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Picks 44 to 68

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Picks 44 to 68

Postby rjforlife » Sun Mar 04, 2007 5:22 pm

who are you guys targeting at these points in your draft? in my draft with 10 teams it is mid round 5 until the end of the 7th round and in doing the 1 man mock ala the article on the front page i am struggling mightily in whom to take in these 4 rounds. for convenience sake lets take into account i pick 6th so i have overall picks in rounds 5-7: 46, 55, and 66

i am using the adjusted yahoo adps and there just arent players in that group i like taking at those spots. heres who is in there and what i feel about them, im hoping for people to break down some of these players as well so i can gauge where they rate for others (please keep in mind i am intending to see the worst in everyone here, i dont hate all these players, im just being very critical.

44 V-Mart- A catcher in the 5th round seems far too early, and with mauer gone i see no reason not to just wait til very late for a catcher

45 Rivera- Kind of like a catcher,i dont like the idea of a closer in the 5th. there are many good ones and id prefer to wait

46 Cano- A good up and comer, one of few i dont mind in this spot.

47 Figgins- had a down year last season and doesnt provide much for power. round 5 i still want guys that produce ATB.

48 K-Rod- i like him over rivera but still dont think the time is right to start with closers

49 B-Rob- dont see him having a great year and 2B has a lot of guys in his range to be taking this early

50 Furcal- a little more pop than figgins and a more solid player means ill have to consider him in round 5, as he will likely be gone by the 6th

51 BJ Ryan- see rivera/k-rod

52 Konerko- if i dont already have a 1B by now i like konerko, as i have him a step above the group right behind him

53 Glaus- while he qualifies at short in my league, it is still a deep position and it is too early to damage my avg for what could be a mediocre season

54 McCann- same as v-mart, i would consider him in the 6th or 7th round but dont think he will be there

55 Damon- last of the solid OFs and a guy i would love to get with the 6th round pick. problem is that i have him being gone by then.

56 Wagner- still not yet.....

57 Matsui- injury last season was a freak one but hes still not going to come out hitting like gangbusters and may not be in a great spot in that lineup, although any spot is pretty good.

58 Delgado- the avg drop last year scares me, i think the power drops this season as well.

59 Matsuzaka- i dont know how you can take him here, as the 6th or 7th best arm. theres no way ill touch him until the 10th

60 Sheffield- new team, old man, injuries/roids. no thanks.

61 Smoltz- i dont mind smoltz here, but if i already have an arm like carp/oswalt or even peavy/webb/zambo i dont need another arm until later

62 Hall- have to question the power jolt as well as the avg. too early for what could be a one year wonder

63 Rolen- injuries, aging, horrible finish to the season leave me wondering why he remains a 6th or 7th round pick.

64 Pierre- nothing but speed and may not even hit leadoff. if i want a guy that only steals ill wait for freel or f. lopez much later.

65 Uggla- see billy hall

66 Hoffman- id consider a closer in the 7th round if there was a run on them but i would still wait to get saito or gordon or jenks later than this

67 Street - see hoffman

68 Zimmerman- same as hall and uggla except worse because he loses the one good thing going for him, soriano.

after these guys theres a lot of players that i think are in the right place to be taken and round 8 and beyond ill start to take chances. but with the exception of:


im not excited to take any of these guys and theres a good chance i wont get to take any of those 4 either. please feel free to disagree with what ive written about these players, suggest someone i should move up this list, or some other strategy i should be taking in rounds 5-7. thanks
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Postby greenandgold » Sun Mar 04, 2007 5:38 pm

I think Furcal or Konerko are both solid picks, Damon is pretty good as well. I wouldn't take Cano - and in Roto K-Rod isn't really a bad pick.
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Postby pokerplaya » Sun Mar 04, 2007 5:48 pm

You can pretty much find a criticism for anyone not named Pujols...

You have to realize that between the 5-7 rounds you are not going to find a perfect player and everyone will have shortcomings. You just have to decide which players you like the most.

Personally, I think Cano is an atrocious pick there, but he is one of the few picks you actually like. It's all a matter of opinion.
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Postby OneLoveBoomer » Sun Mar 04, 2007 6:04 pm

As to the original list, I like Furcal, Konerko, and Pierre there. Rios is probably right around the corner, too. Someone like C.C. Sabathia could fall to these places too.
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Postby TheRock » Sun Mar 04, 2007 6:41 pm

Good post.

These are the picks that truly define your team, so it's good to spend some time analyzing how to spend them. Any monkey with a cheatsheet could navigate the early rounds without sinking your team. It's finding the good values in the middle and late rounds that give you the advantage.

I'll give you my take on these guys, but it would be simpler to write "everything you said, I think the opposite."

Víctor Martínez - I love VMart this year. Everyone else reaches for Mauer, leaving VMart to fall about where I would take him. He gives you a ton more power at catcher than you'll get anywhere else. Your theory seems to be punt catcher and just take a guy late to fill the hole. I'd encourage you to consider taking a guy who's MUCH better than the guy your opponent has.

Mariano Rivera - You make a valid point about closers, you can get one later. Perhaps playing in a 10 team league changes the strategery a bit. In a 12 team league, no closer goes undrafted. Top closer candidates all get drafted. If you have a shot at one with rock solid job security that plays for a winner, gets you great ratios, and throws in some K's, you take him. 4th round is not reaching for a guy like Rivera, in some "expert" drafts you see top closers going in the 2nd. That's reaching.

Robinson Canó - Funny that the one guy here I wouldn't touch til pick 100 is the guy you like. That's why we play the game. I think there are so many talented 2B this year NOT named Utley that I would wait as long as possible. How certain are you that Cano will significantly outperform Roberts, Weeks, Uggla, Kinsler, Barfield, Phillips, etc? I'm not. Not enough to reach one bit for any of them.

Chone Figgins - I'm with ya, seems very early for him here.
Francisco Rodríguez - I would have taken him in the high 30's, low 40's.
Brian Roberts - I really like Roberts, wouldn't take him this early though. If he ever makes it into the 70's, he's mine.
Rafael Furcal - Depends who you took in round 3-4. If you didn't get a top 5 SS, this is your chance. Furcal is great value here.
B.J. Ryan - See Rivera
Paul Konerko - Fine pick here
Troy Glaus Earlier than I would take him, but I'm not much of a fan
Brian McCann - See VMart. But I don't like McCann as much
Johnny Damon - Again with the opposite. I'm always too busy grabbing a stud closer and a catcher if one falls to ever get Damon
Billy Wagner - See Rivera
Hideki Matsui - If he comes back healthy, this is a great spot to get him. I don't consider him much of a risk
Carlos Delgado - I'm with you here, I'm staying away
Daisuke Matsuzaka -Bit of a risk in that he's unproven. I'm letting someone else roll the Dice here
Gary Sheffield - Too early for my blood
John Smoltz -ditto
Bill Hall - I don't really see one year wonder, I was targeting him last year this time too. SS/3B/OF eligible in Yahoo ;-D
Scott Rolen - I like Rolen this year. Not here though
Juan Pierre - I never take the one dimensional players, never understood why people did.
Dan Uggla - Now here's your one-year wonder
Trevor Hoffman - See Rivera
Huston Street - See Rivera. Gotta love Street this late
Ryan Zimmerman - Talented hitter. But 72 seems a bit early for him

Don't forget you're allowed to take guys earlier than Yahoo says you can. There are some guys just following this batch you posted that are worthy of consideration in these rounds.

Ben Sheets - Santana-like numbers if he stays healthy. Ok, bit of an exaggeration but if you feel like gambling, he's got the talent.
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Postby daullaz » Sun Mar 04, 2007 6:50 pm

Out of the original list, I'd try to get Furcal/Konerko in the 5th, those two/Matsui/V.Martinez/Smoltz in the 6th, and if none are left in the seventh, maybe a top-five closer.
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Postby ttwarrior1 » Sun Mar 04, 2007 6:50 pm

you guys must be drunk, half those guys are taken way before then,
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Postby Eagle Baseball » Sun Mar 04, 2007 8:32 pm

I hear you on there not being a lot of guys I want in this area. I won my 12 team keeper so I have picks 72, 73, 96 & 97 I am keeping:
2-1B so my utility is used up

I would like to get another OF with one of those picks and unless someone unforeseen takes a big fall I don't see any OF I like here according to ADP. I like the OF I can get later just as much so I think I will end up taking SP's earlier than I want.
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Postby Ender » Mon Mar 05, 2007 12:01 am

ttwarrior1 wrote:you guys must be drunk, half those guys are taken way before then,

Keep in mind its a 10 team league. If you only have 1 C slot I dont' take a C slot here, if you have 2 I'm all over VMart. I like Furcal and Konerko the best assuming they fit your teams needs. Its kind of hard to say becasue you play in such a shallow league that just playing the hot hand is probably going to win the league, not drafting well.
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