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Established 5x5 Roto Keeper league looking for 2 ppl

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Established 5x5 Roto Keeper league looking for 2 ppl

Postby gregous613 » Thu Mar 01, 2007 5:14 pm

We have a couple of openings in our league since a couple of members decided not to return due to finances.....

League rules/consitution are below:

Hardball Fantasy Baseball 2007

Second Annual Dynasty League


Draft Date: Saturday March 24th, 2007
Time: 5:00 PM Central Time
Type: Serpentine style draft (not an auction like years past)
Rounds: 41
Teams: 14


2) Catchers
1) First Baseman
1) Second Baseman
1) Third Baseman
1) Shortstop
1) Corner Infielder
1) Middle Infielder
4) Outfielders
2) Utility (Consists of any offensive position)

12) Starting, Relieving, or Closing. Use at your own discretion.

10) Players consisting of Offensive Positions and Pitchers.

A maximum of 5 minor leaguers and 5 injured players will be allowed per team at any point in the season. You are allowed to trade minor leaguers at both owners discretion.


5x5 Rotisserie consisting of 5 Offensive Categories (Batting Average, Home Runs, Runs Batted In, Runs Scored, and Steals), as well as 5 Pitching Categories (Wins, Earned Run Average, Strikeouts, W.H.I.P, and Saves).
Scoring periods are weekly and begin every Monday.


Each team will be able to keep (protect) a maximum of four players from their roster heading into the following season(2007). There are a few guidelines to follow as far as protecting players…

1) For each player that you keep drafted after round 3, you lose a draft pick the next year THREE ROUNDS HIGHER than each player's draft round the previous year (keeping a player drafted in the 7th round will cost a 4th round pick the next year, keeping him again will cost a 2nd round pick the next, and so on). NOTE: NO players drafted in rounds 1 - 3 are able to be protected.

2) Free Agent’s keeper status will go as follows:

Month Round
April: 30
May: 24
June: 18
July: 14
August: 10
September: 8
Off-Season: 6

*Once a player is drafted or kept, his draft round will not change. So if a player who was drafted in the 5th round got released and you picked him up in Week 1, his keeper status would apply to the 5th round, not the corresponding month he was picked up in.

*In the event that a team wishes to keep multiple players that may "cost" the same pick, the team may either trade for a pick to supplement the kept player, or give the pick one-round ahead of what the initial "cost" would be. (For example, if you have two 5th-rounders, keeping one will cost a third-rounder, and keeping the other will cost either a third-rounder that you acquire via trade or a second-rounder).

*Keeper announcements are due 7 days before each yearly draft. If they are not made, then it is assumed a team will not keep any players. All keeper announcements are final, and each team is allowed ONE keeper announcement. The final draft order will be announced BEFORE keeper lists are due.


41 Rounds (May seem a bit much but it will be quicker paced than the auctions we used to have).

*Time Limit for each selection is 90 seconds

*If your allotted time expires, the pick will be made for you by the computer.

*If a player you wish to pick is not available in the system, please NOTIFY THE COMMISSIONER. A substitute player will be selected in the draft and replaced later with the proper player.

*Draft picks and next year's draft picks MAY be traded at any time. Any picks that are traded can be used to select draft picks and to keep players. Teams may have multiple picks in any round, but cannot pick more than 41 players in a single draft.

*In the case that a team's roster will not be full due to picks traded away, they will have to pick from the remaining free agents after the draft to fill the roster. Once a team has all 41 roster slots filled, regardless of how many draft choices he has, he is done drafting and will surrender all of his remaining picks.


The Reiffer Trading System:
After the all-star break, a team will only be allowed to trade with a team that is within 3 spots of themself in the standings, this leads to teams not being able to throw their players away at the end of the year.


CBS League Fee: $130.00
Entry per person: $75.00 ($10 per person to cover web site costs and $65 per person going into the payout pool).


1st: $370
2nd: $275
3rd: $185
4th: $90

All payouts will be made within 2 weeks after the regular season’s conclusion.

We are looking forward to another great year and many more to come!
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Softball Supervisor

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Postby gregous613 » Thu Mar 01, 2007 8:38 pm

Still Looking Guys...we need 2 quality owners to add to our league...
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Softball Supervisor

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Postby gregous613 » Mon Mar 05, 2007 10:09 pm

ok now we need 1 more.....BUMP!
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Softball Supervisor

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