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Postby thomasps3 » Thu Mar 01, 2007 12:03 pm

Bald Headed Mo Fo's

C -
1B - Jason Giambi
2B - Jorge Cantu
SS - Miguel Tejada
3B - Chipper Jones
OF - Alfonso Soriano
OF - Jason Bay
OF - Jermaine Dye
UT - Mark Teahan
UT - Barry Bonds
SP - John Lackey
SP - Bronson Arroyo
RP - BJ Ryan
RP - Todd Jones
P - Joel Zumaya
P - Ted Lilly
P - Jorge Julio
Bench - Alex Gordon
Bench - Scot Shields
Bench -
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Re: Rosters

Postby RugbyD » Thu Mar 01, 2007 12:17 pm

This... Is... SPARTA!!!!!


C - Brian McCann
1B - Todd Helton
2B - Jeff Kent
SS - Carlos Guillen
3B - Alex Rodriguez
OF - Matt Holliday
OF - Torii Hunter
OF - Mike Cameron
UT - Richie Sexson
UT - Dave Roberts

SP - Jake Peavy
SP - Jason Schmidt
RP - Joe Nathan
RP - Bob Wickman
P - Dan Wheeler
P - Mike Gonzalez
P - Kerry Wood

BN - Eric Chavez
BN - Ty Wigginton
BN - Moises Alou
BN - Mike Mussina
BN - Jeremy Sowers
BN - Roger Clemens

I never go in with a plan per se. I have guys that I like, but there's really no targeting except for generalities. Unless there's a significant mispricing, I don't like closers before the 8th or starters before the 4th. That said, when my 4th rd pick came up i couldn't find a reason to take my other options in front of Nathan, so things just fell that way. The only hard target I had was Rich Hill in the 11th and Buser ruined that.

The Good:
I got my #1 3B, #1 OF, #1 CL, #2 SP, and #3 C. That's a big haul as far as I'm concerned. Chavez could end up as some solid trade bait. I was happy to get the Sexson/Roberts combo considering the average of the two is like drafting 2 more Mike Camerons, who i drafted before them. It was like moving up draft picks for free.

The Bad:
SP depth is weak. Sowers is still somewhat unknown, Mussina is old, and Clemens might not even play. I'm always a big fan of MRs, especially ones that could close as well, so I have that in my favor as a mitigating factor. Helton and Kent could be nice surprises, but they could just as easily be mediocre.
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Postby GIANTbeerdog » Thu Mar 01, 2007 1:28 pm


C Mike Piazza - OAK (11.6) - (126)
1B Ryan Howard - PHI (1.6) - (6)
2B Robinson Cano - NYY (5.6) - (54)
SS Jimmy Rollins - PHI (2.6) - (19)
3B Aramis Ramirez - CHC (4.6) - (43)
OF Josh Willingham - FLA (14.6) - (163)
OF Chris Young - ARI (15.6) - (174)
OF Brad Hawpe - COL (16.7) - (187)
UT Hanley Ramirez - FLA (3.6) - (30)
UT Adrian Gonzalez - SD (12.6) - (139)

SP Daisuke Matsuzaka - BOS (6.6) - (67)
SP Cole Hammels - PHI (8.6) - (91)
RP JJ Putz - SEA (7.6) - (78)
RP Francisco Cordero (10.6) - (115)
P Aaron Harang - CIN (9.6) - (102)
P Javier Vazquez - CHW (13.6) - (150)
P Freddy Garcia - PHI (18.6) - (211)

BN Matt Murton - CHC (17.6) - (198)
BN Ray Durham - SF (20.6)
BN Nate Robertson - DET (19.6)
BN Brian Giles - SD (21.6)
BN Shea Hillenbrand - LAA (22.6)
BN Austin Kearns - WAS (23.6)
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Postby TheRock » Thu Mar 01, 2007 1:42 pm


C - Jorge Posada (17.10)
1B - Mark Teixeira (2.3)
2B - Howie Kendrick (11.10)
SS - Rafael Furcal (4.3)
3B - Adrian Beltre (10.3)
OF - Vlad Guerrero (1.10)
OF - Vernon Wells (3.10)
OF - Eric Byrnes (14.3)
UT - Jim Thome (6.3)
UT - Aubrey Huff (15.10)

SP - Danny Haren (7.10)
SP - Erik Bedard (8.3)
RP - Mariano Rivera (5.10)
RP - Octavio Dotel (13.10)
P - Rich Harden (9.10)
P - Jered Weaver (12.3)
P - Anthony Reyes (19.10)
BN - Akinori Otsuka (16.3)
BN - Corey Hart (18.3)
BN - Daniel Cabrera (20.3)
BN - Rich Aurilia (21.10)
BN - Taylor Tankersley (22.3)
BN - Joe Blanton (23.10)

Draft Plan:
I chose the 10th spot in the draft hoping for the best value. For me, anything less than #1 is not #1, the next 6 guys could go in any order, and most of them are not without a degree of risk. Huge upside, yes, but given the choice between one of them and two of guys like MCab, Wright, Crawford, Hafner, Beltran, etc, I went with a late round pick. I'm happy with Vlad and Teix, but would much preferred the Crawford/Hafner combo cheese walked away with. Jerk.

So, guys I'm happy with. I have high hopes for Kendrick, 11th round seemed about right for him. Thome in the 6th wasn't in the plan, but seemed like great value. I'm a big Haren fan this year. I walked out with some of my top sleepers in Corey Hart, Cabrera, and Beltre, missed others. Hard to not like Posada in the 17th.

Not so happy I missed the 2nd closer run even though I passed a couple times on all the mid-level guys. Maybe Dotel will make me look like a genious. :-o I don't know if it's groupthink or we all read the same Yahoo columnist, but nobody felt like rolling the dice on those high upside pitchers (except Sheets :-C ). So I ended up with Harden at 9.10 and Weaver at 12.3. So far Harden's making me look like a genius, maybe one of them will pan out.

Overall, more risk than I normally like in my team but I didn't really reach for anyone except maybe Bedard. My offense looks great and hopefully my pitching staff won't fail me.
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Postby williesd » Thu Mar 01, 2007 3:08 pm


C Chris Iannetta - COL (20.12)
1B Albert Pujols - STL (1.01)
2B Brian Roberts - BALT (5.01)
SS Derek Jeter - NYY (2.12)
3B Chad Tracy - ARI (16.12)
OF Ichiro Suzuki - SEA (3.01)
OF Nick Swisher - OAK (9.01)
OF Nick Markakis - BAL (12.12)
UT Julio Lugo - BOS (6.12)
UT Prince Fielder - MIN (7.01)
SP Curt Schilling - BOS (8.12)
SP Randy Johnson - ARI (11.01)
RP Francisco Rodriguez - LAA (4.12)
RP Takashi Saito - LAD (10.12)
P David Bush - MIL (13.01)
P Josh Beckett - BOS (14.12)
P Ian Snell - PIT (15.01)
BN Chien-Ming Wang - NYY (17.01)
BN Ryan Dempster - CHN (18.12)
BN Kei Igawa - NYY (19.01)
BN Matt Garza - MIN (21.01)
BN Gerald Laird - TEX (22.12)
BN Jose Contreras -CHA (23.01)
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Postby oscar15 » Thu Mar 01, 2007 3:26 pm

Oscar Mayer's WINNERS

C Russell Martin LAD 11.08 (128)
1B Connor Jackson ARI 17.08 (200)
2B Ryan Freel CIN 13.08 (152)
SS Freddy Sanchez DET 16.05 (185)
3B Miguel Cabrera FLA 1.08 (8)
OF Grady Sizemore CLE 2.05 (17)
OF Andruw Jones ATL 3.08 (32)
OF Adam Dunn CIN 5.08 (56)
UT Jeff Francouer ATL 9.08 (104)
UT Coco Crisp BOS 14.05 (161)

SP Carlos Zambrano CHC 4.05 (41)
SP Chris Young SDP 7.08 (80)
RP Huston Street OAK 6.05 (65)
RP Chad Cordero WAS 10.05 (113)
P Matt Cain SFG 8.05 (89)
P Andy Pettitte NYY 12.05 (137)
P Brad Penny LAD

BN Marcus Giles 2B SDP 15.08 (176)
BN Pat Burrell OF PHI 18.05 (209)
BN Kevin Millwood P TEX
BN Tim Hudson P ATL
BN Jeff Francis P COL
BN BJ Upton 3B TB

What Went Right: Although I had targeted Utley and Texirea in rounds 1 and 2, I have no complaints about the combo of Cabrera and Sizemore. Rounds 3, 4 and 5 went as planned. I have Dunn and Jones ranked higher than most experts. I wanted to snag Zambrano or Peavy to anchor my staff. I struggled with Saves last year so getting two quality closers with little wear and tear was a plus. I made a conscious effort to keep my roster young.

What Went Wrong: Matt Cain was the first pick that made me wince. Chris Young should have the kind of year to warrant a mid-rd pick, Cain is a reach. I pushed the panic button a little early and started looking for SB and AVG earlier than I planned. In hindsight, I pulled the trigger on Russell Martin a little early. Quality Catchers remained on the board until much later in the draft. I completely missed out on the mid to late Rd 1B I had targeted.

What needs to happen for Oscar's Winners to take the Championship: A. Jones, Dunn, and Francouer need to have close to career numbers in all categories. Cain needs to exhibit the "no hitter stuff" that some "experts” say he has. Pat Burrell needs to step up and take advantage of hitting after Howard (Who are you going to pitch to with "ducks on the pond"?). The veteran P I AQued at the end of the draft need to be consistent.

Outlook: Getting out of the 2nd Division can be a reality
Competing for the Championship is a possibility
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Postby CheeseBeger » Fri Mar 02, 2007 12:20 am

Kings of the Hill

C Ramon Hernandez (16.1)
1B Derrek Lee (3.12)
2B Brandon Phillips (13.12)
SS Edgar Renteria (11.12)
3B Garrett Atkins (4.1)
OF Carl Crawford (1.12)
OF Hideki Matsui (6.1)
OF Raul Ibanez (9.12)
UT Travis Hafner (2.1)
UT Edwin Encarnacion (15.12)

SP John Smoltz (5.12)
SP Brett Myers (7.12)
RP Bobby Jenks (10.1)
RP Salomon Torres (12.1)
P Jeremy Bonderman (8.1)
P AJ Burnett (14.1)
P Bobby Howry (17.12)

BN Chris Burke (18.1)
BN Clay Hensley (20.1)
BN Cla Meridith (19.12)
BN Shane Victorino (21.12)
BN Mike Pelfrey (22.1)
BN Mark Buerhle (23.12)
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Postby Old_Style » Fri Mar 02, 2007 2:40 am


C Ivan Rodriguez
1B Paul Konerko
2B Tadahito Iguchi
3B David Wright
SS Michael Young
OF Carlos Beltran
OF Delmon Young
OF Michael Cuddyer
Util Bill Hall
Util Ryan Shealy
SP Dontrelle Willis
SP C.C. Sabathia
RP Jason Isringhausen
RP Jose Valverde
P Juan Rincon
P Rafael Soriano
P Jonathan Broxton
BN Greg Maddux
BN Ervin Santana
BN Akinori Iwamura
BN Gary Matthews Jr.
BN Tom Gorzelanny
BN Barry Zito
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Postby mbuser » Wed Mar 07, 2007 1:24 am

booze crew

C - Victor Martinez (4.11)
1B - Carlos Delgado (5.02)
2B - Rickie Weeks (8.11)
SS - Felipe Lopez (9.02)
3B - Troy Glaus (6.11)
OF - Bobby Abreu (2.11)
OF - Alex Rios (7.02)
OF - Willy Taveras (13.02)
UTIL - Ian Kinsler (12.11)
UTIL - Kevin Youkilis

SP - Johan Santana (1.02)
SP - Chris Carpenter (3.02)
RP - Brian Fuentes (11.02)
RP - Brian Wilson
P - Rich Hill (10.11)
P - Scott Olsen
P - Noah Lowry

Bench - Michael Barrett
Bench - Carlos Quentin
Bench - Morgan Ensberg
Bench - Jonny Gomes (21.02)
Bench - Joel Pineiro (22.11)
Bench - Kevin Gregg (23.02)
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