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5x5 AL keeper league in MD/DC area needs 2 owners

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5x5 AL keeper league in MD/DC area needs 2 owners

Postby dbird » Sat Feb 24, 2007 9:29 pm

This year's auction will be at my house in Bowie, Maryland at approximately 7 pm, Monday, April 2.

Here is a link that contains the players of the 11 teams from last year that are eligible to be retained, along with their salaries, updated for 2007. The teams of the two owners that left are David's Letterman and Pete's Grays.

A copy of the rules is also there. Note that players that went over to the NL are not eligible if they stay there, and some of them are still listed on the rosters.

Check out everything, and if you have any questions, please let me know. I will give you a synopsis of the league rules.

Assuming that we have 12 owners, the teams consist of 25 players, 23 from the AL, and the other 2 from the NL. There is a special two-round draft to obtain the NL players (held at the beginning, before the auction part begins). The teams select in the reverse order of the standings from the previous season in the NL draft. After that, there is the customary auction to fill the remainder (added to the keepers) of the 23 AL players, with a 260 limit. Between 4-12 keepers are required (inclusive).

During the season, there are weekly transactions, with the team in last place getting the first pickup (based on the current standings at that time), and then the team in next to last place, etc., the order repeating in each round of pickup Free agents salaries are $5, and can come from the AL or their minor league teams. Free agent acquisitions can occur through the second transaction day in September, and trades through the end of August (trades are allowed during the offseason, there have been two so far in the last couple of weeks). Transactions are $3 per free agent acquisition, and $2 per trade during the season, but the first $80 are free,with anything over $80 being paid in real money, to go into the pool. Most people don't spend anything on transactions, but the very active may spend some. The league fee is $100. The pot is split at the end of the season; 60% for 1st, 30% for 2nd, 10% for 3rd.

An important thing for you that has not yet been written in the rules document, but was voted a couple of weeks ago is this: we found that the teams that were orphaned (the owners left) are usually in worse shape than those of the remaining owners, and that there can also be one team that is pretty bad in terms of keepers, that nobody wants. In previous years new owners would take over a team, but with the new rule all of the players from the orphaned teams will be pooled, and the new owners will draft from them, spreading the decent keepers. For this year, you will notice that David's Lettermen has some nice players, especially pitchers, but Pete's Grays keepers are not as good (in my opinion). Pete's Gray's finished 3rd last year, David's Letterman fourth, so they were not bad teams. I can send you the complete standings if you would like.

In the present situation, if we get three new owners (we have one so far), they would be picking from only two abandoned teams. To help further, an expansion draft will take place, where the 9 current owners can protect 13 players, three of which will be asterisked. The new owners will then draft from the asterisked players (with the limitation that only one may be taken from each team), and also any of the other players on those teams. (You may notice that the part about the new owners picking from players not retained by current owners is already in the rule document; it was adopted last year). Between the dispersion draft and the expansion draft, it appears that a new owner could come in with a team that is at least on par with most of the teams in the league. (In my opinion, almost all of the current owners don't have great keepers teams themselves). For the NL draft, the draft position of the two orphaned teams, and also the 12th spot for the expansion team, will be drawn by lot, so that the new teams will end up drafting 8 and 20; 9 and 21, and 12 and 24 in the draft of NL players. The NL players (a hitter and a pitcher) may be replaced once during the season.

In any event, read through everything, and as I said, I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. This is a really good league.

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