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drafted h2h points ... tell me who i should keep/trade etc

PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2007 11:38 pm
by FantasyStud852

Brian McCann (C)
Justin Morneau (1B)
Dan Uggla (2B)
Carlos Guillen (SS)
Miguel M. Cabrera (3B)
Carlos Beltran (OF)
Juan Pierre (OF)
Rocco Baldelli (OF)
Nomar Garciaparra (U)

Cole Hamels (SP)
Felix Hernandez (SP)
Mike Mussina (SP)
Roy Oswalt (SP)
Takashi Saito (RP)


Joe Blanton (SP)
Eric Byrnes (OF)
Jorge L. Cantu (2B)
Kelvim Escobar (SP)
Tom Glavine (SP)
Luis E. Gonzalez (OF)
Scott Olsen (SP)
Edgar Renteria (SS)
Richie Sexson (1B)
Jake Westbrook (SP)
Ted Lilly (SP)

H2H points
Scoring for Batting Categories
1B - Singles 1 point
2B - Doubles 2 points
3B - Triples 3 points
BB - Walks (Batters) 1 point
HP - Hit by Pitch 1 point
HR - Home Runs 4 points
KO - Strikeouts (Batter) -1 point
R - Runs 1 point
RBI - Runs Batted In 1 point
SB - Stolen Bases 2 points

Scoring for Pitching Categories
BS - Blown Saves -2 points
CG - Complete Games 5 points
ER - Earned Runs -0.5 points
INN - Innings 0.25 points
K - Strikeouts (Pitcher) 1 point
L - Losses 0 points
NH - No-Hitters 30 points
QS - Quality Starts 0 points
S - Saves 5 points
SO - Shutouts 5 points
W - Wins 0 points
Special Scoring for Starting Pitchers
L - Losses -5 points
QS - Quality Starts 5 points
W - Wins 10 points
Special Scoring for Relief Pitchers
L - Losses -3 points
W - Wins 5 points

PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2007 11:52 pm
by Big Cat
You really could use an upgrade on power. You've really only got a few guys that are big HR threats.

Also, look to get a better closer. It looks to me like that closers have more value than usual. ... 56#2109656