seizure party of over 100 agents.

Influenced by his retired superior U.S. Marshall Gregory Salazar, Rodriguez says he couldn't have gotten close without his tutelage. It's the biggest bust related to MLB's steroid scandal yet, and this time it seems there will be no escaping full judgement from both MLB and the FBI courts.

Listed here are the names of the 11 player's that were arrested and homes were seized yesterday: David Ortiz, Josh Phelps, Ryan Howard, Carlos Beltran, Lance Berkman, Jim Thome, Bill Hall, Josh Beckett, and Eric Gagne. There were reportedly 3 more homes with no evidence that turned up, those names were not released. Special Agent Rodriguez said they targeted the "bigger name players" early to show the rest of the league that this is not something to be taken lightly and more search and seizures will follow.

"FOOLS" is how retired U.S. Marshall Salazar referred to these players. "These professional athletes just don't realize what they have". We would agree, being that the listed players salaries alone would fund hundreds of drug rehabilitation centers across the country.

Day one of the massive search and seizure was beyond what anyone expected within the FBI and we can only wait to see the impact this will have on the upcoming 2007 MLB Baseball season.

I read this and couldn't believe what went down, they have pictures and everything. Do yourself a favor and take the first letter of the first 4 paragraphs and the first words of the last 2 and see how much work I did to get you to sweat.
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Postby Krunk City King$ » Sun Apr 01, 2007 1:12 pm


it is april fools day....

so when you say "copied and pasted from USA today"....

my simple reply will be....


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