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New Look. WHIR

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New Look. WHIR

Postby chris_dubyuh » Thu Mar 29, 2007 5:06 am

After a flurry of FA pickups and a trade this is how my team looks.

Without Figgins playing at 3rd I'm kinda lacking in steals but I'm hoping my guys can pickup the slack until he returns; I'll also look to acquire a speedster to maybe help out when I DL him.

Saves looks suspect, but there will be options throughout the year, as always.

My average isn't looking so hot. I'm praying that Giambi and Swisher can add hitting for average to their "to do" lists.

I got Matsui from the WW just tonight... what a steal.

Please any opinions would be great. WHIR

12-Team YAHOO! ROTO 5x5

C-Víctor Martínez
1B-Jason Giambi
2B-Chase Utley
3B-Edwin Encarnacion
SS-Stephen Drew
OF-Carl Crawford
OF-Álex Ríos
OF-Hideki Matsui
UT-Nick Swisher
BN-Chone Figgins
BN-Rocco Baldelli

SP-Scott Kazmir
SP-Chris Young
RP-Brad Lidge
RP-Octavio Dotel
P-Erik Bedard
P-John Patterson
P-Jonathan Broxton
BN-Chuck James
BN-Andy Pettitte
BN-Jered Weaver
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Postby lachlanoddy » Thu Mar 29, 2007 10:25 am

I'm right with you on your saves thinking. It seems that every year a couple of great steals turn up... you just have to see them and act quickly...! And you have a couple of well-placed guys in that dept anyway so you really only need to mine one nugget from the wire to be golden...

I like your bats... crawford and figs will light the steals up, and crawford will tide you by on his own without figs... you'll have time to catch up when figs is healthy if you're at all behind... Rios may well help out a bit, and drew too

Godzilla on the wire IS a steal. Ridiculous. Well done. :)

Your SP is decent, although no-one stands out to me... I would maybe be concerned there given that Petitte is getting OLD... James and Young have great potential but will it come out already?... I think you know what I mean...
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Postby bjm97 » Thu Mar 29, 2007 11:09 am

I agree with lach- getting Matsui on the ww is obscene 8-o. Why did someone drop him??? Your offense is set and is balanced, although a little light in the average dept which you noted. Saves should be easy enough to find on the WW (TB is a CBC now + I assume julio isn't around, right?).

SP is a bit of a wildcard health/age/potential define most of your team. If Bedard/Young continue to improve and Pettitte/Patterson/Weaver stay healthy you should be fine, but that is a lot to ask of those five. James has flashes of greatness, but I just don't see him doing much in the NL east with the potent offenses. Overall- solid team, with a few breaks you could win it all or crash and burn with some injuries! ... p?t=263883
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Postby Jimmy103 » Thu Mar 29, 2007 10:16 pm

I like your team for some of it's upside/bounce back guys (Edwin, Drew, Swisher, Rocco, Kaz, Chris Young, Lidge)

Broxton is a force so he could end up as the closer, saves are out there to be had, just see who's blowing saves early and you'll get an idea what teams will be looking to make a change. Last year I rode Papelbon (who I drafted last round), Julio, Otsuka, and Putz. Not saying that kinda stuff will happen annually, but you're straight DOMINATING (I know I was) saves if you have those 4. Julio is supposedly being brought in for the Marlins closer role, so check on him.
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Postby funsounds » Thu Mar 29, 2007 10:36 pm

12 teams and godzilla on the ww? that's odd!

i like your bats. your SP's are ok...if kazmir and bedard both take steps forward, then you should be golden. but your RP's,,,man, ouch! trade for someone or be quick about picking up this seasons monster out-of-nowhere closer...

Help? ... p?t=264012
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