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Restructuring Arod's contract

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Re: Restructuring Arod's contract

Postby nsulham » Wed Dec 10, 2003 7:47 pm

wrveres wrote:
Madison wrote:
wrveres wrote:
j_d_mcnugent wrote:a-rod - 25 million a year
player a - small salary + 2.5 million
player b - small salary + 2.5 million

slice it and dice it anyway you want ... The Sox wil still be paying 30 mill + for the SS position ....

Don't forget to factor in the $5-$10 million of Manny's salary too. B-)

isn't baseball a wonderful thing ... 35 million for a MI ...
I imagine Grady Little is just sitting home giggling :-)
In all honesty ... how much of an upgrade is it ..??
Theo, who had a week of brillance in trading for Curt is about to tarnish it forever .... IMO

Here we go :-°

To me it's a no-brainer: get ARod. Both sides are bound and determined to get the deal done and I am willing to venture that somehow, some way, Boston will get some of that money back, be it from endorsements, whatever. The restructure might not be huge but it will be enough to make it palatable for management.

Look, I don't care how many times Moorad says it--Manny DOES NOT want to be in Boston. He's an eternal malcontent and he just flat doesn't want to be there. Accomodate him and get his great-hitting, not-so-great everything else ass out of there.

As for Nomar, there is almost no way in hell he re-ups after the year so the way management looks at it is deal him now or keep him and watch him walk, which he almost assuredly WILL do, and get nothing for him.

ARod WILL schmooze the Boston media and big companies, something Nomar WON'T do. Selig and MLB are salivating at the thought of having the game's best player on the center stage of the greatest rivalry in sports.

ARod in Texas=blah from a business and publicity standpoint for MLB. ARod in Boston=bonanza in business and publicity for MLB. Don't think Selig isn't helping this thing along, knowing the boost he could get from Having ARod in Boston taking on the Yankees.
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Re: Restructuring Arod's contract

Postby j_d_mcnugent » Wed Dec 10, 2003 7:52 pm

wrveres wrote:slice it and dice it anyway you want ... The Sox wil still be paying 30 mill + for the SS position ....

i think they would be coughing up way too much money but i dont think it really matters if you want to say a-rod is getting 25 million or 30 million. the only thing that really matters is getting the players that you want on the team and being happy with the overall salary number. if they like the lineup and can afford the overall salary number then it doesnt matter too much if one guy is overpaid and one is underpaid. thats how i think the red sox are approaching it and why it seems to make sense to them.
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