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Desperately Need Help. Pretender or Contender? WHIR

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Desperately Need Help. Pretender or Contender? WHIR

Postby masarume » Thu Mar 29, 2007 10:02 pm

I know this is a long analysis, but I really need help. Thanks in advance and I will help if you leave a link.

Víctor Martínez
(Cle - C,1B)
Albert Pujols
(StL - 1B)
Rickie Weeks
(Mil - 2B)
Eric Chávez
(Oak - 3B)
Rafael Furcal
(LAD - SS)
Carlos Beltrán
(NYM - OF)
Nick Swisher
(Oak - 1B,OF)
Shane Victorino
(Phi - OF)
Adam LaRoche
(Pit - 1B)
Ian Kinsler
(Tex - 2B)
Milton Bradley
(Oak - OF)

Russell Martin
(LAD - C)
Nick Johnson
(Was - 1B) DL

Jake Peavy
(SD - SP)
Jeremy Bonderman
(Det - SP)
Rich Harden
(Oak - SP)
José Valverde
(Ari - RP)
Bobby Jenks
(CWS - RP)
Huston Street
(Oak - RP)
Joel Zumaya
(Det - RP)
Jonathan Broxton
(LAD - RP)
Jorge Julio
(Fla - RP)
Dontrelle Willis
(Fla - SP)
John Patterson
(Was - SP)
Scott Olsen
(Fla - SP)
Anibal Sánchez
(Fla - SP)
Anthony Reyes
(StL - SP)

Notes: This is a 10 Team Yahoo H2H Keeper League 6x5 (xtra being OBP)
We get to keept 4 keepers last year and a rookie (or two pending your playoff status). Next year, we'll be able to keep 6.

My rookie kept from last year was Jenks. My rookies this year: Ryan Braun and Adam Miller.

Strengths: I think I over did it when it came to starting pitching. I felt that by building a solid rotation of young pitchers, I'll be successsful for years to come.
Weaknesses: My RP are just modest and my hitters may lack power. If Swisher can hit 40 and Laroche 35, I think pending on a couple of players, I should be fine. otherwise, I may need to acquire help elsewhere.

Bone-Head-Move: I drafted last this year (snake draft) because I won the league last year. This year, in rounds 7 and 8, I drafted Dunn and Willis. Both of which, I was not very proud of. Willis obviously being the greater disappointment. In retrospect I had no clue what I was doing. As a result, I traded Dunn away for Streets (who was acquired 4 picks later). Had I drafted Streets or BJ Ryan early on, instead of Willis, my power situation would've been a lot better.

Thanks for reading along. Post what you feel I need to do.[/b]

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Postby masarume » Fri Mar 30, 2007 9:28 pm

I don't want to bump, but it's been a day and still no help.

I just want some general advice before the season starts so I know what to look for via waiver wire/trades.

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Postby walkoffblast » Sat Mar 31, 2007 1:47 am

No need for two catchers. I might consider dealing Vmart and keeping martin. I like your pitching staff a lot. You could probably improve at third. It is such a deep position this year might be worth putting one on your bench in case chavez falters. Furcal injury could hurt you. You will need a backup in beginning and ss is a hard place to find a backup. If furcal doesnt run SB might be a bad cat for you. Look around for an improvement at your third OF spot. Victorino/bradley isnt a bad combo but you could probably do better in a league of your size.
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Postby AmericanChristians » Sat Mar 31, 2007 1:52 am

I agree that your biggest concern would be backing up Chavez at 3rd. Ridding yourself of one of the catchers would probably be the best way to open a post.
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Postby tianyi86 » Sat Mar 31, 2007 2:00 am

I think you should have kept dunn. Valverde, Jenks, Julio, and broxton possibly closing if Saito implode is enough saves. You needed dunn's power numbers, and plus, dunn is showing signs of hitting, with a .400 avg in springtraining. I know it doesn't mean much, but don't you feel better owning dunn when he hits .400 in springtraining than say, .188?

I would trade out weeks and victorino/swisher for a big power OF because kinsler will put up 20 hrs, and at least 10 stls. With furcal and beltran, u can compete in sb already.

Thumbs up on that starting rotation.

This is a definite contender.
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Postby masarume » Sat Mar 31, 2007 11:53 am ... 06#2143906

Thanks guys, I proposed a deal to get a 3B on my team so I can free up some space to get a SS.

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