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Postby Bloody Sox » Mon Feb 26, 2007 7:17 pm

whoson1st0 wrote:
raygunpunx wrote:Why would Johnson qualify as a RP?

Josh Johnson pitched 7 games in relief last year.

I just checked and I see a problem with Huff's eligibility as well (he is shown as 1b eligible). I verified our league setting of 20 games, and also verified that players such as Ortiz (10 games) and Hafner (4 games) are not 1b eligible so it does not seem to be a system wide problem.

I'm certainly concerned that there could be other players that show the incorrect eligibility.

I can answer this one... in the CBS setup area (commissoner access), if you go to the "Positions" tab, there is an "Eligibility" pulldown... you can choose to use "Primary Position and Games Played" or "Use Only Games Played"... it appears that your league is setup to use "Primary Position and Games Played" which is why Huff is still eligible (he's listed as a 1B in CBS). Just change it to "Use Only Games Played".

You are correct on the pitching eligibility of 5 starts or 10 relief appearances. Not sure why they don't let you adjust that, but your other option (depending on your league type) is to just go with straight pitchers and don't break it down by SP/RP. Some will argue that then teams can load up on all starters or all relievers, but if the format of your league is straight rotisserie with reasonable innings pitched limits, its not a big deal IMO.

The thing that bugs me is that I can't use a mix of SP, RP and SP-or-RP spots like in Yahoo.
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Postby commence8 » Tue Feb 27, 2007 1:35 pm

I asked a similar question to Sportsline:

Customer 02/10/2007 10:41 PM
Our league requires 10 games at RP to be declared as a RP. James only got 7 games last season at RP, and he is slotted to have a SP spot next year. Is his RP eligibility an error, or will it be like that all year?

...after a couple more the final answer...

Response (Roger R.) 02/20/2007 02:19 PM
We will wait until spring training to finalize the primary position for some players.
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Re: CBS Sportsline

Postby cy33 » Tue Feb 27, 2007 2:25 pm


The thing that bugs me is that I can't use a mix of SP, RP and SP-or-RP spots like in Yahoo.[/quote]

I think you can do this. Just designate, for Example, 4 SP 2 RP and P roster spots. You can fill teh P with SPs or RPs

Unless I am not understanding your problem...
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Postby stevelabny » Thu Mar 01, 2007 3:55 pm

dmendro wrote:No problems with them at all. Sometimes though, you don't realize you've gotten a response. Check your answer center in the tech support section frequently.

Thanks for pointing this out. I was sure that CBS went from responding slowly to not responding at all. Curious why a site with a poor customer service support history would stop email responses (or default to not send them, if theres a setting)
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CBS support

Postby Bajecco » Thu Mar 01, 2007 4:53 pm

It's not great. Eventually you will get an answer, but I've found that it helps to ask more than once. The help center is a great help for most issues, but not all. Last season I sent several e-mails asking about some of the settings they did not offer (innings limit & drop add limit per week). I never did get a reply that actually answered the questions, just the standard "We do not offer those settings" reply. I was dissapointed, but I think they will improve. I will not stop using them.
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