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Please any advice....

PostPosted: Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:36 pm
by Bigball
Very deep keeper:
I need to make some moves to better this team- I could use your knowledge here to make some decisions.
Need to pick up a stud SP and cut some of the dead weight.

here are the rules of engagement:
An active roster must stay within the roster limits (19 active, 11 reserves)
C,1B,2B,3B,SS,MI,CI,3 OF,DH AND 8 PITCHERS with 11 RESERVES.( total of 12 pitchers not including MLC are allowed on a team).
1.5 A minor league player that is a hitter that has less
then a combination of 600 AB and BB. And a
pitcher that has fewer than 25 games started or 100 IP if less than 10 starts.

Scoring for Batting Categories
1B - Singles 1 point
2B - Doubles 2 points
3B - Triples 2.5 points
AST - Assists .25 points
BB - Walks (Batters) .50 points
CS - Caught Stealing -.5 points
E - Errors -1 point
GSHR - Grand Slam Home Runs 4 points
H - Hits 1 point
HR - Home Runs 3 points
KO - Strikeouts (Batter) -.5 points
OFAST - OF Assists 1 point
PO - Put Outs .10 points
R - Runs 1 point
RBI - Runs Batted In 1 point
SB - Stolen Bases 2 points

Scoring for Pitching Categories
BBI - Walks Issued (Pitchers) -.25 points
BS - Blown Saves -4 points
CG - Complete Games 5 points
ER - Earned Runs -.5 points
HA - Hits Allowed -.25 points
HD - Holds 1 point
INN - Innings 1 point
K - Strikeouts (Pitcher) 1 point
L - Losses -5 points
NH - No-Hitters 15 points
PG - Perfect Games 25 points
PKO - Pick Offs 1 point
QS - Quality Starts 2 points
S - Saves 4 points
SO - Shutouts 10 points
W - Wins 5 points

My Team:

Rodriguez, Ivan C DET
Gonzalez, Adrian 1B SD MLC
DeRosa, Mark 2B CHC
Atkins, Garrett 3B COL
Ramirez, Hanley SS FLA MLC
Castillo, Luis 2B MIN
Chavez, Eric 3B OAK
Ramirez, Manny LF BOS
Rios, Alex RF TOR
Swisher, Nick RF OAK
Wells, Vernon CF TOR
Gomes, Jonny DH TB
Beckett, Josh SP BOS
Borowski, Joe RP CLE
Chacin, Gustavo SP TOR
Cordero, Chad RP WAS
Lowry, Noah SP SF
Pettitte,Andy SP NYY
Olsen,Scott SP FLA
Robertson, Nate SP DET
Todd Jones RP DET
Turnbow, Derrick RP MIL
Wigginton, Ty 1B TB
Nixon, Trot RF CLE
Freel, Ryan P. RF CIN
Rowand, Aaron CF PHI
Shelton, Chris 1B DET
Bonser, Boof SP MIN MLC
Maroth, Mike SP DET
Minor Leaguers
Saltalamacchia, Jarrod C ATL
Broadway, Larry 1B WAS
Johnson, Nick 1B WAS on the DL ( must go to our Minors)
Thorman, Scott 1B ATL
Melillo, Kevin 2B OAK
Loney, James 1B LA
Quentin, Carlos RF ARI
Clevlen, Brent CF DET
Bannister, Brian SP KC
Danks, John SP CHW
Gorzelanny, Tom S. SP PIT
Griffin, Dan P SF
Howell, J.P. SP TB
Sowers, Jeremy SP CLE MLC
Verlander, Justin SP DET MLC

PostPosted: Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:42 pm
by vandysports
I think you got a great one with Sowers. He is a sleeper this year, but is poised to break out big. I saw several of his games while he was at Vanderbilt, he has some great stuff. I think you are generally doing very well in the hitting categories and starting pitching. One place you could afford to lose some strength is the outfield -- upgrading your situation at RP or 1B seems to be a "must" in my opinion.


PostPosted: Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:47 pm
by Bigball
I can play Swisher at 1st and Gozo may become a stud in teh future. This is a big year for him.
I am thinking of moving Manny for some help..Looking at Peavy.
I too like Sowers and think he and the Boof will have nice seasons.

Thanks for your help.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 25, 2007 5:33 pm
by Bigball
Anyone have any advice on this team - looking to make some moves to sharpen up the SP.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 25, 2007 6:08 pm
by yankeeman
hitting is pretty good but my only conscerne is your 1b other than that your team rocks!

good luck!

Re: Thanks

PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2007 3:36 pm
by vinsanity
Bigball wrote:I am thinking of moving Manny for some help..Looking at Peavy.

I think you can get more for Manny. Generally Hitters are worth more than pitchers because they play 150 games a season as opposed to 30.